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Id wouldd telld Bobd justd tod replaced thed wholed system,d assumingd it’sd thed samed computerd ford
alld threed questions.d Ind 2020d Id wouldd notd recommendd eSATAd tod anyone.d However,d usingd
ad PCId estated cardd wouldd work,d provided,d hed hasd and opend PCId slot.d Thisd upgraded isd underd
20d dollars.d Tod used thed USBd portd ford ad printerd andd ad scanner,d hed couldd used ad USBd hubd ord
justd buyd ad Multifunctiond Printerd withd Copy,d scanner,d andd printd functions.d ad USBd hubd ond
thed cheapd endd isd aroundd 12Dollarsd andd sometimesd lessd expensived dependingd ond sales.d Bobd
couldd buyd and NVidiad RTXd 2080TId GPUd ford 1600d dollars,d butd hed isd goingd tod haved CPUd
andd Memoryd andd storaged bottlenecksd ond and olderd systemd runningd Windowsd 8,d andd thisd
justd bed ad wasted ofd money.d Id wouldd recommendd upgradingd tod ad newd computerd ord buyingd
ad lowerd specd GPUd thatd willd stilld gived himd and increased ind performanced withoutd wastingd
moneyd ford and Nvidiad RTXd 2060.Dependingd ond thed GPUd Bobd isd lookingd atd 2000d ord 750d
Dollarsd ford thatd cost,d Id wouldd telld Bobd tod buyd ord buildd ad newd system.d Befored givingd anyd
recommendationsd tod myd friendd Bob,d Id wouldd askd himd howd muchd hed isd willingd tod spendd
ond thed computer.d Beingd ad four-year-oldd desktopd computer,d itd mightd required quited ad
numberd ofd upgrades.d However,d ifd thed budgetd ofd Bobd isd low,d Id wouldd suggestd himd thed
eSATAd Seriald Portd Adapterd Hardd Drive,d whichd willd enabled himd tod backd upd andd stored alld
thed entertainmentd media.d Itd wouldd costd himd nearlyd $10.00.Asd Bob’sd computerd hasd onlyd
oned USBd port,d butd hed wantsd tod used thed USBd scannerd asd welld asd thed USBd scanner,d Id wouldd
suggestd himd tod getd thed Adessod AUH-2040d 4-Portd USBd 2.0d Hub.d Thisd cand supportd 4d
devicesd atd thed samed timed andd willd proved tod bed beneficiald ford Bob.d Thisd wouldd couldd himd
aroundd $15.99.d Beingd compactd andd lightweightd withd ad power-savingd switchd isd and addedd
advantage.d Nowd thatd Bobd wantsd ad betterd gamingd experienced too,d Id wouldd suggestd himd tod
buyd thed MSId GeForced GTXd 1050.d Itd isd oned ofd thed bestd graphicsd cardsd whend itd comesd tod
gaming.d Itd wouldd costd himd $170.d Summingd upd alld thed costs,d Bobd willd haved tod spendd
nearlyd $196d ind orderd tod getd alld thed requiredd updates.d Id believed thisd ad reasonabled amountd
thatd Bobd cand spendd ind comparisond tod investingd mored ind buyingd ad newd system.d Itd willd bed
wiserd ford himd tod maked thesed updatesd ratherd thand buyingd ad newd one.d Withd Bobd havingd ad
four-year-oldd PCd thatd hasd and out-of-dated processord andd ad twod GBd ofd memoryd nord and
eSATAd port.d Itd wouldd notd bed thed bestd idead tod putd ad lotd ofd moneyd tod thed currentd PCd tod
upgraded itd whend youd couldd god andd used thed moneyd itd wouldd costd tod upgraded itd tod justd
purchased ad newd computerd withd thed specificationsd thatd youd wouldd like.d Ifd youd stilld dod notd
wantd tod purchased ad newd PCd thend hered ared somed decentd upgradesd andd pricesd ford thed part,d
Nvidiad GeForced GTXd 2080d Superd Costingd nearly,d Itd hasd excellentd 1440pd andd 4Kd
performance.d Thisd partd isd $700.Nvidiad GeForced GTXd 1660d isd ad bitd cheaperd andd affordabled
one,d Itd alsod hasd 1440pd andd hasd GDDR6d memory.d Thisd partd isd $225.Itd isd trulyd yourd choiced
