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I would tell Bob just to replace the whole system, assuming it’s the same
computer for all three questions. In 2020 I would not recommend eSATA to
anyone. However, using a PCI estate card would work, provided, he has an
open PCI slot. This upgrade is under 20 dollars. To use the USB port for
a printer and a scanner, he could use a USB hub or just buy a
Multifunction Printer with Copy, scanner, and print functions. a USB hub on
the cheap end is around 12Dollars and sometimes less expensive depending
on sales. Bob could buy an NVidia RTX 2080TI GPU for 1600 dollars, but
he is going to have CPU and Memory and storage bottlenecks on an older
system running Windows 8, and this just be a waste of money. I would
recommend upgrading to a new computer or buying a lower spec GPU that
will still give him an increase in performance without wasting money for an
Nvidia RTX 2060.Depending on the GPU Bob is looking at 2000 or 750
Dollars for that cost, I would tell Bob to buy or build a new system.
Before giving any recommendations to my friend Bob, I would ask him how
much he is willing to spend on the computer. Being a four-year-old desktop
computer, it might require quite a number of upgrades. However, if the budget
of Bob is low, I would suggest him the eSATA Serial Port Adapter Hard
Drive, which will enable him to back up and store all the entertainment
media. It would cost him nearly $10.00.As Bob’s computer has only one
USB port, but he wants to use the USB scanner as well as the USB
scanner, I would suggest him to get the Adesso AUH-2040 4-Port USB 2.0
Hub. This can support 4 devices at the same time and will prove to be
beneficial for Bob. This would could him around $15.99. Being compact and
lightweight with a power-saving switch is an added advantage. Now that Bob
wants a better gaming experience too, I would suggest him to buy the MSI
GeForce GTX 1050. It is one of the best graphics cards when it comes to
gaming. It would cost him $170. Summing up all the costs, Bob will have
to spend nearly $196 in order to get all the required updates. I believe this
a reasonable amount that Bob can spend in comparison to investing more in
buying a new system. It will be wiser for him to make these updates rather
than buying a new one. With Bob having a four-year-old PC that has an
out-of-date processor and a two GB of memory nor an eSATA port. It would
not be the best idea to put a lot of money to the current PC to upgrade
it when you could go and use the money it would cost to upgrade it to
just purchase a new computer with the specifications that you would like. If
you still do not want to purchase a new PC then here are some decent
upgrades and prices for the part, Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 Super Costing
nearly, It has excellent 1440p and 4K performance. This part is $700.Nvidia
GeForce GTX 1660 is a bit cheaper and affordable one, It also has 1440p
and has GDDR6 memory. This part is $225.It is truly your choice on what
route to take. whether it be buying a new PC or upgrading your current
one. When deciding to upgrade your current PC you want to make sure that
you replace old parts that may wear out soon if you aren't looking at too
many parts for the PC to upgrade and it saves you money then yes it
would be a smart investment so you don't go spend more on a new PC,
but again if you are gonna spend a lot of money on upgrading it might
be better to buy a new one .If bob does upgrade doing the upgrade himself
he would be looking around $1,000 after taxes but if he takes it to a place
to get it down then maybe a bit more around $1,200 with labor and taxes.
I’m definitely no expert when it comes to computers. My honest answer that
I would tell Bob will probably buy a whole new computer. That is honestly
my personal opinion. After a certain amount of years computer start to get
outdated. There was always some new updates each year with every laptop
or desktop. But ,in this situation as far as Bob looking to upgrade an
computer that has on with on port.You might as well just buy one of those
usb multi ports.That usually has about four ports. Price range for those run
about $30- $80.As far as adding more space to the desktop as far as
memory. Bob can also buy an external hard drive to multi port.I have asked
actually bought one to use for my PlayStation.Depending on how much
memory that you may want.I personally prefer to get something that has a
good amount of memory.A 4 TB will cost any where from $60-100.Since
Bob uses a Windows eight for his gaming. He can get a XFX - AMD
Radeon RX 580 GTS Black Edition 8GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics
Card.As far as the total cost everything was pretty much cost about $200.And
this right here is to be decent. You can obviously go cheaper than this if
he wants. So the first thing our friend Bob is going to need to get is a
USB port hub so we can make all of this possible. Once we have the
USB Hub, we can then get a USB to eSATA adapter for Bob to plug in
the hard drive to back up his computer. We are looking at roughly $30 for
a decent USB hub that will provide enough hubs for any additional things
Bob will want to use. The USB to eSATA adapter will run us about $5.
