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I think I am most affected by conformity. In today's world we have so many social
norms and what ever society believes is correct. Sometimes Its hard to look away
from that. To overcome it I could try just being open minded and understanding
towards others. As far as fallacies, I don't think I've ever really used it. I know there
are lot people on YouTube that uses fallacies. I watch YouTube all the time and its
annoying to see a click bait title. And then the video is completely different and a
total lie. So i understand the use of it, But i think the only time I've ever used
fallacies was in my younger ages. Of course i would say little fibs to get what i
wanted. But as an adult i see that doesn't really benefit me in anyway.
I think i learned a few new things but I have always had trouble understanding the
difference between being biased and unbiased. When i was younger i would get
them mixed up i just couldn't get it. I don't know what it was that kept confusing me
but it was hard for me to remember what was what. And now i staill have a little
confusion on that. This lesson helped as a refresher, but i just have to keep that
information stuck in my head.
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