1 / 1100%
I have enjoyed this class, I feel I have learned a lot when it comes to writing and
putting words together. I some what had condence when I started this course in my
writing, but I do feel I have gained more condence in using dierent words, and
using proper punctuation. In grade school I would struggle a little bit with how I
would put my thoughts together, but this class taught me dierent strategies In
processing my thoughts and putting them on paper. I can say I have become a
stronger writer than I have ever been based on the ve weeks that I spent in this
class. I have enjoyed the dierent categories that we were able to choose from for
our reective writing, I was able to really use experience to write about things that
were important to me. I now know that I can use words to create sentences that
have points and examples to what I am writing about. This class has helped me
tremendously with the skills I need to further my education and future classes.
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