Now that we have the USB port Bob is also able to plug in his printer.
Without knowing all of the specifics for Bob's computer, and going based
off of this question alone, i am recommending he go with the Nvidia
GeForce RTX 2070 Super. It is one of the best on the market today. The
cost of it is significant at $499.00 but will provide Bob with a graphics
card that will work for the foreseeable future. All in total Bob is looking
at an upgrade of around $535. I think with the upgrades needed Bob would
be better off investing this $535 into building a new computer himself. The
reason being is his onboard memory is low, and his processor is out of
date. So even with the good graphics card he will still have trouble running
games. The easy solution to the problem is to buy an inexpensive USB hub.
The USB standard supports up to 127 devices, and USB hubs are a part
of the standard. A hub typically has four new ports, but may have many
more. You plug the hub into your computer, and then plug your devices (or
other hubs) into the hub. By chaining hubs together, you can build up dozens
of available USB ports on a single computer. Hubs can be powered or
unpowered. As we learn on how USB Ports Work, the USB standard allows
for devices to draw their power from their USB connection (all USB cables
contain two wires -- for +5 volts and ground). A high-power device like a
printer or scanner will have its own power supply, but low-power devices
like mice and digital cameras get their power from the bus. The power (up
to 500 milliamps at 5 volts) comes from the computer. If you have lots of
self-powered devices (like printers and scanners), then your hub does not need
to be powered -- none of the devices connecting to the hub need additional
power, so the computer can handle it. This looks like it is going to be a
big upgrade and possibly expensive. Personally, I also store movies, media,
etc. on an external 1TB drive and it has been a really valuable purchase. I
believe that a USB to eSata converter cable should do the trick. One of
these cables is available on Amazon for $30.18. As far as the need for
multiple USB ports, this can be fixed with a USB Hub. This item can be
purchased on Amazon for $9.99. Depending on whether Bob's USB ports are
2.0 or 3.0, a 3.0 hub is backwards compatible and could also be used for
previous generations. A printer most likely only requires a 2.0 USB port
anyways. EVGA GeForce 6200 512 MB DDR2 PCI 2.1 VGA/DVI-I/S-Video
Graphics Card on Amazon should do the trick as far as being one of the
fastest and best compatible graphics card with a PCI express video slot. This
card is approximately 175.00 and would be a descent choice. If you a more
high end, expensive option, then you could go with the Raedon R9 290X
for $688.88 on Amazon. This would be a huge upgrade to many things
including the type/availability of newer ports. Instead of VGA and DVI you
could have HDMI and Display port which would get rid of another adapter
if Bob does a monitor upgrade in the future. The approximate total cost for
the upgrade to Bob's PC will be around 729.05 for the more expensive/better
options. With the cheaper graphics card it could be done for about $215.17.
If Bob was in a tight financial position then I could see him going ahead
and doing this upgrade with a option to start saving for a new PC in the
future. I would tell Bob that this upgrade can be done but in the future a
new computer would be an amazing feeling! Also, if Bob doesn't already
have the external hard drive, he could get this one.Most AAA gaming titles
will require much more RAM than Bob has. If he is going to this upgrade
his RAM sticks along with the motherboard potentially, I would absolutely
recommend a new PC at this point. Installation system automatically detects
any existing installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The upgrade process
updates the existing system software with new versions,but does not remove
any data from users' home directories. The existing partition structure on your
hard drives does not change. Your system configuration changes only if a
package upgrade demands it. Most package upgrades do not change system
configuration, but rather install an additional configuration file for you to
examine later. Software you have installed manually on your existing Red Hat
Enterprise Linux system may behave differently after an upgrade. You may
need to manually reinstall or recompile this software after an upgrade to
ensure it performs correctly on the updated system. To upgrade your system
using the installation program, any software not provided by Red Hat
Enterprise Linux that conflicts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux software is
overwritten. It's important to understand at least the basics about what's going
on inside your computer, and what a hardware upgrade can and cannot do.
