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I have explored the organization of Dixie. Dixie's products
primarily consist of paper cups, bowls, and plates. They
have surprisingly addressed sustainability concerns inherent
to their industry by planting one tree for every tree used for
their products. Every part of the tree is used to make their
products. According to Dixie, "the wood we use is legally
sourced and we use trained loggers who follow best
practices for preserving biodiversity and water quality".
Active forest management is also a priority for this
company. They want to ensure that the ecosystem is
They are taking a risk of using a limited raw material. Trees
take years to grow. How much is this cost to regrow trees?
It would also be nice to see the statistic of how many
products one tree makes on their website. I think the
business risks that Dixie is taking to prioritize sustainable
operations are worth it. The company is making a
substantial e'ort to keep ecosystems intact while
maintaining a green image and e(cient business.$
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