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Category/d Model
IDSd 1
Network-Basedd Intrusiond
Detectiond andd Preventiond
Systemd (NIDPS)d
Thed maind reasond ford usingd
thed network-basedd intrusiond
detectiond andd preventiond
systemd isd thatd itd comesd
withd ad lotd ofd intrusiond
detectiond capabilitiesd andd
cand effectivelyd analyzed asd
welld asd detectd suspiciousd
networkd packetsd ond ad real-
timed basisd (Azeezd etd al.,d
Thed network-basedd IDPSd isd
speciallyd designedd ford
effectivelyd analyzingd thed
packetsd atd thed network,d
application,d asd welld asd
transportd layerd ofd thed opend
systemd interconnectiond
modeld (Imran,d Alghamdid &d
Ahmad,d 2015).d Itd isd presentd
ind thed deviced ord computerd
systemd thatd isd connectedd tod
thed otherd networksd withind
thed organization.d Itd isd helpfuld
ind monitoringd thed networkd
trafficd andd searchesd ford
Antivirusd softwared –d
Antivirusd softwared playsd
and importantd roled ind
protectingd computerd
systemsd fromd harmfuld
viruses.d Itd notd onlyd
detectsd thed virusesd butd
alsod helpsd ind removingd
itd fromd thed computerd
systems.d Itd analyzesd thed
differentd componentsd ofd
thed systemd andd identifiesd
anyd suspiciousd activities.d
Thed intrusiond detectiond
capabilitiesd ofd antivirusd
Loadmasterd isd
and ideald
exampled ofd ad
detectiond andd
systemd thatd cand
helpd thed
ongoingd attacks.d Itd cand bed
usedd tod monitord thed trafficd ofd
thed entired networkd ord
particulard segmentsd ofd thed
softwared maked peopled
alertd tod potentiald threatsd
andd ensured optimumd
onlined security.
IDSd 2
Wirelessd Intrusiond
Detectiond andd Preventiond
Thed maind reasond whyd
organizationsd needd tod adoptd
thed WIDPSd isd thatd itd isd
effectived ind analyzingd andd
monitoringd thed differentd
intrusionsd overd thed wirelessd
network.d Itd cand easilyd
identifyd thed differentd
problematicd issues,d suchd asd
misconfigurations,d policyd
violations,d andd otherd
Wirelessd intrusiond detectiond
andd preventiond systemd isd
anotherd typed ofd NIDPS.d Itd
analysesd andd monitorsd thed
protocolsd asd welld asd packetsd
ond thed wirelessd network.d Itd
hasd thed potentiald tod analyzed
networkd trafficd effectivelyd
(Chen,d Jaenicked &d Volpe,d
Firewallsd –d Firewallsd
provided optimumd
protectiond againstd
differentd kindsd ofd
routingd attacksd andd IPd
spoofing.d Itd alsod offersd
strongd protectiond againstd
phishingd attacks.d Itd
checksd alld thed incomingd
andd outgoingd
informationd andd allowsd
andd Airdefensed
ared thed
examplesd ofd thed
wirelessd IDPSd
thatd thed
organizationd cand
potentiald problemsd atd thed
wirelessd connectiond level.
thed authorizedd trafficd
onlyd (Tiwarid etd al.,d
IDSd 3
Networkd Behaviord Analysisd
NBAd isd effectived ind
identifyingd thed DDoSd
attacksd asd welld asd
monitoringd packetsd ond thed
TCP/IPd andd transportd layer.d
Itd alsod hasd thed abilityd tod
identifyd thed potentiald
threatsd thatd mayd arised asd ad
resultd ofd DDoS,d policyd
violations,d andd malware.
Networkd behaviord analysisd isd
yetd anotherd typed ofd NIDPS.d
NBAd hasd thed potentiald tod
analyzed asd welld asd monitord
thed networkd traffic.d Itd helpsd
thed organizationd ind detectingd
thed unusuald activitiesd thatd
mayd arised asd ad resultd ofd
DDoSd attacks,d policyd
violations,d andd malwared
IDSd –d IDSd isd effectived
ind monitoringd thed
networkd trafficd asd welld
asd computerd systemsd ind
orderd tod analyzed thed
potentiald hostiled attacksd
andd misused ofd differentd
ITd systems.d Itd enhancesd
thed safetyd ofd digitald
information.d d
Arbord Sightlined
isd and exampled
ofd NBA.d d
IDSd 4
Host-Basedd Intrusiond
Detectiond andd Preventiond
Thed host-basedd IDPSd
providesd precised andd
d d Host-basedd IDPSd isd
specificallyd designedd tod
Tripwired isd ad
topd exampled ofd
reliabled informationd aboutd
thed waysd ind whichd thed
users,d asd welld asd processes,d
ared involvedd ind ad particulard
attack.d Itd cand evend operated
ind thed encryptedd networkd
trafficd environment.d Thed
host-basedd IDPSd remainsd
unaffectedd byd thed switchingd
ofd networks.
monitord thed variousd eventsd
takingd placed ond thed singled
host.d Itd isd placedd ond ad
specificd serverd ord computerd
systemd andd monitorsd thed
activitiesd ond thed samed
system.d Host-basedd IDPSd ared
especiallyd usefuld ford
detectingd thed locald eventsd ond
thed hostd system.d
Azeez,d Nurenid &d Bada,d Taiwod &d Misra,d Sanjayd &d Adewumi,d Adewoled &d vand derd Vyver,d Charlesd &d Ahuja,d Ravin.d (2020).d Intrusiond
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