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As a manager at an assisted living, you deal with a lot. As far as family members,
residents, staff, providers, etc. I have this particular who is not from this country, and
their demeanor comes off as being a little harsh and or mean. Some may be like this,
others not so much. My problem with her is that she is questioning my decisions as
a manager, and or spilling bad blood on my name. This gives the impression that I
do not care for my staff, which is not the case at all. I feel like it is because I am
younger than her, either way, she has no respect for me, and undermines everything
I say and or do. Has the staff members, believing that I am just this horrible person.
It does not matter what I say or do, it is always something. I am the reason for
everything that has gone wrong at work. The owner and I have had meetings with
her, discussing her behavior and how she acts. She did not even want to listen to the
owner, the person who signs her checks. Communication is something that we do
daily without thinking about it. We have different interactions with different people
almost immediately after we wake up. Communication skills are something I have
been actively working on over the last few years. For a long time, I communicated
very poorly with anyone I came into contact with. I was such an angry and mean
individual to everyone, even when they would not say anything that required me to
be defensive. For a long time, I said it was a defense mechanism in order to keep
myself guarded. I have learned that's just poor communication/people skills. In August
of last year, I moved up in my company into management. Communication is a key
thing in management. The most problematic thing we have here currently is the
constant negative attitude and unnecessary hateful remarks about guests and other staff
members from upper management. I am the manager of the front desk agents and it's
my responsibility to handle guest complaints and questions as well as any issues with
the front desk staff. The general manager I have is first of all wonderful at her job,
and she's a wonderful friend. She has always gone above and beyond to assist me in
many ways. Over the last several months her attitude has increasingly declined and
it's taken a huge toll on my mental health. Over the last year, the entire country has
been different. With things trying to open back up and business being steady our
business...like all other businesses' in the world is having to endure being extremely
short-staffed. This puts extra strain on managers everywhere, but the poor attitudes are
only making things worse. I have recently sat down and spoke to the general manager
and tried to find common ground and try to make this better for all of us involved.
Currently, it's not working. The only peaceful days we other employees have here are
days when she does not come to work. Which makes the days easier and I leave
without headaches. With communication as a part of our daily lives, it is not difficult
to think about a problematic experience. Here recently, I took a small social media
break. One of my peers noticed that I had not posted in a while and decided to reach
out. Shockingly, my peer did not check on me, rather assumed that I unfriended her
because she could not locate my profile. She seemed upset. Initially, I was clueless
concerning her word choice.
I believe psychological noise led to a challenging communication experience. I noticed
she was messaging in a manner that was outside of her norm. I figured something
was wrong. She later explained she had a rough day and was feeling alone in life.
If I could repeat the experience, I would adjust the decoding portion of the
communication. I did not give the politest response, instead, I took an offense. By
understanding the communication process, credibility can be established with the
understanding of the noise and filters that play a role in how messages are interpreted.
When we are aware of the things that make communication difficult, we can
implement traits that make it clear and effective.
I have a coworker who takes everything to heart. She has the mentality that everyone
is out to get her. She works under me but is sometimes noncompliant when i ask her
to complete a task. We have had a few disagreements so to keep confusion down,
my supervisor feels that any communication between us should be via text and wants
me to add her to the text, I sent a group text message to my coworkers and my
immediate supervisor about a resident going to his training center with a dirty shirt
on and having body odor. Even though I knew who worked that morning I did not
send a private message to that person but followed protocol and added my supervisor
in the message. I did not point fingers at the person who worked but stated that the
instructor told me that I needed to remember to make sure resident bathe and wore
clean clothes before coming to the center. Needless to say my coworker became upset
and told me that i should have sent her a text message because she was the person
that took him that morning. She said that i was trying to throw her under the bus. I
tried to tell her that i never named anyone and pointed out that the instructor said
that I needed to remember to make sure he was clean, She was not receiving what i
was saying at all!
The noise filter in my opinion that made the communication challenging was
psychological noise because i feel like my coworker took what i said personally. If i
could have that exchange over, I would probably let my supervisor handle it. I think
that only when we put our feelings aside will there ever be any type of positive
communication. A failed communication that comes to mind is a recent even in my
workplace. I was involved in a conference call with my coworkers and manager. My
manager was on leading the call from her cell phone. Since she was on her cell
phone instead of the office phone it made it very difficult to understand the message
she was trying to convey because the signal was very poor. This was a physical noise
that made for the communication to be difficult between the team and we had to
postpone the meeting for another day due to the difficulties of trying to understand
her and to avoid misunderstandings.
