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Cyberattacks and breaches are inevitable,
Careless and unaware employees are the main vulnerability,
Preventing cyberattacks is cheaper than dealing with the aftermath (the primary
example of this is Target Corporation).
First and foremost, I plan to continue learning more about cybersecurity and prevention.
The second thing I intend to do is talk to my supervisor about the need for cybersecurity
training at work. At the moment, we do not have this kind of training in place. Often, we
assume that people should know not to click on suspicious links or open suspicious
emails, but the reality is that people often forget. In addition, I plan to discuss with my
supervisor the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act ("VCDPA") to ensure we comply
with the new rule. My )nal plan is to secure my home network, shop online safely, and
update my passwords.
To retain and revisit the information I have learned during this class, I will continue to
educate myself about this subject, and I am considering obtaining a certi)cate. Although
I have not decided which one to take, I am considering either taking the CompTIA
Security+ or the ISACA CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certi)cate. Additionally, I have
saved all the work from this class. I will be able to refer to it whenever I need to.
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