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Thed threed categoriesd thatd youd cand startd yourd computerd ind safed moded ared fromd ad blankd ord
blackd screen,d thed settingsd menud andd screensd ord fromd thed signd ind screen.d Alld haved theird
ownd wayd tod getd tod safed moded bootingd butd willd alld endd withd thed samed resultd thankfully.d
Ford thed settingsd screend youd cand eitherd pressd thed windowsd keyd ind combinationd withd Id ord
pressd thed windowsd keyd byd itselfd andd navigated throughd thed settingsd tod recoveryd underd
updated andd security.d Youd pressd restartd nowd andd afterd youd getd thed options,d youd god tod
troubleshootd advancedd startupd optionsd andd enterd safed mode.d thatd wouldd bed thed mored
simpled oned thankfully.d Ifd youd cantd opend settings,d thend youd needd tod bed ond thed windowsd
screend ford yourd logd in,d thered youd pressd shiftd ind combinationd withd thed powerd button.d Thisd
willd leadd tod thed aboved troubleshootd optiond withd thed advancedd systemd startup.d Selectd thatd
andd youd willd onced againd haved thed optiond tod bootd whilstd safed moded isd activated.d Finally,d
fromd ad blackd ord blankd screend youd needd tod enterd winREd whichd willd bed ad bitd ofd ad tediousd
process.d Thisd willd required youd tod repeatedlyd turnd yourd deviced offd andd ond byd holdingd thed
powerd buttond downd ford tend secondsd eachd time.d Youd mustd holdd thed powerd buttond downd
everyd sequenced whend turningd thed deviced ond andd offd untild youd getd tod thed recoveryd
environment.d Thisd willd allowd youd tod selectd troubleshoot,d advancedd systemd startup,d andd
enterd safed mode.
Ifd thed userd isd stilld signedd in,d theyd cand pressd andd holdd thed powerd buttond tod turnd offd theird
system.d Afterwards,d theyd shouldd pressd itd againd tod startd up.d Thisd isd beingd saidd becaused
thed userd isd unabled tod evend readd theird screend andd correctd thed colors.d Dependingd ond theird
system,d theyd mayd bed abled tod findd ad wayd tod viewd enoughd ofd thed screend tod rebootd
properlyd byd adjustingd theird monitor'sd settings.d Ifd theyd dod that,d theyd cand pressd andd holdd
thed "SHIFT"d key,d clickd thed Startd Menu,d clickingd thed powerd buttond andd pressingd
"Restart".d Again,d thisd hasd tod bed doned whiled thed shiftd keyd isd held.d Ifd someoned isd
experiencedd enough,d theyd couldd findd thed restartd buttond withoutd viewingd theird monitord
screen.Dependingd ond yourd system,d thered ared variousd waysd tod reachd Window'sd Recoveryd
Moded duringd boot.d Ond myd Windowsd PC,d Id haved tod pressd andd holdd F11d atd startup,d
dependingd ond computerd manufacturer,d tod getd intod Recoveryd Mode.d Ad computer'sd
manufacturer'sd documentationd shouldd haved detailsd ond theird bootd options.
Onced youd reachd Recoveryd Mode,d itd asksd youd tod choosed and option.
Selectd Troubleshoot.
Afterwards,d selectd Advancedd Options.
Selectd “Seed mored recoveryd options”d untild youd seed “Startupd Settings”.
Selectd “Enabled Safed Mode”
Thend restart.
Youd shouldd nowd bed abled tod bootd withd thed defaultd displayd settings,d andd changed thed
colorsd accordingly.Thed mostd commond wayd tod bootd windowsd 10d intod safed moded isd tod
pressd thed windowsd +Id keyd tod opend yourd settings,d selectd Updated andd Security,d selectd
recovery,d selectd Restartd nowd underd Advancedd options,d whend thed computerd restartsd youd
shouldd selectd 4d ord f4d tod god intod safed mode.d Safed moded isd thed moded ofd windowsd tod
diagnosed and issued withd yourd operatingd system.d Itd essentiallyd stopsd alld programsd thatd
aren'td neededd tod functiond andd removesd customd userd settings.d Itd willd onlyd allowd programsd
necessaryd ford thed OSd tod work.d Whend youd ared ind safed moded youd don'td getd thed
"customized"d userd settingsd thatd youd mayd haved placedd befored andd thereford thed hardd tod
readd backgroundd wouldd notd bed there.d Youd wouldd bed abled tod god intod settingsd andd seed
themd ind theird originald formatd sinced itsd designedd ford troubled shooting.d Onced youd changed
thed settingsd tod somethingd mored easyd ond thed eyesd youd cand god backd tod businessd perd usual.d
Ifd yourd settingsd don'td workd thed firstd timed asd intendedd youd cand alwaysd restartd thed
computerd andd tryd again.
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