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Character Ciphers are probably one of the simplest forms of ciphers. When creating
character ciphers, an individual would replace each letter of the alphabet with another in
order to “scramble” their words. Being that this cipher is so simple it is also one of the
easiest to "gure out. With that being said, I would not recommend using this cipher if you
are actually trying to hide information. You could use this as a practice but I wouldn't
suggest using it unless your targeted audience is very broad and you don't mind who has
Block Ciphers are ciphers that use algorithms and keys in order to encrypt data. These
are de"nitely more secure than character ciphers. One of the things that distinguish
block ciphers from similar ciphers is that it encrypts a larger amount of data at once
rather than smaller bits one at a time. With that being said, it is more ideal to use block
ciphers when working with larger amounts of data.
Stream Ciphers uses a keystream of digits on a single byte of data at a time in order to
encrypt it. While this sounds like it takes a long time to do, it is actually fast-paced
compared to other ciphers and can be used on any amount of data. As a result, stream
ciphers are great to use when the data you are encrypting is continuous.&
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