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Byd Definition,d leadershipd isd thed actiond ofd leadingd ad groupd ofd peopled ord and organization,d thed
officed ord positiond ofd ad leader,d capacityd tod lead,d ord thed actd ord and instanced ofd leading.d
Leadershipd isd aboutd motivatingd ad groupd ofd peopled tod used teamworkd andd accomplishd ad
commond goal.d Leadershipd capturesd thed essentialsd ofd beingd abled andd preparedd tod inspired
others.d Successfuld leadershipd isd builtd upond philosophiesd bothd innovatived andd plagiarizedd
thatd ared successfullyd interconnectedd tod othersd ind ad wayd thatd involvesd themd sufficientd tod actd
asd thed leaderd wantsd themd tod act.d Ad leaderd inspiresd othersd tod actd whiled simultaneouslyd
directingd thed wayd thatd theyd act.d Theyd mustd bed personabled enoughd ford othersd tod followd theird
orders,d andd theyd mustd haved thed criticald thinkingd skillsd tod knowd thed bestd wayd tod used thed
resourcesd atd and organization'sd disposal.d Thed termsd leadershipd andd managementd tendd tod bed
usedd interchangeably,d butd they'red notd thed same.d Leadershipd requiresd traitsd thatd extendd
beyondd managementd duties.d Bothd leadersd andd managersd haved tod managed thed resourcesd atd
theird disposal,d butd trued leadershipd requiresd more.d Id wouldd defined leadershipd asd thed abilityd tod
leadd ad persond ord groupd ofd personsd ind ad varietyd ofd environmentsd suchd asd thed workplaced andd
personald life.d Tod thed extentd thatd leadershipd isd and art,d ad methodd tod improved leadershipd cand bed
tod studyd otherd leadersd andd howd theyd handled situationsd sod thatd oned cand adaptd theird styled andd
gaind newd insightd andd skills.d Afterd takingd thed self-assessment,d Id believed Id haved whatd itd takesd
tod bed ad leaderd becaused Id showd competenced andd thed abilityd tod communicated andd understandd
othersd well.d However,d myd leveld ofd focusd cand improve.d Id dod believed thatd peopled needd growthd
andd developmentd tod bed mored inclusived leadersd becaused and inclusived leaderd mustd haved ad
goodd understandingd ofd diversityd andd communicationsd amongd people.d Id wouldd mentord and
aspiringd leaderd tod learnd tod communicated withd people.d Id feeld thatd communicationd isd keyd tod
unlockingd ad wholed subsectiond ofd leadershipd development.d Whend oned knowsd howd tod talkd
andd listend tod others,d peopled cand haved betterd understandingsd ofd eachd other.d Thed resultd isd thed
traineed isd viewedd asd mored credibled andd competent.d Ind myd personald experienced leadershipd isd
thed abilityd tod leadd and individuald ord individualsd ind ad positived wayd theyd promotesd somed typed
ofd growth.d Ratherd itsd ind workd lifed ord personald life,d justd havingd thed abilityd tod helpd growd ad
person.d Id dod lookd atd leadershipd asd and artd becaused youd haved tod bed ad persond thatd cand playd
manyd rolesd andd alsod ad persond thatd cand separated yourd workd fromd yourd personald life.d Thatd
taskd aloned isd easierd saidd thand done.Afterd takingd myd self-assessmentd thed resultsd wered prettyd
muchd whatd Id expectedd whichd wasd thatd Id presentd thed qualitiesd ofd beingd ad leader.d Id agreed withd
thed assessmentd 100%d mostlyd ind thed teamworkd andd communicationd fields.d Imd defiantlyd thed
