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There are many things to consider when determining someone's credibility and how they
can build credibility. Building credibility online is much more difficult than face to face.
You are able to hid so much over the internet like whether you are genuine or not. A few
questions I like to ask myself to determine the credibility of a person is: Are they a hard
worker or do they pawn off work on other coworkers? Are they dependable with deadlines
and confidential information? Do they have a following and if they do, are they credible and
genuine people? Do they take fault in their own actions when its needed or do they blame
another person for their screw up? When I was new to my job I currently have, a coworker
of mine made a mistake that caused the entire department to work on corrections the whole
day. I was told it was my fault this happened due to some work I had submitted the prior
day. The coworker that actually made the mistake was a very hard, credible worker that our
supervisor never questioned. When I asked for them to show me my mistake so I could
make sure I never did it again we all quickly found out I was falsely blamed for the situation
at hand. My coworker that was so dependable and credible had lost that respect from our
supervisor and from me. Now I wonder if his credibility and dependable reputation was all
built on a falsely accusatory foundation to make himself shine. There are multiple ways we
can identify if a certain person is credible in person or online. are they being honest, are
they transparent? have good judgement and being liked by others. Also, are they being
authentic this one really plays a big role for those who want to identify as credible online.
The reason why is you want to make sure that the person that you are seeing online and
they are portraying a sweet, nice personality but in person they are just completely the
opposite then that is a sign that they are not credible. It should all match up. If it does not
match up they can definitely be identified as non-credible. An other way someone can be
credible and the most important one to me is being trustworthy. To cultivate credibility you
must build trust, earn trust and give trust. In my opinion ones you lose that trust from
someone they will most likely not identify you anymore as credible unless you do something
impressive to fix whatever need be. Much of what we do and say in our daily lives depends
on what we make hear or read within the media whether that may be the news or a social
platform. There are many things that can be said to build credibility and persona but
ultimately it relies heavy on what you are exposed to daily in regards to media. Credible is
a word that may be used loosely in these times but I like to classify the persona as what
someone is known for or what we come to expect from a source or individual. In opinion
we place too much value on content and what we hear and see we have forgotten to do our
own due diliengce to ourselves which involves a simple yet natural thing such as human
interaction.To identify credible persona is simply what you do on a consistent basis. I have
friends that are always late In which I handle them by telling them times a bit earlier to
arrive or be present for a meeting. Online credibility relies heavy on content what is
displayed by the user what kinds post or messages you receive from the source can tell you
a lot but also tell you very little of what you may experience by meeting someone in person.
Much of what we absorbed is what we believe whether it be truth or half the story. In my
own experience and how I remain credible in my life and in my practice is being hands on
and also being present for my peers in business and sociably.It’s very important for an
individual to develop a credible persona online, but I feel that even though it can be slightly
difficult to do if you are reliable, have good character, caring, honest and accountable is
good start. The world has become so big technology and it’s how a lot of business run their
business to gain more customers and business. I think it is important for someone who uses
‘social media’ for instance that they not only just show the business side but show some of
their personal life as well, but always staying consistent. Show that you care; show that the
person on the internet matches the person you are in real life and vice versa. If you, don’t
you are not going to have credibility for having a good character. People are going to be out
to call you fake and a liar which will start scaring people away from your business and
leaving bad reviews. You want people to know you that are trustworthy and respectful and
that you care but it needs to be genuine. Any individual can develop a credible persona
just by being accountable, competent, friendly, and honest. Treat individuals the way you
want to be treated.With being in person you have that one on one interaction with someone.