Understanding the communication process is important in establishing credibility when
communicating. When you are establishing credibility, you are trying to build trust
and make it known that you care for the team. It is very important that you always
want to have open communication and be opened to hear feedback. You want to
avoid misunderstandings which can lead to not having trust and it can affect your
credibility. A failed problematic communication experience would be communicating
my feelings with my husband and with coworkers/bosses. I am really bad about
holding my feelings in and then just being upset instead of communicating so the
issue can be addressed and resolved. I will take something the wrong way and
overthink and become upset rather than just voicing that so that the miscommunication
could be fixed. The reason most of this happens is because of the miscommunication.
Over the phone or over text is a huge issue because you can’t understand truly how
the person means something. Also, if it is a professional situation, email will create
hostility sometimes based on how you type something out which could lead to bigger
problems all because of the communication style. I am working hard on explaining
my feelings without getting upset and also thinking before I react and make sure I
re-read my texts or emails so I can ensure that my message will come across
correctly. The communication process establishes credibility by ensuring that you are
building good character and showing truth behind what you say and your actions. It
takes awhile to build and can be quickly destroyed so you have to be extremely
careful when communicating whether it is in your personal or professional life. For
me a failed Problematic communication experience would be when I go to help
different companies get there computers set up for successful business and try to teach
them how they can move forward and get more knowledge of the accounting side of
things. Most people have a hard time with numbers and math and for me that is a
stronger point of mine.
Psychological noise I would say led to most of the communication problems, because
they already have in their head that it will be a hard time before I even get there to
explain things to them. Plus Semantic noise would also probably be a problem to the
fact that when I say something truly isn't hard they already have it in their heads
that it is going to be hard because of the new software or the numbers involved and
that isn't their strong points.
If I could change anything in figure 2.1 I would change the way that the message is
understood. Make sure that the room is quiet and make sure that the point that I am
trying to get across is as clear as possible so that the questions are very minimal.
Understanding the communication process can help by making sure the way you think
you are presenting the information is exactly how you are presenting the information.
The clearer you can be with the topic that you are presenting makes it a little easier
as a whole so that everyone understands it on basically the same level. The cultural
dimensions for South Korea are high in collectivism in society, high in collectivism
in organizations, high in hierarchy, high in performance orientation, medium in future
orientation, medium in assertiveness, and low in humane orientation. Cultural
intelligence is a measure of ability to work with and adapt to members of other
cultures. The characteristics of South Korea’s cultural intelligence is they have respect
for authority and having a good relationship is important. Korea is a very conventional
and conservative country when it comes to business. When people are in power; they
are not questioned just followed. They are big on trust, honour, and being respectful.
Cultural intelligence can impact success communicating with colleagues and
professionals in other countries because if you are not familiar with their culture it
can come across as untrustworthy. It is important to research the dos and don’ts of a
country before considering doing business. The reading tells us the best way to
understand a country; is to live there first. If you do not know how to communicate
and understand their beliefs, then business will crumble.
I prefer talking either face to face or over the phone because when texting its very
easy to read something in a negative way when its not intended to be that way. Then
you have to have the whole "I didn't mean it that way" conversation! Just call me or
tell if possible tell me what you have to say when you see me.When feelings start
getting in the way with work clear thinking almost never happens. I've always used
the theory of leaving home at home and don't bring it into work. Modern technology
has put a big damper on getting messages across correctly due to the fact that so
many people think that if they get a message all upper case it means that someone
is mad, or in my generation it means I forgot to shut off it off and I don't want to
start my message over again. Communication can either help or hurt you depending
on when and how you come across.Strong words and strong character being stated
here. Meeting issues head on and taking accountability for our actions is the right
step in any direction. Studying the processes of communication with benefit us all for
the better thank you for sharing your experience. Communications can be ruined in
so many ways. We are all quick to assume what our peers are doing instead of
listening to them and letting it all sink in. Psychological noise can cause lots of hurts
feelings and make a good day good bad just because you assume or you don't
understand what is going on with a person or their lives. MAking sure your meanings
and your points are as clear as you can get them is a huge part of everyday life. I
have had a few situations on my work place where i have been left out of the loop
and then being called out for not completing work when i didn't even know i had an
project to complete! I am a new manager in my company and i feel that sometimes
i get overlook because i am the new and quiet manager. So i have to constantly keep
communication with my superiors that they need to include me on projects so i know
that i have to do and properly manage my team. All i can do in the mean time is
try to keep an open communication with my managers and hope that keeping me in
the loop does not continue to be an issue.
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