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I currently use a Macbook, so I was nervous because fixing anything with
Apple can be quite expensive if you don’t have Apple care. I researched
replacement motherboards (or as Mac calls it logic boards) for my Macbook pro
retina 12-inch released in early 2016. If I were to replace my motherboard all
of my current parts would be replaced, because of Apple’s proprietary hardware
specifications, no matter which motherboard I decide to purchase. The cost of
the exact logic board (motherboard) would be $429.75. I could purchase a
cheaper motherboard however it won’t have my exact specifications. The least
expensive replacement board that I found is $286.70, but it will have a lower
storage capacity at 256GB, compared to my 512GB, which wouldn’t make sense
for me. The processor is the M3, which clocked at 1.1Ghz, and I have the
M5 which is clocked at 1.2Ghz. The cheaper board makes much more economic
sense for me, but in my use case, I need the faster processor and higher
storage capacity. So, the total replacement cost for me would be $429.70. The
laptop that I am using is pretty old. I don’t know if anybody’s familiar with
this one. It is a Acer Aspire cloudbook 14.The laptop was really not that
expensive when I bought it .I think it was about $200 off amazon.it uses Intel
Celeron N3050 Dual-Core Processor 1.6GHz with Intel Burst Technology up to
2.16GHz . Has about 32Gb of internal memory. Surprisingly there were actually
some websites that had the motherboard. Because of this computer being so old.
When I check the actual make on the website. This actual processor is right
now discontinued.Which I am totally not surprised about it.So ,as far as the
price of this processor. The recommended price that they asked for on the
website is $109. In my opinion it is not that bad in price.The prices do very
is on the Internet. I even found some as low as $40.But I did run across one
that was actually brand new for about $70. Looking through the internet and
finding a replacement motherboard was not that hard they have so many
variations and lucky me a I have a MAC and for some reason the
motherboards for this computer are all higher than your average motherboards
ranging from 50 to 100 dollars. Motherboards for a MAC range from around
200 to more than 500 dollars. If I was to replace the mother board I would
at least spend the minimum of 200 dollars. With buying a new motherboard
that matched the one I currently have i did not have to buy any new
components or replace any. If I were to go the expensive route I would spend
500 for an upgrade but I would also upgrade my NIC card for 1G speeds
since I have that speed available in my area. NIC cards can run from 50 to
100 dollars for a decent one. Sadly on MAC laptops you cant really upgrade
your graphics card from my research but you can attach an external GPU.
Simply put I found my replacement and my grand total was 250 dollars after
taxes. Initially during my search for a new motherboard for my laptop, I found
numerous different models of the motherboard for my laptop. When I was
presented with the various different motherboards, it made me look more into
my laptop to find out the specifics of my laptop to ensure I was making the
correct purchase. I never knew there were so many different variations of the
motherboard for my Dell Inspriron 15R such as the N5110 Laptop Motherboard
and I found one named the 5537 3537 Intel Celeron motherboards. The parts I
came across were all refurbished and the price ranges started at $80.00 and got
even as high as $300.00. If I was not able to find a good match for my
laptop, I would consider a new processor, or maybe upgrading the graphics card
or hard drive, however with each process being so tedious and the age of my
laptop, I would strongly lean toward just buying a whole new laptop and start
all over again. My thinking is if I purchase a new motherboard, it may be
too advanced for my laptop which will lead me to being other parts to make
sure the motherboard is supported safely and after all those expenses, I could
be better off backing up my data on a flash drive and just buy a new laptop.
While looking up the motherboard I have at home I learned I currently have
OEM Acer Chromebook Spin 11 CP311 Motherboard [4GB/32GB]. I was was
able to find this out by looking online and by carefully opening up my Acer
Chromebook Spin 1. I was able to find a replacement motherboard that is
priced around $140 to $150, without needing to spend money on other
components. Though awhile back a buddy of mine wanted to upgrade his
motherboard, but in the process he needed to replace the processor and the
memory. If I remember right he ended up spending around $1,750. Whenever I
think about replacing components of your PC or laptop I always think it's better
to just to upgrade the components by spend just a little more to get more
bang for your buck. This will allow your PC or laptop to have more updated
features as well as get more life out of the PC or laptop than going and
buying cheap or the same components, but first and foremost you must do
research on your PC or laptop and the components that come with then and
the components that be installed in them. I have 2 personal builds under my
belt. My first one is the one that I use for school (Gaming as well). It has
a Gigabyte B450 paired with a Ryzen 5 2600. The ports it has is enough
with what I need and more. I am looking at upgrading either my entire PC
or just getting a new Motherboard and CPU. My second build is my wife’s
work PC. It has The Asus B450 Tuff Gaming board. Its also paired with a
Ryzen 5 1600AF chip. She uses this computer as a dedicated work PC and
that is it. The reason I want to upgrade either my chip and board or the
entire thing is because, I like how AMD has been releasing hardware that
competes directing with the Intel line and in some cases is worth more getting
the AMD product over the Intel. Pricing is also another factor. You can build
an amazing Pc with a very high-quality board for less than what an Intel Board
would cost. I think that Ryzen with the launch of the 3000 and maybe 4000
soon has closed the gap and even have gone passed their competition in quality
and performance. I couldn't find an exact replacement of the motherboard I
already have, so I began to look for something that would work without having
to change too many other components. Because I have a fourth-generation Intel
processor, I was having trouble finding a motherboard that would support it as
all I could find were only motherboards that supported 8th and 9th generation
processors. Eventually, I came across the Biostar TB85 ATX LGA1150
Motherboard that cost's about $199.00 from Amazon. All my expansion cards
seemed to fit into place pretty well. The motherboard had enough slots for my
two memory cards and a slot for the video card. Something I found that could
either be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it, was that the
motherboard didn't have any sort of wireless networking built into it. It wasn't
too big of a deal as I was able to find a wireless adapter for under $20.
