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I enjoy starting my day with a cup of coffee, while watching the local news on TV.
When analyzing what I hear, I look at the source (where they got their facts from). I
also take into consideration how the information is being shared and why. I
determine if it's an opinion piece & if so, what's the agenda behind sharing this with
the masses. As a Citizen, it's extremely important to education myself thoroughly on
something that I'll be voting on. The media can often twist the facts & political
commercials are very misleading and one sided. Voting is an American right, but
with that comes responsibility. I find it's best to research before formulating your
own opinion based on how others in your close circle feel about the issue. I know you
brought it up in one of your video's from earlier in the course, but I also feel that the
animal cruelty donation commercials is a perfect example of persuasive marketing.
The commercial uses video of abused animals with heartfelt music in the background
and offers a t shirt and calendar if you set up a donation. They fail to mention exactly
how much of the proceed go to the actual cause. They also fail to discuss specific
around the overall success of the program. I truly enjoyed the discussion board in
this class. The material we reviewed, created great conversation and participation.
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