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Thed easiestd andd mostd convenientd wayd tod accessd Windowsd 10d Boostd moded isd tod holdd
shiftd andd restartd yourd computer.d Tod explaind youd wouldd holdd downd shiftd opend upd thed
windowsd paneld andd thend clickd restartd computer.d Onced rebootedd andd ared ond thed logd
ind screend clickd ond thed powerd buttond andd itd willd pulld upd thed optionsd panel.d Fromd
thered youd willd bed abled tod boostd Windowsd 10d andd fixd thed issued goingd on.d Anotherd
optiond tod helpd boostd Windowsd 10d isd tood used thed installd discd andd willd bed abled tod
accessd itd thatd time.d Onced you'ved broughtd upd thed computerd afterd thed restartd youd cand
god intod thed Windowsd menud youd cand used thed troubleshootd optionsd tod resetd thed
settingsd andd fixd thed issue.d Ifd notd youd haved countlessd otherd waysd thatd youd ared abled
tod used tod getd Windowsd boostedd andd fixd thed colord problem.d Med personallyd wouldd
haved tod used thed shiftd restartd optiond becaused Id feeld liked itd isd thed simplestd andd bestd
wayd tod used itd andd getd thed jobd done.Whend yourd havingd problemsd thed bestd wayd tod
getd intod safed moded ind myd opiniond isd alwaysd throughd thed bootd upd screen.d Id haved hadd
virusd befored ond oldd computersd thatd wouldd justd maked thingsd worsed ifd Id triedd tod bootd
upd ind normald bootd andd thend god tod safed moodd throughd thed settings.d ifd youd ared goingd
throughd thed bootd upd screen,d youd willd needd tod pushd ctrld andd F8d atd thed samed timed ind
orderd tod getd itd intod recoveryd mode.d Whichd ond fasterd startingd computersd thisd mightd
notd bed ad firstd tryd thing.d Myd opinion,d it’sd thed bestd wayd ford and averaged joed tod getd intod
recoveryd moded ifd you’red havingd seriousd issuesd thatd youd mightd notd wantd tod bootd intod
normald boot.d Ifd youd cand god intod yourd normald bootd withoutd feard ofd makingd problemsd
worsed thend god tod thed windowsd tagd clickd powerd button.d Holdd shiftd whiled clickingd
restart.d Whichd thend willd allowd youd tod choosed and option.d Youd thend wantd tod choosed
troubleshoot,d advancedd andd ind thed startup,d settingd clickd restartd again.d Whichd willd gived
youd ad listd ofd startupd optionsd withd thed threed safed zonesd beingd justd safed mode,d safed
moded withd networking,d andd safed moded commandd prompt.
Throughd researchd Id foundd thatd oned ofd thed easiestd waysd tod accessd Windowsd 10d bootd
options,d ared tod holdd downd thed shiftd keyd ond yourd keyboardd andd restartd thed PC.d
Openingd upd thed startd menud andd clickd ond powerd buttond tod opend powerd options.d Nowd
pressingd andd holdd thed shiftd keyd and clickd ond restart.d Thisd willd haved tod bed doned tod
opend thed bootd menud ind windowsd 10.d Id foundd thatd youd cand alsod used Windowsd 10d
installationd drive/disc.d Youd cand bootd fromd thatd usb/discd andd clickd ond repaird optiond tod
accessd windowsd 10d bootd options.d Thisd isd alsod ad greatd optiond ifd youd don'td haved
accessd tod anotherd windowsd 10d pcd tod created ad recoveryd drive.d Youd cand alsod holdd thed
shiftd keyd whiled clickingd restartd fromd thed shutd downd ord signoutd menu.d byd selectingd
troubled shootd advancedd optionsd startd upd settingsd restartd afterd PCd restarts,d thered isd ad
listd ofd optionsd selectd 4d ord f4d ord fnd +f4d followingd thed screend instructionsd tod startd thed
pcd ind safemode.d Thered ared numerousd waysd butd thesed ared thed onesd id foundd tod bed
Whend tryingd tod bootd intod safed mode,d thered ared ad numberd ofd waysd tod dod sod ifd thered
isd and issue.d Ifd youd cand notd getd intod thed logd ind screen,d thend reboot.d Whend thed rebootd
processd hasd started,d interuptd windowsd whiled itd isd loading.d Dod thisd threed timesd andd
windowsd thinksd thatd thered isd and errord andd willd gived promptsd tod checkd ford ad problem.d
Fromd there,d followd thed advancedd settingsd tod restartd withd options.d Restartd thed
computerd andd itd willd gived buttonsd tod determined howd youd wouldd liked tod start.d Startd
withd safed moded enabled.d Ifd oned cand getd ontod ad signd ind screen,d thend holdd downd shiftd
andd clickd restart.d Thisd willd taked youd tod advancedd settingsd thatd youd cand followd intod
safed moded onced rebooted.d Anotherd wayd tod enterd safed moded isd tod startd thed bootd
withd eitherd ad startupd discd ord ad USB.d Followd promptsd tod getd tod safed moded thatd way.d
Id thinkd thatd thosed wouldd bed thed bestd wayd tod enterd safed moded ifd thed settingd haved
beend altered.
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