Now I don't really have to worry about if I can get a network connection if
this one would ever fail as well. While looking up the motherboard I have at
home I learned I currently have the MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk. While looking
at the chipset and expansion slots I went from there to find a replacement
motherboard. For chipset or CPU socket set I am looking for LGA 1151 I
found another model of MSI motherboard MSI Z390-A PRO was very similar
and it was also selling for 50 dollars less. A difference between the two was
the graphic interface slots the cheaper one had only two PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots
while the one I currently have has three. It also has one less space to add a
M.2 and I am not currently using one but plan on it in the future. Other than
those two differences everything is almost the exact same. Even the dimensions
of the mother boards are the same. If I had to go with this motherboard, I
found it for 129.99 on Amazon it's still a bit more than some of the others
but still cheaper than my current. My primary computer is a 2015 Microsoft
Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro is more of a tablet computer vs a normal
laptop. It uses a Intel Core i7 processor with a 6650U motherboard and 8GB
of RAM. The hard drive is a SSD made by Samsung. The site IFIXIT gave
it a repairability score of 2 out of 10. If I was to replace the motherboard, I
would have to go with a propitiatory board which would cost $350.00 used, up
to $1000.00 new, depending on what website you look at. In order to get to
the motherboard you first would have to use plastic pry tools to remove the
adhesive around the screen. Then you would need to disconnect the two display
cables before you can remove the screen and have access to the system board.
Under the screen you can easily remove the Samsung SSD by removing one
screw, if I had to replace the SSD it would run about $150.00 to $230.00 for
256GB. There are other parts that can be replaced including the main display
(used $150.00), heatsink and fan ($20.00), and battery ($54.99). I would choose
not to replace the motherboard and instead build/buy a new computer that could
easily be upgraded and easier/cheaper to repair. I have the ASRock B450 Steel
Legend motherboard, it has all the features that I wanted and still was in my
budget for my build. The main features that I need on a motherboard is
S/PDIF port and the Display port because the headset that I use needs the
S/PDIF port and I have 1440p monitors and I have to use the Display port
to get high resolution for my monitors. If my motherboard would fail right
now, I would replace it with the ASUS ROG Strix X470-f motherboard. It still
has all the features that I want and also the main port that I need. It is just
a little more than what I paid for my original motherboard. In electronics I
feel if you have to replace something spend just a little more to get your
monies worth. You will have more updated features as well you may get more
life out of it than going and buying something cheaper, and will not be
compatible with newer expansion cards further down the road. I was considering
this idea just last night. The playstation my two sons are using is acting funny.
I was going through the process of elimination in my mind of how to repair
this mother board. I found a replacement mobo for around fifty dollars.
Assuming that is the case. See, after playing a game for about 10 minutes, the
wireless card would all of the sudden start wanting to try and connect to a
signal, no ones hot spot was on. The game was on a disc inserted into the
system. I was thinking that the HDD was not communicating properly with the
Wireless card. My first approach would be to spray some duster, or contact
cleaner into the system first. After powering down and removing the case of
course. New wireless cards cost around Twenty dollars. A hard drive would run
around 40 dollars. The cost to replace and repair would be significantly cheaper
than buying a brand new unit. I am actually considering looking into replacing
the parts with a higher performance part. When replacing a motherboard, choose
a chipset that provides the capabilities that you need. For example, you can
purchase a motherboard with a chipset that enables multiple USB ports, eSATA
connections, surround sound, and video.The CPU package must match the CPU
socket type. A CPU package contains the CPU, connection points, and materials
that surround the CPU and dissipate heat.Be sure to check the bios to see if
an update is required for to support your CPU on a new motherboard. A lot
of people have missed that or did not realize that the CPU would be not just
update the chipset itself when you installed it.
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