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I watched "It doesn't take money to make money" by Brandon Leibel on You Tube.
The presentation was about what him and his friends had to do to make their
company successful. With them quitting their jobs, eating rice and beans every day
and using the tools provided to them on you tube and other social media networks,
these men put together a business without having to spend money they didn't have.
They taught themselves the basics and spent many hours on the beach and umbering
to network and get followers on their Instagram account. Doing this helped their
company tremendously by gaining thousands of followers and being featured on the
news which led buyer to their website to purchase. This presentation was highly
effective in my own personal opinion. He made me realize that there are so many
free outlets to use to promote your company and that if you take the time and effort,
you can turn nothing into a huge something. A presenter can connect with their
audience by asking questions, engaging, being personable, and talking about what the
audience is there for .I try to establish and maintain credibility in my workplace by
always being honest and transparent with people. I have noticed that people show
more respect for you when you are trustworthy, even if that means having to say
things that might be harsh or offensive. I also always try to lead by example. I am
a strong believer that people show more respect towards you when you are willing to
do whatever you ask of them yourself. Having had my fair share of poor supervisors
over the years, I can also attest to that belief. I always had contempt for the
supervisors that were never willing to do what they expected of others, and vice versa
I always had utmost respect and admiration for those who would step up and lead by
example .I think that it is important to establish credibility as a business professional
because people tend to side with those that have a positive reputation over those that
do not. This is very important in the business world, especially if you are a small
business trying to gain a foothold since there is so much competition available.A
poorly written message impacts a leader's credibility severely because people look to
their leaders for guidance and inspiration. Sending a poorly crafted message impacts
the leader's image and may cause the leader to lose most, if not all, of their respect
and competence in the eyes of those being led.I am currently a bus driver for mine
sites, so most of our communication is verbal, rather than written. Most of our
credibility is established when something goes wrong, and understanding how to deal
with the problem as quickly and safely as possible. If you are able to quickly and
safely deal with most problems arise, most people around you that know about it are
much more willing to trust whatever you say. The newer you are or if you have not
dealt with any out of the ordinary situations you are likely to be less trusted by those
around you. I have worked there six days a week, two shifts a day for the past six
months. I have dealt with numerous issues both on and off my bus, and the miners
I drive have started to trust that I know what I am doing. The importance for business
professionals to be credible is so that everyone moves in the same way they do
towards a goal. If you have a supervisor with low credibility attempting to reach a
goal, you may not like or follow their plan, and end up working directly against what
they want, causing more harm throughout the process than doing nothing in the first
place. I work directly under my supervisor then there are four staff directly under me.
I feel like i maintain credibility by having a good work ethic. I don't ask my staff
to do anything that i would not do and i treat all my staff with respect. I am always
telling staff that if they need help or don't understand something, they can call me
anytime for help. If my staff feel like they need more training i have no problem
giving them more training. My word is my bond so if i tell my staff that i will do
something i try to do it and if it cant be done, i let them know that i was not able
to complete the task. I dont think Im better than my coworkers and am big on
teamwork because i feel like the job cant be done properly without a team. When
sending messages at work i try to think about the people who will be reading the
message. One coworker in particular tends to feel like she is being targeted so i try
to remember to use words like WE and US. I start the message off with a nice
greeting and end it the same way. I read over my text before sending it to make
sure it doesnt read as disrespectful to any one. An important factor in developing
credibility in the workplace is to listen to your team. You build a level of trust by
listening and showing you care. Integrity and respect are integral in the development
and to maintain credibility. Being accountable is another example of credibility that
cannot be understated. Taking on the role of leader is pivotal. Encourage collaboration
along the way. A strong leader knows when to lead but also when to follow.
Promoting synergy is another contributing factor to establishing credibility in the
professional environment.A poorly written message can affect someone's credibility
because it can cause another team member to be confused by the message, resulting
in that person wondering how competent the writer is. It can affect proficiency and
impact morale in the workplace. Writing a message that is well crafted, thought out
and meaningful can impact the work environment in a positive way. I believe
establishing one’s credibility is a simple and straightforward process, although it
requires a rather large amount of discipline and consistency to create it and maintain
it. The process of establishing credibility requires a person to be consistent, reliable,
honest, and understandable. I also believe that with regards to being understandable, a
person should be almost predictable to a certain extent. Time management plays a
large role in developing credibility in not only the professional areas of life but the
personal areas as well. Sticking to a plan, being consistent in making deadlines and
meeting them, being punctual and reliable, trustworthy and thorough all play a part in
building a person’s reputation for being credible and an asset for a company.When a
person who holds a leadership role in a business writes correspondence poorly to their
staff or fellow employees, it can impact that person’s image, as well as their
reputation in a negative way. This can result in a loss of respect. It can be difficult
for an individual to be comfortable taking instruction from another person who cannot
compose something as simple as a message to their employees. Negative feelings and
emotions can easily become a problem that spreads throughout a work environment
through channels like gossip and chat during breaks amongst employees. It can be
difficult to instruct a group of adults on a job or a project when the group has little
to no respect for you.On the other hand, if an individual is consistent and capable of
writing and sending well written, thorough, grammatically correct messages and other
correspondence to employees, the staff will have a much easier time following
instructions and guidance from that leader. That person will be more likely to gain
respect and maintain a certain level of needed respect for the leadership of the
company. Negative chatter during breaks amongst employees will not be an issue, and
in some cases may shift to positive comments regarding the business leadership
amongst the employees. That can only help push the company in a positive direction
in the end. In my experience, in order to be successful in your career and to run a
successful company, creditability is extremely important. Some individuals make a
living doing seminars for professionals on the importance. You can develop credibility
by showing others that they can rely on you, that you are dependable, that you are
knowledgeable, and ethical. You maintain credibility by maintaining all the
characteristics just listed. It is important to establish and maintain credibility, so others
trust that you are capable and reliable regarding your job and your responsibilities.