You can't turn a slow computer into a fast one simply by increasing the
size of a hard drive. Likewise, upgrading the computer's processor probably
won't make a computer that's prone to crashing more reliable. I want to start
by saying does Bob know the gravity of all these upgrades? To make an
upgrades on a computer that old is costly and it is really rear that the
good out weighs the bad. I would first ask Bob what is his budget, or
what he is looking to spend because making a gaming computer with what
he has is going to be costly. Lets start with the fact he has windows 8
operating system this system is no longer supported by microsoft and is no
longer receiving updates that can cause issues in the near future. I know
this from personal experience because I had a windows 8 computer that was
no longer able to go to basic site without an error and also I was sent
an email and statement that due to the no longer support it leaves your
computer extremely vulnerable. I personally from that alone would suggest a
new computer.I got a message stating no more techniacal support, no more
software updates, and no more security updates. Then the Processor bing out
dated also doesn't help so that is already a start in the long road of
updates. Then of course there is the memory needed for your computer to
function properly because 2 GB will do absolutely nothing to help that will
be worthless in seconds after installing just software for the printer and
scanner none the less gaming. So now another step to even get to a
functional computer. Also there is no eSATA port so he has to add one
which isn't too costly but another thing that is going to be a problem later.
So then there is Bob wanting to use a printer and scanner at the same
time with limited ports. There is the option to get a printer/scanner combo
so it will only require 1 port or he can get a usb hub which is a cheap
fix but will cause a bottle neck effect. Then graphics cards are not cheap
especially if you want the best for your system their prices vary but they
are costly.
So the cost I calculated for Bob he would be better off geting a new
Hub -$3-$24 I went with the one that was $10.49
Graphic card $89 -$1299 but he wants the best so $1299 it is.
eSata converter $5-$79 I went with $22
Hard drive $99-$800 I went with $150
Processer $195-$423.96 i went with $360
Total cost $1,841.89
cheapest total $391
Yes it is $400 for the simple cheap updates but in the long run it will
be nothing but a headache especially trying to adapt every year when your
technology continues to become more and more outdated. I understand that
Bob only has 2 GB of memory. I recommend that Bob first upgrades his
RAM. At least 8 GB of RAM for $41.99 would be suitable to run the
latest version of Windows smoothly. Since it sounds like he already has an
external hard drive with an eSATA interface, I would recommend that he
purchases a USB 3.0 to eSATA External Bridge Converter for $10.29 with
shipping. The fastest slot to use is a PCIe x 16 connector. First, since he
is requesting the fastest and best graphics card, I would first recommend that
he upgrade his CPU. I recommend Intel Core i7 9th generation as I've been
a loyal user of Intel for years. Ironically I was recently going to purchase
a 2019 MacBook with an i7 processor, which would have been terrible for
gaming. Intel’s website shows that it will be most affordable to purchase this
from Microcenter for $359.99. Your friend Bob has a four-year-old desktop
computer that has an out-of-date processor and 2 GB of memory. It does
not have an eSATA port. Well for me, its seems like alot of work bob
has to be done, but it is capable. And will be kind of pricey.He wants an
external hard drive with eSATA and after researching I found one compatible
with windows 8 or 8.1 on amazon ( FD 4TB external hard drive) for
$150.00. And bob can also upgrade his processor.