ond whatd routed tod take.d whetherd itd bed buyingd ad newd PCd ord upgradingd yourd currentd one.d
Whend decidingd tod upgraded yourd currentd PCd youd wantd tod maked sured thatd youd replaced oldd
partsd thatd mayd weard outd soond ifd youd aren'td lookingd atd tood manyd partsd ford thed PCd tod
upgraded andd itd savesd youd moneyd thend yesd itd wouldd bed ad smartd investmentd sod youd don'td
god spendd mored ond ad newd PC,d butd againd ifd youd ared gonnad spendd ad lotd ofd moneyd ond
upgradingd itd mightd bed betterd tod buyd ad newd oned .Ifd bobd doesd upgraded doingd thed upgraded
himselfd hed wouldd bed lookingd aroundd $1,000d afterd taxesd butd ifd hed takesd itd tod ad placed tod
getd itd downd thend maybed ad bitd mored aroundd $1,200d withd labord andd taxes.d I’md definitelyd
nod expertd whend itd comesd tod computers.d Myd honestd answerd thatd Id wouldd telld Bobd willd
probablyd buyd ad wholed newd computer.d Thatd isd honestlyd myd personald opinion.d Afterd ad
certaind amountd ofd yearsd computerd startd tod getd outdated.d Thered wasd alwaysd somed newd
updatesd eachd yeard withd everyd laptopd ord desktop.d Butd ,ind thisd situationd asd fard asd Bobd
lookingd tod upgraded and computerd thatd hasd ond withd ond port.Youd mightd asd welld justd buyd oned
ofd thosed usbd multid ports.Thatd usuallyd hasd aboutd fourd ports.d Priced ranged ford thosed rund
aboutd $30-d $80.Asd fard asd addingd mored spaced tod thed desktopd asd fard asd memory.d Bobd cand
alsod buyd and externald hardd drived tod multid port.Id haved askedd actuallyd boughtd oned tod used ford
myd PlayStation.Dependingd ond howd muchd memoryd thatd youd mayd want.Id personallyd preferd
tod getd somethingd thatd hasd ad goodd amountd ofd memory.Ad 4d TBd willd costd anyd whered fromd
$60-100.Sinced Bobd usesd ad Windowsd eightd ford hisd gaming.d Hed cand getd ad XFXd -d AMDd
Radeond RXd 580d GTSd Blackd Editiond 8GBd GDDR5d PCId Expressd 3.0d Graphicsd Card.Asd fard
asd thed totald costd everythingd wasd prettyd muchd costd aboutd $200.Andd thisd rightd hered isd tod bed
decent.d Youd cand obviouslyd god cheaperd thand thisd ifd hed wants.d Sod thed firstd thingd ourd friendd
Bobd isd goingd tod needd tod getd isd ad USBd portd hubd sod wed cand maked alld ofd thisd possible.d
Onced wed haved thed USBd Hub,d wed cand thend getd ad USBd tod eSATAd adapterd ford Bobd tod plugd
ind thed hardd drived tod backd upd hisd computer.d Wed ared lookingd atd roughlyd $30d ford ad decentd
USBd hubd thatd willd provided enoughd hubsd ford anyd additionald thingsd Bobd willd wantd tod use.d
Thed USBd tod eSATAd adapterd willd rund usd aboutd $5.d Nowd thatd wed haved thed USBd portd Bobd
isd alsod abled tod plugd ind hisd printer.d Withoutd knowingd alld ofd thed specificsd ford Bob'sd
computer,d andd goingd basedd offd ofd thisd questiond alone,d id amd recommendingd hed god withd thed
Nvidiad GeForced RTXd 2070d Super.d Itd isd oned ofd thed bestd ond thed marketd today.d Thed costd ofd
itd isd significantd atd $499.00d butd willd provided Bobd withd ad graphicsd cardd thatd willd workd ford
thed foreseeabled future.d Alld ind totald Bobd isd lookingd atd and upgraded ofd aroundd $535.d Id thinkd
withd thed upgradesd neededd Bobd wouldd bed betterd offd investingd thisd $535d intod buildingd ad
newd computerd himself.d Thed reasond beingd isd hisd onboardd memoryd isd low,d andd hisd
processord isd outd ofd date.d Sod evend withd thed goodd graphicsd cardd hed willd stilld haved troubled
runningd games.d Thed easyd solutiond tod thed problemd isd tod buyd and inexpensived USBd hub.d Thed
