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I have a custom built PC with an AMD processor and graphics card. I would
need to purchase an Asus ROG Strix b450- f gaming in order to replace only
my motherboard. It would cost $129.99 for a new part. Although I did find a
good match for my current parts, I would want to ensure it also has
compatibility with better parts than what I have since I intend on upgrading
soon, as well as the room for increasing RAM to 64GB like my current
motherboard has. I have a dell laptop Inspiron 5000 series and after looking
online, I found a 1NOC6 dell inspiron 15-5000 laptop mother board for it on
amazon for 168.98 but it’s a used one. When it comes to buying computer
pieces I don’t prefer to buy any of it used , I’d prefer to buy it brand new
because you don’t know how much secret damage is really on it. The person
who owned it before could have bumped it against things or slapped cords
against it(I’ve seen plenty of this happening in videos of people building and
taking apart a computer.) So I won’t really know how much damage is truly
on this mother board , and I’m kinda skeptical spending that amount of money
on a used item that I could only buy online.
if my motherboard on my laptop was to fail me right now, my best option
would be to get a new laptop. It would be much faster than me waiting and
paying for shipping for something that’s not guaranteed to work in the long run.
Recently, I had a problem with my computer. On being tested, it was found
that the motherboard of my computer has failed to function. So, I had to buy
a new motherboard to get my computer back to working condition. I wanted
to keep the repair cost as low as possible. So, I searched for a budget-friendly
AMD motherboard, and I was able to find ASRock B450M Steel Legend. I
purchased the motherboard for a price of $104.59. However, later I found out
that the motherboard did not match the processor and memory of my
computer.So I again had to buy the other components in order to ensure a
perfect match and proper functioning.
I bought a new compatible AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Processor for my computer.
This processor comes with a built-in Radeon Vega 8 Graphics which was an
added advantage for me. I had to spend an amount of $156.33 for the
processor. I also upgraded the RAM of my computer (Edmonds, 2020). I
upgraded it to 64GB DDR4. I also decided to get a new graphics card to
enhance the overall functionality. By having to spend within $600, I was able
to repair everything and get the desired performance. Now, I am very much
satisfied with how my computer works.For replacement of my computer need
intel core i5 supported motherboard. As processor on the old motherboard is in
good condition and did not required any replacement. I have diagnosed my old
motherboard and came up with these items’ requirements.RAM, Graphics card
and Tv tuner card need to buy from the market or online. As motherboard
circuit got fried along with RAM and other parts need to add in new
motherboard which we buy compatible with our processor.While searching a
motherboard on internet I have find buying complete old compatible system is
costly then buying new motherboard along with new parts is cheaper and in
This part is important as whole OS loading on it which required to compatible
with motherboard and processor. For installing RAM is simple task but it should
match the clock size of the processor. Graphics card: Some motherboard has
inbuild graphics card but new motherboard need extra graphics card for better
performance. This required for gaming as well as better video and resolutions
concern. Tv tuner card:
This used for live television and need to install on the new motherboard. This
card is cheap in cost so installing it not a burden for minimum budget criteria.
The laptop I have is Hp Pavilion 15 Notebook with 8GB memory and 1TB
HDD hard drive. When I looked up the price of the motherboard for my
laptop, I couldn't exactly find the right one. There were alot of different ones
that popped up with the price range starting at $50-200. Finding the
motherboard for my laptop on google isn't so hard. I had options of buying
new ones, used ones or refurbished ones that were lesser than newer ones.
Walmart seems to have the cheapest brand new one at $57 depending on what
your looking for. If I were to shop for a new motherboard for my laptop, I
would be checking out the price at Walmart and best buy first for my priority
options. I found a motherboard that completely matches my computers specs and
requirements. I found Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 5558 Motherboard with Intel
1.5Ghz CPU & nVidia Video F0T2K for 54.99 on Walmart's website. I usually
use a website called newegg for all of my computer needs as far as parts go
but in this instance the walmart motherboard was cheaper and matched my
specs. With today's technology and the use of the internet, it really is not that
hard to look up what parts and what specifications you need for your laptop
or desktop computer. Now if you had to replace more items such as your
power supply and processor, memory, and expansion cards or your case...it
would be easier to find all of your specified parts by entering in your
computer's make, model, and serial number so that you can find exactly the
right part for your rig. Mismatched parts and items that dont fit are not just
a waste of money, but a waste of time and energy. Having a trusted website
or store to order from also helps a shopper get the best information and
assistance for their issues. There’s been a push through the years to make
smaller and smaller motherboards that use less power and take up less room.
One series of motherboards that provide this are the ITX form factor
motherboards. This style was created by VIA Technologies in 2001. The Mini-
ITX motherboard you see here is screw compatible with the ATX and the
microATX motherboard, which means you can install this motherboard into
exactly the same computer cases as the ATX and the microATX. Usually,
though, you’re using a much smaller computer case that takes up a lot less
room. You can put it on a shelf, or put it somewhere out of the way. The
smaller form factor is really designed to be a single-purpose computing device.I
couldn't find a mother board for sale for the macbook pro that I use now, so
I used my back up computer which is an Intel Compaq Presario SR5250NX
model with 1024MB of memory and a 320GB hard drive. It has the Pentium
Dual Core Processor E2140 and it was also very hard to find a motherboard
for sale for this type of computer because it is so old, but I finally found
the EXACT model on newegg.com. I had such a hard time with this because
I couldn't find mother boards for either of my computers that were for sale.