typed ofd persond thatd ifd I'md workingd ond thed teamd Id cared mored aboutd ourd outcomed ofd thed taskd
asd ad groupd ratherd thand justd myd partd ofd thed work.d Imd notd thed typed ofd persond whod wouldd
boastd aboutd whatd Id did.d It'sd ad "us"d thingd becaused we'red ad team.d Id dod believed thatd peopled needd
growthd andd developmentd tod becomed goodd leader.d Nod oned persond wasd bornd perfectd ord withd
alld thed rightd answers.d Asd ad leaderd ifd youd cand acknowledged thed areasd youd needd growthd ind andd
thend taked thed timed outd tod educated yourselfd ond thosed topics.d Thatd aloned showsd thatd youd haved
thed potentiald tod bed ad greatd leader.d Id defined leadershipd asd ad skilld thatd benefitsd notd onlyd thed
persond thatd possessesd thisd skilld butd alsod benefitsd thosed thatd ared surroundedd byd thisd
individual.d Leadershipd isd ad skilld thatd allowsd and individuald tod lead,d guided andd influenced
othersd tod learnd andd grow.d Id believed itd takesd ad selflessd persond tod bed ad greatd leader,d theyd dod
notd justd thinkd ofd themselves,d theyd sincerelyd wantd thed bestd ford theird subordinatesd andd liked tod
seed themd succeed.Ind completingd myd self-assessment,d thed resultsd reveald thatd Id haved whatd itd
takesd tod leadd ind thed workplace,d andd Id haved tod sayd thatd Id agree.d Id haved beend luckyd tod workd
withd andd bed mentoredd byd greatd leaders.d Theyd guidedd med throughd thed beginningd ofd myd
careerd andd Id wouldd liked tod dod thed samed ford others.d Id wantd tod helpd myd workd teamd reachd theird
shortd andd long-termd employmentd goals.d Id cand bed ad resourced ford themd andd assistd themd tod getd
thed trainingd andd experienced theyd needd tod bed successfuld ind theird careers.d Ifd employeesd ared
happyd ind theird careers,d wed alld benefitd includingd thed organizationd wed workd for.Id thinkd peopled
needd growthd andd developmentd tod becomed inclusived leaders,d withoutd ad broadd knowledged
peopled tendd tod bed closed-mindedd andd siloedd ind theird thoughts.d Id wouldd coachd othersd tod haved
and opend mindd tod diversity,d workingd alongsided peopled withd differentd backgroundsd cand teachd
usd ad differentd wayd ofd accomplishingd ourd goals.d Ad leaderd isd someoned whod hasd thed abilityd tod
inspired otherd individualsd ord groupsd whiled atd thed samed timed directingd themd tod dod whatd needsd
tod bed doned tod accomplishd thed goals.d Improvingd onesd artd ofd leadershipd cand bed doned ind
multipled differentd ways.d Thed firstd thingd thatd comesd tod mindd isd ensuringd youd haved ad positived
attitude.d Ifd youd leadd withd ad positived attitude,d thend thed peopled youd ared leadingd willd bed
positived whend workingd ond theird tasks.d Basedd ond thed resultsd ofd thed self-assessment,d Id dod
believed Id haved whatd itd takesd tod bed ad leader.d Id haved hadd muchd experienced leadingd bothd ind myd
currentd careerd andd withind myd ownd business.d Whend leadingd ad team,d itd isd importantd thatd youd
ared opend mindedd andd listend tod alld pointsd ofd view.d Youd mustd bed willingd tod jumpd ind thed
trenchesd andd showd yourd subordinatesd thatd youd ared willingd andd abled tod workd rightd alongsided
them.d Growthd andd developmentd ared ad constantd partd ofd everythingd wed dod ind lifed andd
leadershipd isd nod different.d Asd thed worldd changesd andd growsd wed haved tod learnd tod adaptd howd
wed lead.
