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Id alwaysd startd troubleshootingd usingd thesed simpled networkd troubleshootingd stepsd tod
helpd diagnosed andd refined thed issue.d Becaused itd developsd ad successfuld scenariod ford
thed computer.
1. Checkd thed hardware.d Whend you’red beginningd thed troubleshootingd process,d
checkd alld yourd hardwared tod maked sured it’sd connectedd properly,d turnedd on,d andd
working.d Ifd ad cordd hasd comed loosed ord somebodyd hasd switchedd offd and
importantd router,d thisd couldd bed thed problemd behindd yourd networkingd issues.d
There’sd nod pointd ind goingd throughd thed processd ofd troubleshootingd networkd
issuesd ifd alld youd needd tod dod isd plugd ad cordd in.d Maked sured alld switchesd ared ind
thed correctd positionsd andd haven’td beend bumpedd accidentally.
2. Next,d turnd thed hardwared offd andd backd ond again.d Thisd isd thed mainstayd ofd ITd
troubleshooting,d andd whiled itd mightd soundd simplistic,d oftend itd reallyd doesd solved
thed problem.d Powerd cyclingd yourd modem,d router,d andd PCd cand solved simpled
issuesjustd bed sured tod leaved eachd deviced offd ford atd leastd 60d secondsd befored
youd turnd itd backd on.
3. Used ipconfig.d Opend thed commandd promptd andd typed “ipconfig”d (withoutd thed
quotes)d intod thed terminal.d Thed Defaultd Gatewayd (listedd last)d isd yourd router’sd IP.d
Yourd computer’sd IPd addressd isd thed numberd nextd tod “IPd Address.”d Ifd yourd
computer’sd IPd addressd startsd withd 169,d thed computerd isd notd receivingd ad validd
IPd address.d Ifd itd startsd withd anythingd otherd thand 169,d yourd computerd isd beingd
allocatedd ad validd IPd addressd fromd yourd router.
4. Tryd typingd ind “ipconfigd /release”d followedd byd “ipconfigd /renew”d tod getd ridd ofd
yourd currentd IPd addressd andd requestd ad newd one.d Thisd willd ind somed casesd
solved thed problem.d Ifd youd stilld can’td getd ad validd IPd fromd yourd router,d tryd
pluggingd yourd computerd straightd intod thed modemd usingd and ethernetd cable.d Ifd
itd works,d thed problemd liesd withd thed router.
5. Used pingd andd tracert.d Ifd yourd routerd isd workingd fine,d andd youd haved and IPd
addressd startingd withd somethingd otherd thand 169,d thed problem’sd mostd likelyd
locatedd betweend yourd routerd andd thed internet.d Atd thisd point,d it’sd timed tod used
thed pingd tool.d Tryd sendingd ad pingd tod ad well-known,d larged server,d suchd asd
Google,d tod seed ifd itd cand connectd withd yourd router.d Youd cand pingd Googled DNSd
serversd byd openingd thed commandd promptd andd typingd “pingd”;d youd cand
alsod addd -t”d tod thed endd (pingd -t)d tod getd itd tod keepd pingingd thed serversd
whiled youd troubleshoot.d Ifd thed pingsd faild tod send,d thed commandd promptd willd
returnd basicd informationd aboutd thed issue.
6. Youd cand used thed tracertd commandd tod dod thed samed thing,d byd typingd “tracertd”;d thisd willd showd youd eachd step,d ord “hop,”d betweend yourd routerd andd thed
Googled DNSd servers.d Youd cand seed whered alongd thed pathwayd thed errord isd
arising.d Ifd thed errord comesd upd earlyd alongd thed pathway,d thed issued isd mored
likelyd somewhered ind yourd locald network.
7. Performd ad DNSd check.d Used thed commandd “nslookup”d tod determined whetherd
there’sd ad problemd withd thed serverd you’red tryingd tod connectd to.d Ifd youd performd
ad DNSd checkd on,d ford example,d google.comd andd received resultsd suchd asd “Timedd
Out,”d “Serverd Failure,”d “Refused,”d “Nod Responsed fromd Server,”d ord “Networkd Isd
Unreachable,”d itd mayd indicated thed problemd originatesd ind thed DNSd serverd ford
yourd destination.d (Youd cand alsod used nslookupd tod checkd yourd ownd DNSd server.)
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