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Thered ared manyd waysd tod enterd safed moded ond Windowsd 10.d Sinced it'sd impossibled tod
seed thed screend itd narrowsd itd downd ad littled bit.d Id stilld foundd ad fewd waysd wed cand enterd
safed mode.d Oned wayd isd tod interruptd thed normald bootd process.d Tod dod thatd whend
windowsd firstd startsd upd pressd thed powerd buttond ford ad fewd secondsd threed times.d Afterd
thed thirdd timed Windowsd willd thend enterd Automaticd repaird mode.d Itd willd thend startd and
automaticd diagnosesd ofd thed PC.d Afterd thed diagnosesd thed Automaticd repaird windowd willd
showd up.d Youd thend selectd advancedd options.d Ond thed nextd screend selectd troubleshoot.d
ONd thed troubleshootd screend clickd advancedd optionsd again.d Ond thed Advancedd Optionsd
screend selectd Startupd Settings.d Ifd youd dod notd seed thed Startupd settingsd clickd Seed mored
options.d Ond thed Startupd Settingsd screend youd cand thend selectd restart.d Afterd restartingd
youd cand enterd safed mode.d Itd willd gived thed optiond tod enterd safed mode,d safed moded
withd networking,d andd safed moded withd commandd prompt.d Afterd researchingd waysd tod
enterd safed moded withd and unreadabled screend Id feeld thisd isd thed bestd way.
Thered ared severald waysd tod enterd Safed Moded oned ofd thed waysd isd tod holdd shiftd andd
restart.d Anotherd wayd isd tod interruptd thed startd upd ofd windowsd threed timesd ind ad row.d
Thed thirdd wayd isd tod used ad USBd bootd drived withd windowsd ond itd ord ad CD.d Ad fourthd
wayd isd tod used thed systemd configurationd tool,d butd thisd probablyd wouldn'td workd ind thisd
situation.d Thesed ared thed mostd basicd waysd ofd gettingd intod Safed Mode.d Id wouldd alsod
showd myd friendd howd tod dod eachd ofd thesed sod thatd ind thed futured shouldd hed dod thisd
hed knowsd howd tod fixd it.d Id amd sured wed haved alld rund intod ad pointd whered wed changed ad
settingd ord installd somethingd thatd messesd withd ourd system,d butd thered ared sod manyd
waysd ofd troubleshootingd thesed issues.d Id knowd thatd ind olderd versionsd ofd Windowsd youd
couldd alsod used shift+F8d thisd howeverd doesn'td workd ind Windowsd 10,d alsod itd doesn'td
workd withd SSDsd asd well.d Thesed ared thed waysd thatd Id wouldd god aboutd fixingd thisd issued
ind particular.
Ind orderd tod bootd windowsd ind safed moded youd willd needd tod enterd windowsd recoveryd
moded hered isd thed stepd byd stepd processd tod enterd windowsd recoveryd moded asd
providedd byd Microsoft.com
1. Holdd downd thed powerd buttond ford 10d secondsd tod turnd offd yourd device.
2. Pressd thed powerd buttond againd tod turnd ond yourd device.
3. Ond thed firstd signd thatd Windowsd hasd startedd (ford example,d somed devicesd showd
thed manufacturer’sd logod whend restarting)d holdd downd thed powerd buttond ford 10d
secondsd tod turnd offd yourd device.
4. Pressd thed powerd buttond againd tod turnd ond yourd device.
5. Whend Windowsd restarts,d holdd downd thed powerd buttond ford 10d secondsd tod turnd
offd yourd device.
6. Pressd thed powerd buttond againd tod turnd ond yourd device.
7. Allowd yourd deviced tod fullyd restart.d Youd willd enterd winRE.
Fromd hered youd willd selectd Troubleshootd >d Advancedd optionsd >d Startupd Settingsd >d
Afterd rebooting,d safed moded willd bed enabledd byd pressingd F5d
Ind theoryd safed moded shouldd restored thed defaultd displayd settingsd andd thed userd wouldd
bed abled tod rebootd normally,d andd thed issued wouldd bed resolved.d Alternativelyd thed userd
cand accessd thed displayd settingsd ond windowsd throughd Controld paneld >d Appearanced andd
Personalizationd >d Eased ofd accessd center.
Tod begind bootingd Windowsd 10d ind Safed Moded Id wouldd suggestd pressingd thed restartd
buttond ond yourd computer,d ord ifd itd doesd notd haved one,d thed powerd buttond twice.d
Becaused youd cannotd readd thed screen,d youd shouldd holdd downd thed Windowsd logod
button,d ctrl,d shiftd +d b,d alld atd thed samed timed tod startd Windowsd 10d Safed Mode.d Ifd youd
ared workingd ond ad Windowsd 10d tabletd tryd increasingd andd decreasingd thed volumed atd
thed samed time,d 3d times,d andd itd shouldd dod thed samed thing.d Thend thed screend willd dim,d
ord flutter,d ord beep,d meaningd thatd Windowsd OSd isd tryingd tod refresh.d Whend windowsd isd
doned refreshing,d Safed Moded shouldd appeard ond thed screend withd defaultd displayd
settingsd andd youd shouldd bed abled tod changed thed displayd settingd backd tod default.d Nowd
wouldd bed ad goodd timed tod pressd Startd andd god tod Controld Panel.d Fromd there,d Id wouldd
clickd ond Choosed Highd Contrastd Themed andd checkd tod seed ifd oned ofd thesed themesd hasd
beend selected.d Ifd oned ofd thesed themesd hadd beend selectedd thend Id wouldd god tod
Windowsd Defaultd Themesd andd choosed oned ofd thed optionsd itd providesd tod revertd tod
defaultd settings.
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