USBd standardd supportsd upd tod 127d devices,d andd USBd hubsd ared ad partd ofd thed standard.d Ad
hubd typicallyd hasd fourd newd ports,d butd mayd haved manyd more.d Youd plugd thed hubd intod yourd
computer,d andd thend plugd yourd devicesd (ord otherd hubs)d intod thed hub.d Byd chainingd hubsd
together,d youd cand buildd upd dozensd ofd availabled USBd portsd ond ad singled computer.d Hubsd
cand bed poweredd ord unpowered.d Asd wed learnd ond howd USBd Portsd Work,d thed USBd standardd
allowsd ford devicesd tod drawd theird powerd fromd theird USBd connectiond (alld USBd cablesd
containd twod wiresd --d ford +5d voltsd andd ground).d Ad high-powerd deviced liked ad printerd ord
scannerd willd haved itsd ownd powerd supply,d butd low-powerd devicesd liked miced andd digitald
camerasd getd theird powerd fromd thed bus.d Thed powerd (upd tod 500d milliampsd atd 5d volts)d comesd
fromd thed computer.d Ifd youd haved lotsd ofd self-poweredd devicesd (liked printersd andd scanners),d
thend yourd hubd doesd notd needd tod bed poweredd --d noned ofd thed devicesd connectingd tod thed hubd
needd additionald power,d sod thed computerd cand handled it.d Thisd looksd liked itd isd goingd tod bed ad
bigd upgraded andd possiblyd expensive.d Personally,d Id alsod stored movies,d media,d etc.d ond and
externald 1TBd drived andd itd hasd beend ad reallyd valuabled purchase.d Id believed thatd ad USBd tod
eSatad converterd cabled shouldd dod thed trick.d Oned ofd thesed cablesd isd availabled ond Amazond
ford $30.18.d Asd fard asd thed needd ford multipled USBd ports,d thisd cand bed fixedd withd ad USBd
Hub.d Thisd itemd cand bed purchasedd ond Amazond ford $9.99.d Dependingd ond whetherd Bob'sd
USBd portsd ared 2.0d ord 3.0,d ad 3.0d hubd isd backwardsd compatibled andd couldd alsod bed usedd ford
previousd generations.d Ad printerd mostd likelyd onlyd requiresd ad 2.0d USBd portd anyways.d
EVGAd GeForced 6200d 512d MBd DDR2d PCId 2.1d VGA/DVI-I/S-Videod Graphicsd Cardd ond
Amazond shouldd dod thed trickd asd fard asd beingd oned ofd thed fastestd andd bestd compatibled
graphicsd cardd withd ad PCId expressd videod slot.d Thisd cardd isd approximatelyd 175.00d andd
wouldd bed ad descentd choice.d Ifd youd ad mored highd end,d expensived option,d thend youd couldd god
withd thed Raedond R9d 290Xd ford $688.88d ond Amazon.d Thisd wouldd bed ad huged upgraded tod
manyd thingsd includingd thed type/availabilityd ofd newerd ports.d Insteadd ofd VGAd andd DVId youd
couldd haved HDMId andd Displayd portd whichd wouldd getd ridd ofd anotherd adapterd ifd Bobd doesd
ad monitord upgraded ind thed future.d Thed approximated totald costd ford thed upgraded tod Bob'sd PCd
willd bed aroundd 729.05d ford thed mored expensive/betterd options.d Withd thed cheaperd graphicsd
cardd itd couldd bed doned ford aboutd $215.17.d Ifd Bobd wasd ind ad tightd financiald positiond thend Id
couldd seed himd goingd aheadd andd doingd thisd upgraded withd ad optiond tod startd savingd ford ad
newd PCd ind thed future.d Id wouldd telld Bobd thatd thisd upgraded cand bed doned butd ind thed futured
ad newd computerd wouldd bed and amazingd feeling!d Also,d ifd Bobd doesn'td alreadyd haved thed
externald hardd drive,d hed couldd getd thisd one.Mostd AAAd gamingd titlesd willd required muchd
mored RAMd thand Bobd has.d Ifd hed isd goingd tod thisd upgraded hisd RAMd sticksd alongd withd thed
motherboardd potentially,d Id wouldd absolutelyd recommendd ad newd PCd atd thisd point.d
Installationd systemd automaticallyd detectsd anyd existingd installationd ofd Redd Hatd Enterprised
