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What is a cipher? According to Wikipedia (1), it is an algorithm for performing
encryption or decryption -- a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a
procedure. Another way to think about this is that it is a process of taking text
through steps to change it. Also, when working with symmetric ciphers, the inverse
of the process will convert the message back to the original text. Below are the
characteristics of the three symmetric encryption ciphers up for discussion.
o Substitution or shifting is done one character at a time
o ROT13, also known as the Caesar Cipher, is my favourite one which shifts
13 characters to the right on the alphabet (2)
o The simplest of the three
o Only use this cipher when learning or the con#dentiality and integrity is
not essential as it is the easiest to defeat
Block (3)
o The input text is encrypted in chunks of #xed size
o More computationally intensive than Stream
o Use this cipher for data at rest
Stream (3)
o Faster than Block
o Encrypted one bit at a time
o Use this cipher for data in transit
Challenge for my classmates, can you decrypt this?
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