Diversityd withind ad team,d makesd ad strongerd team.d Id feeld thatd ad bigd partd ofd leadershipd isd
coachingd andd teachingd peopled howd tod becomed ad leaderd sod theyd alsod cand meetd theird personald
goals.d Whend Id thinkd ofd thed wordd leadership,d Id thinkd ofd someoned who'sd resilient,d someoned
whod looksd afterd thed welfared ofd others,d someoned whod isn'td ashamedd tod god afterd whatd theyd
want,d andd someoned who'sd ad teacher.d Somed methodsd thatd comed tod mindd ford improvingd one'sd
ared ofd leadershipd wouldd bed tod taked managementd andd leadershipd classesd periodicallyd tod brushd
upd ond leadershipd skills,d andd tod used everyd dayd asd and opportunityd ofd improvement.d Id believed Id
haved whatd itd takesd tod leadd ind thed workplaced becaused Id haved ad heartd ford peopled .d Id enjoyd
helpingd othersd ,d butd ind thed samed instinctsd Id cand discernd whend disciplined isd needed.d Id alsod
enjoyd findingd waysd ofd improvementd notd onlyd ford myselfd butd ford thosed whod workd aroundd
me.d Peopled needd growthd andd developmentd tod becomed mored inclusived leaders.d Thisd isd
neededd becaused thed worldd wed lived ind todayd isd constantlyd changingd youd haved tod purposelyd
seekd others'd perspectives,d andd thisd promotesd change.d Id couldd coachd ord mentord aspiringd
leadersd tod betterd appreciated diversityd andd inclusiond byd incorporatingd outsided resourced
groupsd tod demonstrated howd thisd cand bed doned basedd ond thed programsd theyd provide.d Id wouldd
alsod hostd classesd onced ad monthd tod helpd everyoned seed andd feeld thatd everyoned playsd ad part,d
andd everyoned isd important.d Leadershipd tod med isd thed abilityd tod guide/leadd and individual(s)d tod
achieved resultsd bothd ind ad personald leveld ord ad workd environment.d Throughd that,d youd notd onlyd
dod somed sortd ofd mentoring,d butd establishd accountabilityd alongd thed wayd whichd willd helpd
shaped ad betterd productived person.d Beingd abled tod communicated efficientlyd andd clearlyd comesd
tod mindd whend consideringd ad methodd ford leadershipd improvement.d Tacklingd hardd
conversationsd ared partd ofd growthd bothd ford thed leaderd andd subordinated sod makingd sured youd
communicated everythingd withd ad goald ind mindd isd alsod helpful.d Regardlessd howd thed
conversationsd go,d youd haved tod alsod bed abled tod listend tod thed otherd partyd asd thatd willd gaind trustd
fromd themd tod whichd ind returnd helpsd youd bed abled tod advanced ind yourd mentoringd ord
coaching.Atd ourd work,d wed haved frequentd Professionald Developmentd daysd throughoutd thed
month,d atd leastd oned ifd notd more,d whered wed focusd ond howd tod bed mored leadersd ind ourd
everydayd interactionsd withd ourd peersd alongd withd beingd mored inclusived withd diversity.d
Duringd thesed days,d wed evend haved scenariosd andd roled playsd tod helpd captured possibled
interactions.d Theyd cand bed cornyd atd times,d butd dod eventuallyd showcased somed greatd ideasd ond
improvement.d Id tendd tod listend andd justd taked awayd whatd Id seed fitd tod myd personad andd applyd
adequately.d Id wouldd defined leadershipd asd someoned whod influencesd ord guided othersd whetherd
itd isd ad groupd ofd people,d ad team,d ord ad company.d Whend Id thinkd ofd leadership,d Id thinkd ofd
someoned whod hasd ad good,d positived impactd ond someoned ord ad team.d Id thinkd ofd someoned thatd
youd couldd lookd upd to.d Ad methodd thatd comesd tod mindd ford improvingd one'sd "artd ofd leadership"d
isd tod leadd byd example.d Ifd youd ared thed leader,d youd wantd othersd tod followd youd sod itd isd bestd thatd
youd dod thed rightd thingd sod thatd theyd willd follow.d Myd resultsd showd thatd Id haved moderated
leadershipd skillsd whichd Id agree.d Id believed Id haved whatd itd takesd tod bed ad leader,d butd Id amd notd
