1 / 1100%
My writing condence prior to this course was relatively high, I feel like I am strong
writer, but I often struggle with hitting word counts. Personally, I don’t think word
counts are that important to hit if your writing hits all the key points and explains
what you’re writing about well enough for people to understand the subject. I also
struggled with formatting.
After this course I feel like I have improved in some areas of my writing, especially
my grammar and my understanding of formatting. The Center for Writing Excellence
helped me the most with formatting because of the templates. I also gained
condence in writing down main points but being able to expand so much on them
on my actual papers/ assignments. All of these will apply on my nal essay because
it is going to be imperative for me to expand on main points in order to hit the word
count to get the best grade possible. The Center for Writing Excellence is also going
to help me a lot with the formatting again because that is another thing that is
graded on.
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