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Suicide Case Study
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Suicide Case Study
Mr. C is a 35-year-old Hispanic male with a long-standing history of mental illness. He
was admitted to an inpatient psychiatric facility following a severe suicide attempt. He
stated that he had been feeling progressively more depressed during the past three
months and had been having an increase in suicidal thoughts over the past week. He
felt tired most of the time and had problems concentrating. He felt hopeless about his
life, found his job and personal life unfulfilling, and worried a lot about his critical
financial situation. He was unable to think about reasons to continue living even though
he has an extensive family living close by and several children from other partners. A
few days prior to his admission, he went to a local casino for the first time in a few years
and lost a significant amount of money. He then went back home, drank eight beers,
and slit his wrists. He was found by a friend who stopped by the patient’s house to ask
him to pay back some money he’d loaned the patient.
The patient was brought to the hospital by ambulance, was medically stabilized, and
was sent to the psychiatric unit. He reported passive suicidal ideation but felt safe in the
hospital. Denied any homicidal ideation, thought, or plan, as well as any psychotic
symptoms. Denied recent use of illicit drugs but admitted to having weed once every six
months and drinking two beers and a couple shots of whiskey per day on a regular
basis. Denied any past history of withdrawal symptoms.
Psych Hx: Some elementary school problems with bullying and resulting encounters
with school counselor. Also showed increasing problems with lying and stealing as a
youngster. Recommended mental health counseling, but parents never followed up.
One previous suicide attempt at age 27 resulting in three-day hospital stay.
Intermittently compliant with outpatient treatment. Stopped taking escitalopram 20mg
several months ago because of sexual side effects.
Substances: Extensive abuse of cocaine since age 16. Drinking since age 14-15,
mostly beer and whiskey. Has tried rehab several times but relapses shortly afterwards.
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