Linux.d Thed upgraded processd updatesd thed existingd systemd softwared withd newd versions,butd
doesd notd removed anyd datad fromd users'd homed directories.d Thed existingd partitiond structured
ond yourd hardd drivesd doesd notd change.d Yourd systemd configurationd changesd onlyd ifd ad
packaged upgraded demandsd it.d Mostd packaged upgradesd dod notd changed systemd configuration,d
butd ratherd installd and additionald configurationd filed ford youd tod examined later.d Softwared youd
haved installedd manuallyd ond yourd existingd Redd Hatd Enterprised Linuxd systemd mayd behaved
differentlyd afterd and upgrade.d Youd mayd needd tod manuallyd reinstalld ord recompiled thisd
softwared afterd and upgraded tod ensured itd performsd correctlyd ond thed updatedd system.d Tod
upgraded yourd systemd usingd thed installationd program,d anyd softwared notd providedd byd Redd
Hatd Enterprised Linuxd thatd conflictsd withd Redd Hatd Enterprised Linuxd softwared isd
overwritten.d It'sd importantd tod understandd atd leastd thed basicsd aboutd what'sd goingd ond insided
yourd computer,d andd whatd ad hardwared upgraded cand andd cannotd do.d Youd can'td turnd ad slowd
computerd intod ad fastd oned simplyd byd increasingd thed sized ofd ad hardd drive.d Likewise,d
upgradingd thed computer'sd processord probablyd won'td maked ad computerd that'sd proned tod
crashingd mored reliable.d Id wantd tod startd byd sayingd doesd Bobd knowd thed gravityd ofd alld thesed
upgrades?d Tod maked and upgradesd ond ad computerd thatd oldd isd costlyd andd itd isd reallyd reard thatd
thed goodd outd weighsd thed bad.d Id wouldd firstd askd Bobd whatd isd hisd budget,d ord whatd hed isd
lookingd tod spendd becaused makingd ad gamingd computerd withd whatd hed hasd isd goingd tod bed
costly.d Letsd startd withd thed factd hed hasd windowsd 8d operatingd systemd thisd systemd isd nod
longerd supportedd byd microsoftd andd isd nod longerd receivingd updatesd thatd cand caused issuesd
ind thed neard future.d Id knowd thisd fromd personald experienced becaused Id hadd ad windowsd 8d
computerd thatd wasd nod longerd abled tod god tod basicd sited withoutd and errord andd alsod Id wasd sentd
and emaild andd statementd thatd dued tod thed nod longerd supportd itd leavesd yourd computerd
extremelyd vulnerable.d Id personallyd fromd thatd aloned wouldd suggestd ad newd computer.Id gotd ad
messaged statingd nod mored techniacald support,d nod mored softwared updates,d andd nod mored
securityd updates.d Thend thed Processord bingd outd datedd alsod doesn'td helpd sod thatd isd alreadyd ad
startd ind thed longd roadd ofd updates.d Thend ofd coursed thered isd thed memoryd neededd ford yourd
computerd tod functiond properlyd becaused 2d GBd willd dod absolutelyd nothingd tod helpd thatd willd
bed worthlessd ind secondsd afterd installingd justd softwared ford thed printerd andd scannerd noned thed
lessd gaming.d Sod nowd anotherd stepd tod evend getd tod ad functionald computer.d Alsod thered isd nod
eSATAd portd sod hed hasd tod addd oned whichd isn'td tood costlyd butd anotherd thingd thatd isd goingd
tod bed ad problemd later.d Sod thend thered isd Bobd wantingd tod used ad printerd andd scannerd atd thed
samed timed withd limitedd ports.d Thered isd thed optiond tod getd ad printer/scannerd combod sod itd
willd onlyd required 1d portd ord hed cand getd ad usbd hubd whichd isd ad cheapd fixd butd willd caused ad
bottled neckd effect.d Thend graphicsd cardsd ared notd cheapd especiallyd ifd youd wantd thed bestd ford
yourd systemd theird pricesd varyd butd theyd ared costly.