The website newegg.com had new and refurbished motherboards, but not for my
exact hp model. However, since there were motherboards for sale for so many
other models, I will use 1 of the others for example. There was a motherboard
for sale for a Compaq Presario V33904AU for $51.99 with FREE SHIPPING!
I also have a work computer that I'm using now that I'm working from home,
on, but I didn't look for a motherboard for that computer since I found another
example to use. A computer can be a critical device if not taking care of. I
have a compaq presario window at home for many years which never give me
problems then after 1 year stop using it and then return using it I notice the
pc was moving slow I didn’t know what to do so I take it to a friend of
mine who a technician who know about fixing laptop when he open the device
he start to explain saying to me he think the pc need a new circuit board he
told me to purchase the parts at Best Buy or a appliance store. I did as he
said a went by Best Buy and they showed me few parts that are similar and
work perfectly in my device but after the store guy told me the price it was
way too expensive and I see where If I buy a new device it worth better
than repairing the parts. Finally I went back to my friend and change my mind
from repairing the Compaq and just get a new one weeks later. The computer
I have is a HP 15 laptop. When i went to search up the motherboard for this
labtop alot of items popped up. But I eventually after looking at a few sites
I would rather buy it from the actual HP site itself, but I never found that
site. The price range on Walmart site ranges from $50-400. You can also buy
motherboards on Amazon, aliexpress. And their is alot videos that shows you
your exact computer and how to know what kind of motherboard you need.
But I still dont understand why each motherboard I seen on the online has a
different code. To save myself money I would find the best deal I could for
the part and go to YouTube and watch step by step videos of how to replace
it. I would rather just buy a motherboard then to replace multiple parts.
Multiple parts would be more expensive and more work to do. And online they
have lots of refurbished motherboards, I wouldn't buy a refurbished motherboard
I think that would be risky for your computer. I have a macbook pro and it's
going on a year that I have it. Have not used too much. I usually use my
work computer for everything. But in the event of my computer giving out on
me, I would have to consider what would be my best option. After searching
online for a replacement motherboard, it would be more sensible to buy a
replacement. I found a replacement on amazon for about $247. That would be
my first option considering the price of buying a new computer. And I also
checked the price of a replacement motherboard for my work computer, which
is a dell. The replacement motherboard is a lot cheaper than for the macbook
pro. The replacement motherboard for the dell was about $99 but it is
refurbished. If the refurbished motherboard doesn't work, then it would be more
convenient to replace the computer. I think it would run into more expense
trying to buy other replacement parts. I guess you just have to consider what
your options are depending on the type of computer it is. And go with what
fits your budget. I just recently had to buy a new motherboard and CPU so
going through this process I'm quite familiar with. First you're going to want
to check your warranty, this will be your biggest money saver here. They are
going to try to ask you if either know your CPU is bad or if its the
motherboard. They are going to ask you to test both of them. Mine ended up
being a faulty CPU. At the time I was using an i7-770k, which they no longer
make and they were able to refund me my money instead of sending me a
new i7. For the sake of saving money and keeping up with the latest
technology I ended up switching over to an AMD r5 3600. In order to do
this I needed a new motherboard as-well. I was looking around to find the
newest gen motherboard that came with a built in WiFi card. After searching I
was able to find Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO, it met all my depends and
would be able to use the newer and older AMD generations. I also decided to
upgrade my ram while I was at it to 32g DDR4 2800mhz. Thought this would
all work very well with the RTX 2070 that I have. Currently I'm loving the
system and I spent about $800 replacing the parts I needed to get the
functionality that I wanted. I did cheat a little bit and found a certified used
RTX 2070 that I spent only $270 on. I went to a few different websites from
amazon to newegg. For my motherboard i would need the LGA 1151 socket
type to fit my processor. I have the i7-8700k ($439.95), i must also know
what type of ram i have so that it would be compatible. I have 4 8GB Sticks
of DDR4 3200mhz Corsair vengeance pro for my RAM pricing at $92.99 for
2 sticks ($185.98 for 4). This is the motherboard I currently have. The
motherboard costing $239.99. I built this Computer last year and spent ~1500
on it. To replace the motherboard would be $239.99, if i were to replace the
ram would be another $185.98. Totaling out to $425.97 for the motherboard and
the ram, if the processor broke it would be another $439.95, bringing it up to
$865.92. Another component that could fail in the event of a motherboard
bricking would be the graphics card. I currently have this graphics card, if i
were to replace this as well it would bring me to a total of $1565.91. I saved
up for 4 years to build the pc that i currently have. I would be so heartbroken
if anything were to break so soon.
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