You might have to watch how you gesture things and facial expressions so you don’t come
off being a different type of way that you are trying to be. Individuals are all different in
many ways, and might take things a different way. So, when you first meet someone…get
a feeling about who they are, before you let your own true self out. Make sure you are
friendly and respectable, that would give someone respect for you. Also, if they plan to meet
up with you make sure you are there and accountable, this makes people believe they can
rely on you. With being online you have to watch how you type, just like being in person
and watching how you talk, but online you have to watch how you use emoji, capital letters,
exclamation marks, etc. You want to be straight forward and clear on how you type. You
also want to respond to emails on timely bases. Maybe reread your emails before you send
them out, so just in case you sound like your being sickening and you don’t realize it, or
just for misspelling of words. Another thing you have to watch is how you look on social
media, you might not know this, but everyone can pretty much see your profile. Think about
it; make sure you want everyone to see what you are posting. Make sure your profile is
decent and not all about partying or anything else that will make you look unaccountable.
Social Media is not something you should play with, make sure you look how you want to
be looked at in life itself.A credible persona in person is easy to acquire, you have to be
confident, knowledgeable, clear with your words or instructions, and approachable. Being
credible in person also pertains to your body language, how you carry yourself (don't look
at the ground when you are walking). Online is another story. When I accepted the position
that I am in now, I looked at my entire history of all my social media posts to ensure that
they lined up with who I am in real life, and when I post on social media now I have to
keep in mind what my HR department will think of my post. With a persons personal life
avalible in so many places on the internet, one wrong post and you can loose not only your
credibility as a person, but much more (job, security, respect). When I am interviewing for
a manager position within my company, I always look at that persons social media first. I
then align questions that coincide with what I have seen, this way I can find out if this
person is credible or not based off of the answers that they give me based on what I have
researched. Email etiquette is extremely vital to online persona credibility and
professionalism. When replying to an email I have made the mistake of replying to all and
it is definitely embarrassing. Not everyone needs to know what is going on in your business
lane. Some details which need to be explained to higher levels do not need to be seen by
the rest of the team. That is a mistake I made in the past; however, I do not plan on making
again. I also understand the importance of remaining professional via email regardless of
who you are corresponding with. Although I consider several of my colleagues as personal
friends, I would never respond to them by email the same as I would in a personal text
message. Once you hit send it is forever saved and can be regenerated. One way of
developing a credible persona is to stay true to who you are. In person you have values and
morals that you always try to uphold no matter what. Being credible has a lot to do with the
honesty that you are trying to portray both in everyday life and in online or business life. In
business life when you set out to accomplish items for the company that you work for you
need to always keep your own thoughts out of things and just post what the company wants
you to post. In this time in the world a lot of what is posted is hear say and very seldom is
it the truth. Credible persona is posting things that need to be posted even if you don't
always agree with it. You can stay true to who you are and still work for a company and
post web pages for them. A credible persona is also always telling the truth, giving
recognition to people for their words and ideas and never lieing about things to make
yourself look good. Edwin Sandys, an entrepreneur from 1599 AD, said it best in his
writings, “Honesty is the best policy.” When identifying with people about your services or
products, saying “it’s the only product in the world that will be best in their work and play,
just give it a try” is not honest. But saying that your product can enhance or improve their
workflow or personal lives, is an honest comment. Acting with integrity would be to provide
a product or service that will truly help and enhance the lives of others.
When we listen to understand our audience, instead of getting our own opinion out, is
another way to develop a credible persona, both in-person and online. Asking others for
their input on what they’d like to see in a product or service or the materials to use shows,
you care about your audience.On websites and web searches, I test the integrity and honesty
of products and services of companies, by reading the testimonials and ratings of what
others say about their products and services. How you portray yourself online is extremely
important. You want to be completely honest and true to who you are but not give every
little detail about your life. It is important to remember the separation of personal and
business life but to highlight your characteristics and knowledge. Be consistent with what
you say so that there is no confusion. Be positive but honest. Negativity will deter others
from seeing you are creditable and will likely cause others to not want to continue reading
or following you. Make sure that you are able to “back up” anything you say and provide
links to your “back up” whenever possible. Remember to consider how others may view
what you are posting that may not be as knowledgeable about the topic or the background
or historical information.