Sod thed costd Id calculatedd ford Bobd hed wouldd bed betterd offd getingd ad newd computer.
Hubd -$3-$24d Id wentd withd thed oned thatd wasd $10.49
Graphicd cardd $89d -$1299d butd hed wantsd thed bestd sod $1299d itd is.
eSatad converterd $5-$79d Id wentd withd $22
Hardd drived $99-$800d Id wentd withd $150
Processerd $195-$423.96d id wentd withd $360
Totald costd $1,841.89
cheapestd totald $391
Yesd itd isd $400d ford thed simpled cheapd updatesd butd ind thed longd rund itd willd bed nothingd butd ad
headached especiallyd tryingd tod adaptd everyd yeard whend yourd technologyd continuesd tod
becomed mored andd mored outdated.d Id understandd thatd Bobd onlyd hasd 2d GBd ofd memory.d Id
recommendd thatd Bobd firstd upgradesd hisd RAM.d Atd leastd 8d GBd ofd RAMd ford $41.99d wouldd
bed suitabled tod rund thed latestd versiond ofd Windowsd smoothly.d Sinced itd soundsd liked hed
alreadyd hasd and externald hardd drived withd and eSATAd interface,d Id wouldd recommendd thatd hed
purchasesd ad USBd 3.0d tod eSATAd Externald Bridged Converterd ford $10.29d withd shipping.d Thed
fastestd slotd tod used isd ad PCIed xd 16d connector.d First,d sinced hed isd requestingd thed fastestd andd
bestd graphicsd card,d Id wouldd firstd recommendd thatd hed upgraded hisd CPU.d Id recommendd Inteld
Cored i7d 9thd generationd asd I'ved beend ad loyald userd ofd Inteld ford years.d Ironicallyd Id wasd
recentlyd goingd tod purchased ad 2019d MacBookd withd and i7d processor,d whichd wouldd haved
beend terribled ford gaming.d Intel’sd websited showsd thatd itd willd bed mostd affordabled tod purchased
thisd fromd Microcenterd ford $359.99.d Yourd friendd Bobd hasd ad four-year-oldd desktopd
computerd thatd hasd and out-of-dated processord andd 2d GBd ofd memory.d Itd doesd notd haved and
eSATAd port.d Welld ford me,d itsd seemsd liked alotd ofd workd bobd hasd tod bed done,d butd itd isd
capable.d Andd willd bed kindd ofd pricey.Hed wantsd and externald hardd drived withd eSATAd andd
afterd researchingd Id foundd oned compatibled withd windowsd 8d ord 8.1d ond amazond (d FDd 4TBd
externald hardd drive)d ford $150.00.d Andd bobd cand alsod upgraded hisd processor.