As for Bob's gaming the fastest and best graphics card compatible with
windows 8 that I found and liked after searching is XFX- RD AMD
RADEON EDITION WITH 8GB for $159.99 at best buy. The prices varied
but for the price and what you get, it seems like a good price. For the
external hard drive, seeing as how entertainment media in the form of videos,
takes up more space than music and photos. This would entail that a small
500Gb hard drive could be less than required for a lot of space. This I
would say minimum, a 1TB external hard drive which will cost around 50
dollars. As for a processor, the lowest I was able to find is an Intel I3
9100 which starts at 118 dollars. Already with taxes included we are nearing
$200. Memory sticks for RAM cards I found lower end for about 70 dollars
as well as an eSATA cable adapter from USB would be 30 dollars as well,
where the issue with not enough USB ports can be solved easily with a
external USB hub would only be around eight dollars. I found an amazing
high end graphics card for 400 dollars, and it will support all games as
well as most operating systems, Windows 8 being included in that pool. After
taxes this all comes around to just over 800 dollars and unfortunately the
work to be included if he were to seek professional help would only run
the amount up more. This would honestly call for a new computer as some
gaming computers can be purchased just for around this price or higher and
would entail a longer life for the new computer since the old one that Bob
had is outdated. After looking into the upgrades your wanting to do. I would
first recommend that you update your processor and your memory. Not only
do you need a good GPU, but you always need a processor that can handle
what your GPU is wanting to do. Also, with only 2 gbs of memory. Your
bottlenecking yourself. I would shoot for more in the 32 gb range. If you
are not ready to upgrade. I would recommend the EVGA GeForce GT 1030
SC Low Profile for $103.57. It is compatible with windows 8 and would be
a huge upgrade to your built-in graphics from your processor. When it comes
to your external hard drive with eSATA cable. Would recommend an eSATA
to USB 3 adapter by VANTEC for $18.78. It would allow you to connect
your hard drive and would be your best bet with your current set up. Which
would lead me to your question that would bring up. You only have one
USB port. You want to use it for your printer and scanner. I believe I
have solved that problem too. Which is a USB 3.0 Hub Splitter from amazon
for $11.99. It will allow you to plug in up to 4 things at once. Which
even with all your wanting to do, will leave you with one extra port for
future wants. Your total with the new GPU, eSATA to USB, and the USB
splitter is $134.34 before taxes. First and foremost I would ask how much
they are trying to spend because some people are on a budget. Once i
know there budget i will begin to look I found some on new egg if i
had to recommend one it would be the startech s351bmu33et esata. I chose
this one because it has high stars on review and people gave good reviews
on product. This esata is $50.99. They also have different ones for higher
with great reviews to. Installing the new esata, I would recommend that he
does it his self to save money and if he needed help i would help him.
I would tell him that there are videos of installation instructions online just
got to find the right one and have proper tools in order to install. I found
this through research online if he wants more usb ports he can chain hubs
together and with this he can build up dozens of usb ports on one computer.
I would recommend the amd radeon rx5700 graphics card. I found this on
best buy and its $199. The total cost of everything if he has tools and
does it his self is $201 dollars. I think in my opinion it would be wiser
to purchase a new system i will ask the value of his computer and if it
cost less than upgrades I would say in a nice way and respectfully if i
was you i would purchase a new computer but if his computer has value
and over the cost of upgrades i would say keep computer and upgrade it
if i was asked. The information I give Bob will depend on his personal
preference, as in the amount of money he wants to spend or what kind of
upgrade he wants overall. To perform this upgrade Bob will need to have
more memory so a bigger hard drive will definitely be necessary to perform
an upgrade. By upgrading is software and hardware he should be able to
store more entertainment media. Like I said price depends on his preference.
There are a few choices Bob can get to be faster than his current one and
has better graphics. I found a few different options online, the GeForce GTX
2080 Super costs around $700. Another good one is GeForce GTX 1660 is
a little bit cheaper it cost $225. Those are just a few different ones to
choose from depending on how much he wants to spend on the parts. I do
think it is wise for him to buy these upgrades because of what he wants
his system to do, I do not see how he could get what he wants without
upgrading at least some parts. First things first, I always tend to ask someone
how much they're willing to spend to upgrade an old system. If they aren't
comfortable spending over 500 dollars it's time to purchase a new PC. Since
it is an old system I'll tell them you're looking at around 600-800. It sounds
like you won't be needing very much. Of course, if you're aiming to make
your computer more gaming based, it will definitely be more expensive. More
fans to cool, more graphics cards, faster RAM etc. For productivity I would
like the machine to run windows 10, it's simply more user friendly and is
better maintained and supported. I am almost certain windows 8 has lost any
sort of developer support by now. But with this new processor comes a new
motherboard which is good, because 1 free USB port won’t cut it. I think
for a motherboard I will suggest something that leaves room to change or
upgrade down the road. The MSI Z390 ($190) can support 4 RAM slots, 2
USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports, which is good for what Bob needs. Windows
8 spec in 2016 (Computer / processor= (2GHz) with SSE2 instruction set
HardDisk 3GB; Display Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX10
graphics card and 1024 x 576 resolution). After researching graphic cards for
DirectX10 and resolution, I thought this might be a trick questions because I
had a hard time finding cards for Directx10 with 1024x576 resolution without
wondering what is wrong with this picture. I believe these items will help
Bob accomplish his goal; he isn’t spending a lot of money