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Based on this weeks reading critical thinking to me is about weighing out your
options when coming across you having to make an informed decision. It is about
evaluating an issue in order to form a judgement and create a solution. Critical
thinking makes you gather your evidence to help you resolve the issue and it also
pushes you to make unbiased or spontaneous choices.
Some characteristics in a critical thinker include: confidence, open mindedness,
analytical skills, and effective communicator. I think having these characteristics
helps you be more effective in problem solving, because not only are you analyzing
the issue but you have the capacity to break it down and form solutions. You are
open to receiving information rather than creating a barrier. Just like critical thinkers
have special characteristics, there is also characteristics that are opposing, those are
called barriers. Some barriers include: anger, ego, resistance, and narrow
mindedness. These barriers do not make for a productive solution as they tend to
break effective communication in problem solving. Not making yourself available to
new and other ideas will only enclose you in habits and not enable a growth in
I think figuring out what stage in cognitive development we belong in was
interesting. Reading through that section I realized that I have belonged to all three:
dualism, relativism, and commitment throughout different stages in my work and
educational career. It was interesting to think back about experiences about when I
was in each stage and realizing the growth I experience today placing myself in a
commitment stage.
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