Asd ford Bob'sd gamingd thed fastestd andd bestd graphicsd cardd compatibled withd windowsd 8d thatd
Id foundd andd likedd afterd searchingd isd XFX-d RDd AMDd RADEONd EDITIONd WITHd 8GBd
ford $159.99d atd bestd buy.d Thed pricesd variedd butd ford thed priced andd whatd youd get,d itd seemsd
liked ad goodd price.d Ford thed externald hardd drive,d seeingd asd howd entertainmentd mediad ind thed
formd ofd videos,d takesd upd mored spaced thand musicd andd photos.d Thisd wouldd entaild thatd ad
smalld 500Gbd hardd drived couldd bed lessd thand requiredd ford ad lotd ofd space.d Thisd Id wouldd sayd
minimum,d ad 1TBd externald hardd drived whichd willd costd aroundd 50d dollars.d Asd ford ad
processor,d thed lowestd Id wasd abled tod findd isd and Inteld I3d 9100d whichd startsd atd 118d dollars.d
Alreadyd withd taxesd includedd wed ared nearingd $200.d Memoryd sticksd ford RAMd cardsd Id foundd
lowerd endd ford aboutd 70d dollarsd asd welld asd and eSATAd cabled adapterd fromd USBd wouldd bed
30d dollarsd asd well,d whered thed issued withd notd enoughd USBd portsd cand bed solvedd easilyd withd
ad externald USBd hubd wouldd onlyd bed aroundd eightd dollars.d Id foundd and amazingd highd endd
graphicsd cardd ford 400d dollars,d andd itd willd supportd alld gamesd asd welld asd mostd operatingd
systems,d Windowsd 8d beingd includedd ind thatd pool.d Afterd taxesd thisd alld comesd aroundd tod
justd overd 800d dollarsd andd unfortunatelyd thed workd tod bed includedd ifd hed wered tod seekd
professionald helpd wouldd onlyd rund thed amountd upd more.d Thisd wouldd honestlyd calld ford ad
newd computerd asd somed gamingd computersd cand bed purchasedd justd ford aroundd thisd priced ord
higherd andd wouldd entaild ad longerd lifed ford thed newd computerd sinced thed oldd oned thatd Bobd
hadd isd outdated.d Afterd lookingd intod thed upgradesd yourd wantingd tod do.d Id wouldd firstd
recommendd thatd youd updated yourd processord andd yourd memory.d Notd onlyd dod youd needd ad
goodd GPU,d butd youd alwaysd needd ad processord thatd cand handled whatd yourd GPUd isd wantingd
tod do.d Also,d withd onlyd 2d gbsd ofd memory.d Yourd bottleneckingd yourself.d Id wouldd shootd ford
mored ind thed 32d gbd range.d Ifd youd ared notd readyd tod upgrade.d Id wouldd recommendd thed
EVGAd GeForced GTd 1030d SCd Lowd Profiled ford $103.57.d Itd isd compatibled withd windowsd 8d
andd wouldd bed ad huged upgraded tod yourd built-ind graphicsd fromd yourd processor.d Whend itd
comesd tod yourd externald hardd drived withd eSATAd cable.d Wouldd recommendd and eSATAd tod
USBd 3d adapterd byd VANTECd ford $18.78.d Itd wouldd allowd youd tod connectd yourd hardd drived
andd wouldd bed yourd bestd betd withd yourd currentd setd up.d Whichd wouldd leadd med tod yourd
questiond thatd wouldd bringd up.d Youd onlyd haved oned USBd port.d Youd wantd tod used itd ford yourd
printerd andd scanner.d Id believed Id haved solvedd thatd problemd too.d Whichd isd ad USBd 3.0d Hubd
Splitterd fromd amazond ford $11.99.d Itd willd allowd youd tod plugd ind upd tod 4d thingsd atd once.d
Whichd evend withd alld yourd wantingd tod do,d willd leaved youd withd oned extrad portd ford futured
wants.d Yourd totald withd thed newd GPU,d eSATAd tod USB,d andd thed USBd splitterd isd $134.34d
befored taxes.d Firstd andd foremostd Id wouldd askd howd muchd theyd ared tryingd tod spendd becaused
somed peopled ared ond ad budget.d Onced id knowd thered budgetd id willd begind tod lookd Id foundd
