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SCS 100 Module Four Acvity Template
Replace the bracketed text below with your responses. Support your responses with specic details and
examples from your adversements. You do not need to conduct outside research, but if you use
sources, cite them using APA style.
Describe the underlying meanings or socially signicant messages each of your adversements
1.] Google Body Type
o Our bodies are unique, so we should love them for what they are, warts and all. No
ma+er what color, shape, or size we are, we must accept ourselves. Self-expression
through dance has always been popular. There is something wonderful about it. Using
Google's typeface, you can create your own font by recording videos of your moons.
Alternavely, you can promote it on social media or claim ownership of it. As a result,
you can appreciate your body even more
2.] Pantene #Seebeautynotgender
o Transgender people remain negavely viewed in Thailand despite increasing
acceptance. People should interact with people regardless of the gender they belong to,
according to Pantene. All humans have their own interests, challenges, and ambions.
3.] Olay #Makespaceforwomen
o The meaning behind this adversement is one of encouragement to young women
worldwide that Outerspace is not just a place for men but for women too!
4.] Panasonic Your Inner Man
o This adversement provides the message that it is okay to show true self-expression
even if doing so dees social norms.
Write a research queson based on a social science perspecve and related to at least one of your
Is discriminaon in9uenced by societal issues?
Describe how you used a social science perspecve to create your research queson.
In order to create a research queson using a social science perspecve, I rst took a second
look at all four of the adversements that I chose and found one or two things that they all
shared in common and then I narrowed it down to discriminaon being in9uenced by society.
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