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The main disadvantage of using a star topology is that it has a single point
of failure, i.e. when the central switch node is down, there will be a break
in communication for all connected devices (networkstraining.com). An
advantage of using a star topology is it is easy to install and implement
with wiring and easy to troubleshoot and detect problems in the network
The main advantage of the mesh topology is fault tolerance, do to the
redundant links that are created (networkstraining.com), while a
disadvantage is using this type of network is the high cost of
implementation (networkstraining.com).
According to networkstraining.com, the bus topology contains a single
communication line, means the same medium is shared. Therefore, the
major advantage of using this topology is its simplicity
(networkstraining.com). A disadvantage is, if the single network cable has
a problem or disconnection, the whole network breaks
The advantage of using a ring topology is the ability to have fast network
throughput and less packet collisions (networkstraining.com). A
disadvantage of ring topology is the point of failure, as a single node can
break the transmission of data on the network.
An advantage of using point to point topology is that it contains the
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