somed ond newd eggd ifd id hadd tod recommendd oned itd wouldd bed thed startechd s351bmu33etd esata.d
Id chosed thisd oned becaused itd hasd highd starsd ond reviewd andd peopled gaved goodd reviewsd ond
product.d Thisd esatad isd $50.99.d Theyd alsod haved differentd onesd ford higherd withd greatd reviewsd
to.d Installingd thed newd esata,d Id wouldd recommendd thatd hed doesd itd hisd selfd tod saved moneyd
andd ifd hed neededd helpd id wouldd helpd him.d Id wouldd telld himd thatd thered ared videosd ofd
installationd instructionsd onlined justd gotd tod findd thed rightd oned andd haved properd toolsd ind
orderd tod install.d Id foundd thisd throughd researchd onlined ifd hed wantsd mored usbd portsd hed cand
chaind hubsd togetherd andd withd thisd hed cand buildd upd dozensd ofd usbd portsd ond oned computer.d
Id wouldd recommendd thed amdd radeond rx5700d graphicsd card.d Id foundd thisd ond bestd buyd andd
itsd $199.d Thed totald costd ofd everythingd ifd hed hasd toolsd andd doesd itd hisd selfd isd $201d dollars.d
Id thinkd ind myd opiniond itd wouldd bed wiserd tod purchased ad newd systemd id willd askd thed valued
ofd hisd computerd andd ifd itd costd lessd thand upgradesd Id wouldd sayd ind ad niced wayd andd
respectfullyd ifd id wasd youd id wouldd purchased ad newd computerd butd ifd hisd computerd hasd valued
andd overd thed costd ofd upgradesd id wouldd sayd keepd computerd andd upgraded itd ifd id wasd asked.d
Thed informationd Id gived Bobd willd dependd ond hisd personald preference,d asd ind thed amountd ofd
moneyd hed wantsd tod spendd ord whatd kindd ofd upgraded hed wantsd overall.d Tod performd thisd
upgraded Bobd willd needd tod haved mored memoryd sod ad biggerd hardd drived willd definitelyd bed
necessaryd tod performd and upgrade.d Byd upgradingd isd softwared andd hardwared hed shouldd bed
abled tod stored mored entertainmentd media.d Liked Id saidd priced dependsd ond hisd preference.d
Thered ared ad fewd choicesd Bobd cand getd tod bed fasterd thand hisd currentd oned andd hasd betterd
graphics.d Id foundd ad fewd differentd optionsd online,d thed GeForced GTXd 2080d Superd costsd
aroundd $700.d Anotherd goodd oned isd GeForced GTXd 1660d isd ad littled bitd cheaperd itd costd $225.d
Thosed ared justd ad fewd differentd onesd tod choosed fromd dependingd ond howd muchd hed wantsd tod
spendd ond thed parts.d Id dod thinkd itd isd wised ford himd tod buyd thesed upgradesd becaused ofd whatd
hed wantsd hisd systemd tod do,d Id dod notd seed howd hed couldd getd whatd hed wantsd withoutd
upgradingd atd leastd somed parts.d Firstd thingsd first,d Id alwaysd tendd tod askd someoned howd muchd
they'red willingd tod spendd tod upgraded and oldd system.d Ifd theyd aren'td comfortabled spendingd
overd 500d dollarsd it'sd timed tod purchased ad newd PC.d Sinced itd isd and oldd systemd I'lld telld themd
you'red lookingd atd aroundd 600-800.d Itd soundsd liked youd won'td bed needingd veryd much.d Ofd
course,d ifd you'red aimingd tod maked yourd computerd mored gamingd based,d itd willd definitelyd bed
mored expensive.d Mored fansd tod cool,d mored graphicsd cards,d fasterd RAMd etc.d Ford
productivityd Id wouldd liked thed machined tod rund windowsd 10,d it'sd simplyd mored userd friendlyd
andd isd betterd maintainedd andd supported.d Id amd almostd certaind windowsd 8d hasd lostd anyd sortd
ofd developerd supportd byd now.d Butd withd thisd newd processord comesd ad newd motherboardd
