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Written communication can be difficult to interpret from a positivity perspective. Things like
tone, and non-verbal communications are not taking place to the give the audience indicators
as to the excitement or positivity in the communication. When I communicate via a business
communication such as an email, I try to use words that are positive and punctuation that
will reflect positive communication. It is especially difficult to exude positivity when
dealing with an unpleasant topic or writing to an individual or a group where you know there
will be potential differences in opinion. One example that I can remember when I was
working for my previous company, we had to send out a memo to all the employees that the
main customer had decided to end its contract with us. There were some negative effects or
at the least perceived negative effects that were going to come out of this. I helped our HR
department this of all these negative or fearful questions and address them up front in the
communication. By doing this we were able to alleviate all the main stressors that an
employee potentially could feel after initially reading the communication. Expressing
positivity is relatively easy to do. If one has an open mind towards achieving a goal in which
the outcome is beneficial to everyone involved, then the positive attitude being expressed by
that individual resonates towards all. I show my positivity by always looking ahead to
helping others not become discouraged when they are facing a difficult situation. I ask them
questions about the problem and then put myself in their situation with the reflection of my
own personal experiences and how to derive an outcome that will be agreed upon. Situations
will not be easy and often they are hard to deal with because you try not to hurt anyone’s'
feelings and want to listen to everyone's point of view and find a reasonable outcome. That
may not always happen.Developing a positive writing style is be to gather all the
information, opinions, and desired outcomes from everyone involved. Find the similarities in
what is provided and then begin to analyze the best results that will not create conflict.
Providing examples for the results will allow people to understand the reasoning behind the
solutions. Have you ever received an email in all caps and the tone was condescending or
just rude? I have, and it leaves me feeling confused and shocked. Instead of focusing on the
content, I am contemplating how do I calm the sender down with the right words. Whether
communicating professionally or personally, it is important to show a positive attitude and
tone when sending an email. This ensures those who receive the email understand the sender
is not angry or unprofessional but is positive and assertive. I usually start an email with a
salutation and positive words. I like to set the tone of respect, whether dealing with an
important topic or a routine conversation. Individuals are more relaxed and open minded
when they know you are not negative.The person receiving a positive message is more likely
to be receptive to what you are sending them and are more likely to be helpful if you need
assistance. If someone receives a message from you that is negative, they usually get
defensive and may not even respond. My expression of being positive are smiling, give a
friendly greeting and making a person feel comfortable. Giving a simple smile can make a
persons feel welcomed. Most places I have worked at always stress to greet a person if you
come within in some many feet of them. Saying hello and acknowledging someone to me
shows that you have respect for that person and it's letting them know you see them. The
expression on your face can make a person determine how you feel and how they will
respond to you.
I have been in stores and witness so many customers come and go without the cashier nor
other associates even acknowledging them. Customers tend to shop longer when they feel
welcomed and have been acknowledged by the workers.
I have learned that a negative response to a situation can escalate quickly. I try to picture
myself on the receiving end and how I would like a message to be written to me. When I
send emails/letters I make sure I have all valid information and try to incorporate words that
show I'm smiling, giving off positive energy and open to all ideas or criticism. Working in a
stressful environment can cause emotional responses and make your audience feel
uncomfortable and you will not receive good feedback. Allowing others to share their ideas
or concerns shows them that you value their opinion. Having compassion for your peers and
how they feel are ways of showing you care. The energy you manifest or project for others
to feed on can make a difference. It can be challenging to be positive during a time of
confusion where others are afraid to be vulnerable and loving yet positive. I try to be kind to
others and make them sense my positive energy. We need more compassion and positive
energy to express towards each other. I always dreamed of making the world a more positive
place. I know these acts of kindness are small, but I do see an impact on others.
When I began working in a professional work environment, I adapted to writing emails and
messages. Whenever I write an email to a manager, colleague, or customers, I gather my
ideas and information to back up what I am writing. I have noticed that writing an email
with an infusion of positivity allows someone to smile.Even though it can be a challenge to
remain positive in a busy and chaotic environment, it is possible to lessen that chaos. I
believe it creates a domino like effect. Writing in a positive tone is not always easy, but it is
possible. It is interesting how many ways you can spread positivity. The tone or style of font
and size can make a difference for the audience reading your letter or email, allowing
yourself to be open and concerned for others in a kind manner. I am letting others from my
audience to join in if there is necessary action or share that positive energy all around to
others. My expressions of positivity is being confident and encouraging. There are many
ways where you can be confident in many situations to make the situation a more positive
experience. If you're looking at a situation in a negative way then it is harder to look at the
positivity in it. Being encouraging is also a big way I express positivity in a lot of people. I
always encourage others to do their best and remain positive in it all. One fail doesn't mean
it's the end of the world for anybody and encouragement tends to take an individual a
very.While responding to someone in a work setting where you have to acknowledge
inconsistencies in an individual, I believe that there is a professional way to approach the
employee and be able to give constructive criticism without demeaning them or being ugly
or rude to them while delivering. I would deliver the message and issues very precisely and
upfront so I can cut clean to the problems in the most respectful and professional way about
the issues that are being faced and so that nothing that I've typed is being taken out of
context. When reading through or critiquing others work it is important to have a positive
writing style to get your message across more easily. If you are confrontational people will
see your critiques not as arguing against the issue, but arguing against themselves. Most
times you are not attacking the person themselves, you are simply trying to point out either
where they are wrong, or are looking at a problem from the incorrect angle. When I worked
at a bus company that ran regular runs and shifts, we found 5 drivers being underpaid and
under utilized. While I have no direct involvement in setting up our runs, I reached out to
scheduling to combine those runs so 3 of our drivers could be working and utilizing their
time much better. It took about 3 weeks of showing them how it would work within legal
hours of service, our drivers overall preferred it, and that no one would ultimately lose out.