Without credibility, others may question your “work product” or word. Creditability
will allow others to trust you and will open more doors for more opportunities or
business and/or personal growth.Ethics are part of credibility. When messages are
poorly written, others may view the author of the message as unethical. Customers do
not want to deal with Owners and companies that are unethical. When you lose your
credibility, it can be very difficult to convince others that you are creditable. You or
your company will receive a “bad rep”. When building credibility, it takes time and
patience to build it up. Trying to build it in the workplace can be hard sometimes.
You make sure you show up on time everyday, do your work to the best of your
ability, and even beyond sometimes, in hope that doing so shows them that you are
a reliable, responsible, and dependable worker. While in hoping it does positive and
proves to your boss, it can also bring negativity from other co-workers due to
jealousy, bullying, etc. That is also where your credibility would come into play on
how you would handle that type of situation. When building credibility with
professionals, it is important to make sure you are clear and precise when it comes
to communicating. Sending a poorly written message can potentially cause someone to
misunderstand the initial act in place and could result in a negative outcome. You
should make sure your messages are clear and easily understandable as well as precise
and professional. You could be trying to say one thing but the other person thinks of
a completely different scenario in what you are trying to say. It could cause confusion
for all parties involved. I do everything I can to develop and maintain my credibility
daily. I am in a position that requires me to solve problems with the help of multiple
teams. In doing so, I must maintain my accuracy while sharing requests for work to
be completed specifically. The reading spoke about these requirements. I found it very
accurate in looking at previous times my work has been successful, and helped my
credibility. Specifically the portion that read “Your colleagues, clients, and other
contacts expect complete information so they can act on your message immediately.”
I do my best to ensure accuracy in my requests, so that the purpose of my
communication is read well, and easy to understand. The next line in the previous
quote, mentions what happens if this is not done.. “Otherwise, they will need to
contact you to get additional information, or worse yet, ignore your message
altogether.” Ignoring a message would mark you as not credible. It's not something
that you can do one day out of the week. It is something we must maintain as
relationships require constant nurturing (just as any relationship), to maintain a
continued respect.Building credibility at workplace is hard and it may take time. I try
to build and maintain my credibility at workplace by being honest, show respect for
everybody, being reliable, and a good teacher and learner. Also, it is particularly
important to listen to coworkers. I always try to show my coworkers I care. I like to
think of my coworkers as family, it is important to try to know them as much as
possible that way I know what tone I should use when communicate with them.
Credibility is crucial for business professionals. Create and maintain credibility as a
professional may lead your company/organization to gain a good reputation. Thinking
as a costumer or client, I will prefer to do business with a company/organization with
a good reputation. A poorly written message may impact in a negative way a leader’s
credibility. If the message is not clear, it may cause misunderstanding. Sometimes the
message is not written with the entire audience in mind, making feel part of the
audience dissatisfied. When a leader’s credibility is not negative may lead to staff
frustration and affect productivity at workplace. Credibility in the workplace is an
extremely important thing to establish in the workplace because it can have lasting
effects to you and to those around you on how they perceive you not only as a
worker, but as a person also. My reflection on creditability and how I develop it in
the workplace is establishing relationships with my fellow coworkers and maintaining
that relationship with them even outside of work. I also make sure that I do not
divert my ways while working and only adjust based on the needs of the team and
if it would benefit all of us. That to me will keep the creditability as a worker and
a fellow member in the workplace because of my commitment to always staying the
same and only changing if I needed to. Establishing creditability is crucial to success
in building professional relationships with people and further growth in any aspect in
life both professional and personal. When someone creates a poor representation with
themselves and loses their credibility, you begin to lose something that is essential
and almost a death sentence to creating a business relationship with them and that is
trust. Trust I think Is immediately lost when you lose your credibility with anyone
and I think this is true especially form a business standpoint. Credibility is earned,
and when establishing a new relationship, it cannot be easy to start. I establish
credibility by ensuring I follow through with my commitments and keep my promises.
This shows others I can be relied on to handle tasks by the advised timeline and
builds on to my credibility. I also try to be socially responsible whenever I can,
especially when issues arise due to my actions. This action shows I can be trusted,
and I can take responsibility when things go wrong. However, while it can be seen
as unfavorable, it's good to know I can take charge of what issues I create and do
what I can to fix the problem. It is essential to have credibility when being a business
professional, from an entry level position to a CEO. If a message written by a leader
is poorly written, it can be seen as uncredible and lead to distrust in leadership. From
here, it can cause the hierarchy to breakdown.
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