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Why is it important for the appearance of our papers to make a good rst
impression? What can we do to make sure the appearance of our papers is
appropriate for the audience and the subject matter?
I like to compare the appearance of a paper with our appearance when we go on a
job interview. It's a good way to do a self-check for your paper, too. Once it's done,
visit this analogy and ask: Is this paper ready for prime time? Or did I stop caring two
hours ago and just want to turn it in?#Am I going to the job interview in a dirty t-shirt
by turning in this paper now?#
Time management comes into play here, too. If the paper is due and not dressed
appropriately, backtrack through your process and gure out how to add more time
to it. Do you need to add time researching, drafting, revising, editing?#Honing your
timing now will help ensure your success on your four-year journey through
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