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Preview: MAT104 : Algebra with Applications
Course Guide
Course Description
Instructional Materials
This course emphasizes the applications of algebra to a variety of fields including probability,
statistics, and finance. It also covers mathematical modeling and set theory.
Required Resources
ALEKS. No date. MAT104 ALEKS Emailed Access Code. MAT104 McGraw-Hill Education virtual
lab available at https://www.strayerbookstore.com/
Access code renewal:
If you are retaking this course in a consecutive (back to back) term, you may be able to have
your access code renewed. Please contact your instructor to learn more about this.
Supplemental Resources
A scientific calculator is recommended.
Khan Academy. No date. Khan Academy. https://www.khanacademy.org
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Course Learning Outcomes
Weekly Course Schedule
Week 1 - To Do List
ALEKS: Read the information about ALEKS work and how you will be graded.
ALEKS: Register for ALEKS. Complete the tutorial and Initial Knowledge Check (pre-assessment).
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