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Course Description
Instructional Materials
CIS358 (Introduction to Geographical Information Systems)
CRJ320 (Criminal Investigation)
This course explores the fundamentals of crime analysis and the basics of crime mapping. Students
will examine criminal behavior, behavioral geography, crime linking, and criminal activity forecasting.
Students will also approach events and crimes with a spatial perspective and observe how
geographic analysis can improve problem-solving for criminal justice agencies. Throughout the
course, students will explore crime analysis concepts, theories, and practices as well as data and
analysis techniques associated with various criminal justice agencies.
Required Resources
R. B. Santos. 2016. Crime Analysis With Crime Mapping (4th ed.). Sage.
Laura Wyckoff. 2014. How Can Crime Analysis Help Police Reduce Crime?
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Course Learning Outcomes
Weekly Course Schedule
Arizona State University Center for Problem-Oriented Policing. No date. Twenty Five Techniques of
Situational Prevention.
Arizona State University Center for Problem-Oriented Policing. No date. Step 21: Collect Your Own
Data. https://popcenter.asu.edu/content/step-21-collect-your-own-data
GIS Lounge. 2017. Types of GIS Data Explored: Vector and Raster.
Raymond E. Foster. 2015. 21st Century Crime Reduction Strategies.
Alex Tabbarok. No date. The Measure of Vice and Sin: A Review of the Uses, Limitations and
Implications of Crime Data . http://mason.gmu.edu/~atabarro/Crime%20Data%20Review%203.doc
U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. 1997. Age Patterns of Victims of Serious Violent Crimes.
National Institute of Justice. No date. CrimeStat: Spacial Statistics Program for the Analysis of
Crime Incident Locations . https://www.nij.gov/topics/technology/maps/Pages/crimestat.aspx
Wiki.GIS.com. No date. Category: Basic Thematic Mapping Methods.
Government Technology. 2013. Predicting Crime Using Analytics and Big Data.
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