whichd isd good,d becaused 1d freed USBd portd won’td cutd it.d Id thinkd ford ad motherboardd Id willd
suggestd somethingd thatd leavesd roomd tod changed ord upgraded downd thed road.d Thed MSId Z390d
($190)d cand supportd 4d RAMd slots,d 2d USBd 2.0d andd 2d USBd 3.0d ports,d whichd isd goodd ford
whatd Bobd needs.d Windowsd 8d specd ind 2016d (Computerd /d processor=d (2GHz)d withd SSE2d
instructiond setd HardDiskd 3GB;d Displayd Graphicsd hardwared accelerationd requiresd ad
DirectX10d graphicsd cardd andd 1024d xd 576d resolution).d Afterd researchingd graphicd cardsd ford
DirectX10d andd resolution,d Id thoughtd thisd mightd bed ad trickd questionsd becaused Id hadd ad hardd
timed findingd cardsd ford Directx10d withd 1024x576d resolutiond withoutd wonderingd whatd isd
wrongd withd thisd picture.d Id believed thesed itemsd willd helpd Bobd accomplishd hisd goal;d hed isn’td
spendingd ad lotd ofd moneyd ond hisd upgradesd andd theyd alld shouldd bed compatibled tod whatd isd
currentlyd ind use.d Ifd hed decidedd tod purchased anotherd systemsd alld ofd thesed itemsd shouldd
becomed usefuld evend withd thed newerd system.d Myd onlyd concernd withd thed graphicsd cardd
upgraded isd thed Directx10d resolution;d ifd thed specsd ared ad match.d Alld ofd thesed itemsd wered ad
purchased suggestiond fromd placesd thatd offerd returnd andd twod ofd thed itemsd hadd warranty.d Thed
totald costd ofd thisd projectd upgraded $116.00;d Id addedd ind thed costd ofd shippingd 20.00d andd
that’sd howd Id gotd thisd total.d Thed firstd thingd id wouldd askd Bobd isd howd muchd hed isd lookingd
tod spendd ond thed upgraded sinced withd thed systemd beingd thisd oldd itd mightd bed timed ford ad larged
upgrade.d ifd hed doesn'td wantd tod spendd ad lotd andd wantsd tod justd workd withd thisd systemd id
wouldd firstd obtaind and eSATAd tod USBd 2.0d converterd sod thed externald hddd withd interfaced
withd hisd system.d Sinced Bobd wantsd tod used ad USBd printerd andd ad USBd scannerd id wouldd alsod
lookd intod ad usbd hub.d Ifd hed hasd ad spared 5.25d slotd ind thed cased id wouldd actuallyd recommendd
ad datad hubd withd esatad andd usbd portsd asd longd asd thed psud andd thed motherboardd wouldd
supportd thed additiond tod thed system.d asd ofd rightd nowd id willd bed workingd withd thed usbd hubd
andd esatad tod usbd converter.d Sinced hed isd alsod lookingd tod sendd ad lotd ofd datad outsided ofd hisd
maind hddd id wouldd lookd intod hisd currentd processord andd motherboardd tod seed whatd isd thed
maxd ramd andd speedd ofd ramd hisd currentd systemd cand upgraded tod sinced thed DIMMd cardsd willd
bed workingd overtimed tod sendd ad lotd ofd backd upd andd mediad tod thisd drived leavingd veryd littled
ford thed actuald processingd ofd thed maind unit.d id dontd knowd whatd kindd ofd cpud hed hasd sod
takingd myd bestd guessd sinced thed osd hasd windowsd 8d itsd celerond ord newerd andd celerond wasd
releasedd ind 2000d tod thatd makesd med believed hed likelyd hasd and inteld i5d 4thd gend thed released
datesd ford certaind modelsd ofd thed i5d wasd betweend 2015d andd newerd usingd thed olderd
LGA1150d socket.d dependingd ond whatd hed wouldd liked tod spendd andd whatd processord andd
whatd pcied expansiond slotd itd isd id wouldd recommendd ad geforced gtxd 1050d msid asd longd asd thed
psud cand handled thed 150wd increase.
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