Outside of your professional posts, you want to make sure that you be careful about what
you post on your personal social media sites. It has become very common for not only those
viewing your professional posts but also future potential employers to look for your personal
social media sites to get an opinion on your character. Your overall character portrayal on
your personal sites should match your character on your professional sites. There are many
ways to establish credibility in person and online. One way is letting online do the work and
that can help you in person.for example if you start a instagram or Twitter for your business
and put what you do in the bio, then start promoting your page will help your business grow.
Because in instagram they got it where you can set up your account as a business account
and when you promote it instagram spreads it to an audience looking for the things you
spealize in. Also another way to get more credibility is being social and going to different
things in the community and let people know who you are and what you do . Host
something where you serve different snacks and food. So the people will come and talk to
them about what you do and out of the people who come it's going to be some that needs
help in what you do. And if the event is big enough. the news will be out their and this will
help get more exposure for your business to grow. One way to create a credible persona in
person and online is authenticity. Bring authentic in messaging and consistently clear about
who you are and what you represent is essential. Miscommunications arise both in person
and through written communication albeit traditional writings or digital media when people
aren’t authentically expressing themselves. Using any form on communication irresponsibly
can be detrimental to your character and your overall quality of life. We’ve seen on
countless occasions where people have lost their livelihood because of something they said
on social media. Often they refute the damage by saying the messaging was taken out of
context and that is where intention and perception clash. Just because your intent may or
may not have been to cause harm does not mean that harm was not done. This same
sentiment can be applied to the remark from the guy in the video when he said there’s
nothing dark going on and there’s “no intent to harm”. While that may be true, repetitively
bombarding someone with sad messaging can induce a sad mood or exacerbate one and
cause someone fighting depression to spiral into a place they can’t return from. It’s unethical
and irresponsible to toy with people’s emotions in the name of “research” without their
explicit consent. It’s not enough to say that you don’t intend to cause harm when you
inadvertently do. Being credible in any arena relies on one’s ability to align what they say
with what they do. A way in which someone can develop a credible persona online is to be
careful what you post on your social media or just online in general. You want make sure
you don't have anything online that can demolish your character. I think you should be
consistent with how you are both online and in person. If you portray yourself one way in
person it should be the same online. I am sure we have all came across someone online and
just by what you see you begin to think that is who the are. I can say If you know me you
know I am the same person both online and in person. A credible persona can be developed
by being honest, trustworthy, genuine, and respectful. Most importantly make sure your
online persona matches who you are in real life. I have met people who are one way in
person then you see them online and it is the complete opposite. It makes you wonder and
shows that they are not genuine in my opinion. One way to develop a credible persona, both
in person and online, is by ensuring consistency. Be consistent in all you do so there is no
question about what you represent in person and online. Consistency will ultimately give a
baseline of expectations for what others’ think of you and what you represent. It is important
to remain consistent so that others perception of you will be exactly that. Consistency brings
a level of comfort which others are drawn to. If you and your company are consistent in
products and beliefs, then that is what is perceived by the customer. Consistency will allow
the development of a credible persona in a positive manner that will ultimately be beneficial
in all aspects.
In relation to this video, I believe there is a facade where ‘ignorance is bliss’ and when
light was shed on a data analytical study people became uncomfortable. Nearly everything
we do in our lives is analysed; from every item we purchase and how we purchase it to what
we view online and how it affects us. To those who base their lives off of social media
influence it is not the fault of the facilitator of information but rather the individual who
lacks the cognitive ability to research what it is they are being told. It is understandable to
take the opinions of those around you for insight on different matters, however it is
ultimately our own responsibility to make an informed decision. Determining what it is we
are forming an opinion on should dictate what level of inquiry is needed. I will take the
opinions of those in my social setting and the advertisements I see when it comes to the
restaurant I want to eat at, however I will ultimately form my own opinion based off
research and analysis. This may include things such as what political candidate to choose,
what school my child will attend, etc. Research and data analytics all coincide with
marketing and sales; we are all walking studies.
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