sured ifd Id wouldd wantd thatd muchd pressured ord responsibilityd dependingd ond whatd Id amd leadingd
ord whod Id amd leading.d Id dod believed thatd peopled needd growthd andd developmentd tod becomed
mored inclusived leadersd becaused itd cand maked themd mored successful.d Id couldd coachd ord mentord
aspiringd leadersd tod betterd appreciated diversityd andd inclusiond byd leadingd byd example.d Ifd Id amd
showingd thatd diversityd isd importantd andd makingd sured everyoned isd includedd whiled beingd ad
leader,d thend someoned whod isd aspiringd tod bed ad leaderd couldd followd ind myd footsteps.d Id wouldd
defined leadershipd asd settingd ad precedentd ord ad positived roled ford others,d includingd yourself.d
Leadershipd shouldd motivated othersd tod betterd theird performanced andd applyd themselvesd whered
theyd ared positivelyd contributingd tod ad teamd (i.e.,d workd team,d familyd team,d ord athleticd team).d
However,d ourd textbookd definesd leadershipd asd ad complexd phenomenond involvingd ad leader,d ad
follower,d andd ad situationd whichd influencesd othersd ind achievingd ad commond goal.d
Ind myd opinion,d thered isd and artd tod leadership,d andd thered ared ad selectd fewd thatd taked ond thisd roled
withd prided andd honour.d Ifd youd wantd tod bed ad leader,d ord wantd tod improved ond yourd leadershipd
skillsId wouldd recommendd conductingd thed following:
Communicationd isd key!d Youd mustd learnd howd tod beand authorityd figured withoutd
commandingd respect.d Ifd youd cand positivelyd communicated withd yourd teamd members,d
youd willd earnd respect,d andd ad supportd systemd ford yourd decision-making.
Bed consistentd andd timely!d Ifd youd ared researchingd ad problemd ind yourd team,d itd isd veryd
importantd tod treatd eachd situationd consistentlyd andd actd accordingly.d Thed bestd methodd
isd tod bed proactived andd notd reactived tod ad situation.
Ind myd self-assessment,d myd totald scored wasd 93/100,d suggestingd thatd Id haved goodd leadershipd
skills.d Myd personald stabilityd wasd 9/10,d showingd thatd Id cand keepd othersd ond trackd andd focusedd
ond goalsd thatd wed ared pursuingd together.d Myd productived wasd 14/15,d provingd thatd Id amd
dependabled andd effective,d usingd ourd timed andd resourcesd well.d Myd self-managementd wasd ad
15/15,d suggestingd thatd Id cand managed myd emotionsd andd holdd myselfd accountable.d Ford
boundaryd setting,d myd scored wasd 10/10d whichd showsd thatd Id cand establishd boundariesd tod avoidd
burnout.d Myd communicationd wasd ad 13/15,d whichd tellsd med thatd Id couldd dod ad littled bitd betterd
tod getd ind thatd 95%d range!d Myd workd qualityd wasd 8/10,d showingd thatd Id cand getd distractedd byd
others,d butd notd sod Id won’td completed work.d Andd finally,d myd teamworkd scored wasd 24/25,d
showingd thatd wed ared modelingd howd tod bed successfuld asd ad group,d notd justd and individual.d
Basedd ond myd scores,d Id amd confidentd thatd Id haved whatd itd takesd tod leadd ad workplace.Id believed
thatd everyoned couldd alwaysd used growthd andd developmentd tod becomed ad mored inclusived
leader.d Ind myd currentd organization,d Id regulated annuald trainings,d andd somed quarterlyd ones
thisd ensuresd thatd everyoned isd continuingd tod perfectd theird skillsd asd leaders.d Everyoned shouldd
consistentlyd bed tryingd tod specialized ind theird skillsd andd becomed betterd
motivators/influencers.Asd and HRd Director,d Id tryd tod mentord myd HRd teamd dailyd tod appreciated
diversityd andd inclusiond companyd wide.d Itd isd veryd importantd thatd wed celebrated alld culturesd
andd cand related tod oned anotherd ond somed sortd ofd level.d Wed mandated sensitivityd trainings,d
culturald trainings,d webinars,d andd attendd oned seminard ad yeard ond communication.
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