We were able to better utilize all our drivers and their hours, because I reached out with
positivity instead of actively arguing against scheduling and attempting to point out how
they were wrong. Being a positive person is an individual who can keep a level head and
knows how to look on the bright side of life even when it seems to get a little difficult, and
When a person thinks positive thoughts positive things will start manifest themselves and
make it a lot easier to complete a task. When a leader shows positive communication
towards his/her team of employees it will inspire them to be great and being able to
communicate to people in different ways like writing a memo or such, its always good to try
to keep it positive so that you can get your point across without offending anyone or
deflecting them from which problems need to be fixed. A positive communication would
contain, understanding all angles of conversation to always being respectful but being sturdy
on your argument, not to come off weak but willing to compromise. Being positive in the
work place is very important because it can prove to be uplifting and also motivating during
a time of crisis. Life is just so much better when you think positively and speak positivity to
life. I believe money is attracted to the energy and you are giving out positive energy and
always have a positive attitude then everything you want in life will be fulfilled. A positive
style that i use for my team is creating faith and believe in yourself. People don't get the
credit or recognition sometimes when they are doing great things in life and informing
someone of just how proud you are of them and how far you have seen them come can have
a positive impact on your business and the trust that you and someone have. Some people
create a negative outlook on life and their career that it can discourage someone from truly
tapping into their potential because of the noise they are hearing from the outside. When you
create a positive atmosphere in your line of work people want to be around that and just
learn from you and how they can apply it to their life as well. Being positive in my opinion
is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for others. This would be true in your
personal life and in your professional life. When you are positive or optimistic about a
situation or idea the people around you will often follow suit.I learned this one time when I
was the director of operations for a smaller company, and I had to come up with a policy
that met our needs but deep down inside I knew this would not be popular with the
employees. The policy was that the employees would no longer take company vehicles
home and that would be removed from their fringe benefit package. As a part of this policy,
I would also lose my very own company vehicle to take home. When I approached the group
of employees who this would effect, I presented it with a softer more somber tone than I
normally speak. Not knowing at the time I should have been more positive about the
situation and showed more enthusiasm about it and I could helped control the emotional
effect of losing the vehicles.People tend to feed off of each others emotions and being
positive can definitely be contagious. For me, I often express positiveness while at work. I
constantly find myself fighting against the “on the fly rules and standards set by my
managers and contractor. Though the rules and standards are set to the contractor’s
preference, it’s often difficult to complete, what seems to be a fairly simple task, of
delivering packages. Even though I disagree with the changes, some changes should I say, I
understand I am being paid to perform the simple task of delivering packages. I don’t speak
out against the changes, since I know that at the end of the day, I still will be able to
complete the simple task I am being paid to do. Some of the ways I can apply a positive
writing style while at work is to be logical and to make sure that my writing is simple and
understanding. Another way is to make sure that my audience is able to understand me and
that I am getting to the point. Lastly I have to make sure to study what and who my audience
is to better be able to communicate with them. I would say that I am usually a pretty positive
person in general. Throughout the day, no matter what happens, I almost never really stress
about things and just keep a calm level head which is important for me at work. Work can
be very stressful and stress only leads to more negative outcomes so being able to stay
positive and have a good attitude, even when things seem to just not be going your way, is
very important. I work as a car salesman so stress is something that we all end up dealing
with when things are not going our way and we are not getting in as many sales as we
should be getting, but there are a lot of times where I have to deal with customers over text
or email and I have to keep a positive writing style with them while also being logical since
a lot of customers are very illogical and think that they can buy anything they want if they
haggle enough when in reality that is not true. Having a positive outlook and attitude has
been drilled into my mind since I was a child. My mother has told me from a young age that
kindness and positivity can benefit your entire life. There have been times in my life that I
have gotten into a "funk" and having a positive attitude seemed nearly impossible!
Fortunately, I have been taught how to stop what I am doing, close my eyes, take a deep
breath, and remember positivity is key. Starting your day off with a positive attitude can
change your entire life around. Listening to uplifting music, making sure you wake up on
time so you are not rushed, and making sure you are prepared are some great ways to start
your day off with positive vibes. One way I enjoy bringing the positive aspect to my work is
to say good morning to everyone as I walk in, give a compliment to a co-worker or stranger,
and make sure I give off happy vibes to everyone around me. I have noticed that many
people will match the energy I give off at work and many coworkers enjoy coming to my
department to have a quick fun conversation or enjoy working with me. Also, I believe
staying positive in the workplace will help you get noticed and promotions. My quest to
constant and flowing positivity in all things has been a great and revealing process for me. It
has helped me to learn to channel my emotions and process moments of stress when they
arise by learning to give myself time. Many people struggle with dealing with home or self,
become fixated on just getting through the day suppressing the very things that make us who
we are. These behaviors come out in several ways and are perceived by others and often
times we are unaware of how we are coming off to others. My biggest struggle in which I
believe stems from my sports and competition days is where I got in the habit of always
expecting others to be at the level in which I was currently at. With time and growth I later
focused on the positive approach to things which is a simple thing that includes meeting
people where they are and realizing that the true happiness and satisfaction in which called
to my happiness is making an impact on others with my positivity. In that discovery I
became a better teammate and a better person. How I apply this to my daily work life is
simply strength based. As a strength and conditioning and High School basketball coach my
level of positivity determines how effectively I do my job. I learned being present and
focusing on the negatives and positives are the name of the game for me. It allows me to
teach in a way that provokes real change in the environments I work in.
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