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My grit score was 37 out of 50, and my Big 5 Personality high score was 46 out of 50 in
Openness, followed by Agreeableness. For my grit score, I have some reservations. I believe
the test is a bit basic; I know from experience that there are things I am incredibly passionate
about, while other things I give up on very quickly. If I am passionate about something, be it a
subject in school or a project at work, I get it done even if things get complicated. I am
probably never going to have a high amount of grit on the subject of ancient African basket
weaving, but I do about things related to the mind and psychology. I believe I am an open
person about learning and exploring new things or trying new foods. Some aspects of the
description did make me laugh, but they do not apply to me. I haven't changed my sense of
fashion since the 80s; I wear a T-shirt, jeans, and a hat everywhere. I also have reached that
age when all new music sounds like garbage and still listen to, and it hurts to call it this, classic
Knowing your grit score about a particular subject could be valuable if you are not as
passionate about a subject. You may consider adding different extrinsic motivation techniques
to help you get through with it. Knowing your personality traits is essential for your sense of
self. Knowing who you are and how you could react to a situation can help you react better. If
you know you are very introverted, you know that maybe you shouldn't go to a busy dance
club to relax, or you shouldn't take a job at a call centre where you have to talk to others all day.
I agree that emotional connections can help motivate people to achieve long-term goals.
Having someone positive and on your side helps motivate me. When I am unsure about my
schoolwork, my husband quickly tells me how proud of me he is and how brilliant I am.
Having someone there that bolsters your self-esteem and makes you feel like anything is
possible can make you strive to accomplish anything.
That is why my husband is my champion; he is always proud of me, even if I am not. He
motivates me to keep working and makes me want to accomplish my goals. Before him, I was
content to work my dead-end job, get paid, and come home and play video games. He makes
me want to create a better future together for both him and me.
Personality and grit apply to the programmatic themes of emotional intelligence; knowing
your scores makes you more aware of yourself and how you will possibly react to situations.
For career connections, knowing how your personality and grit synergize with specific jobs
can help you find a job that is best suited to you and helps you avoid jobs that don't mesh well
with your personality.
As per the study, I have conducted the grit scale and the Big Five Personality Test, where I
found openness, 44 out of 50 in most dominant personality trait and 39 out of 50 grit level.
When I looked at my result, I was quite surprised as I received the result that I had expected.
Here, I have set both long-term and short-term goals for myself and worked hard on it to
achieve the goal. I have found that I am a kind of creative and curious person in terms of
I believe understanding the grit level is helpful for a person to make realistic goals and achieve
them on time. This can also help an individual to create a schedule or routine that can work to
ensure success. Further, understanding personality traits is helpful for social settings. This can
help to avoid uncomfortable settings. Moreover, knowing personal traits can help to manage
self-conflict and conflict with others.
I agree with Rita Pierson's position that states, "emotional connections (positive or negative)
are critical motivators for achieving a long-term goal." For instance, negative emotional
connections or affirmations can create a positive outcome, while positive emotional
connections or affirmations can create positive outcomes. A true statement is given by Rita
Pierson "None is going to learn from someone they don't like". I experienced it personally
when I was going to my swimming class.
My teacher, Miss Lili, made me realize how to fight the fear and made me feel confident and
comfortable when I feared going into the water. For me, she is the champion as she made me
learn many things and made me love swimming.
In my case, the self-care concept of grit and personality will be more appropriate to apply in
the programmatic course because self-care can help in different ways to achieve anything in
The grit assessment for it gave substantial information about seeing different concepts and
how people may view themselves and others. I scored 43 out of 50 on my grit assessment and
that showed that I was 80 percent grittier than other American peers. I also realized that yes, I
have a growth mindset and that self-determination was my strongest personality trait. I agree
totally with this outcome because like in module 4 I am big on nurture and being nurtured to
think how I do play a big part with me having a growth mindset and having scored as high as I
did on my grit and personality test. I have a champion to thank for that and that happens to be
my boyfriend. When we had first met, I was afraid and had to be open to trust him. I see in due
time that he showed so much compassion and is very willing to discuss everything I may be
feeling or thinking. He is older by 10 years, so his wisdom shows so much and the fact that he
is so caring to the needs of my daughter and myself is what won my heart over, and I look at
him as a champion. We learned in time that when we are working as a team and always honest
that there will never be anything I have to truly worry about. We have a bond on a spiritual
level, and he always shows his love by being a great praying partner, a great listener and he
won't tell me what I want to hear he is honest. I appreciate that cause at times I can be wrong,
and I will be reminded in the sweetest way but so honest. We learned to budget and be blessed
by keeping each other organized and keeping each other on track with a reminder if that's what
we want or what we need. He shows my family so much respect despite my family has hurt me
and we are growing now, he will remember but also be supportive by talking with me and
letting me know to never forget but I must forgive and turn the other cheek as well as still be
respectful and show love despite their ignorance. I had a bad childhood and I shunned from
them for a long time because of the trust issues I gained. To have that great partner that will be
there first as a father to my daughter and show her love and how to love is a champion to me
and I am grateful for that. I agree with Rita Pierson's position on emotional connections are
critical motivators for achieving goals. I say that because she does show representation of a
growth mindset and without that I feel that you cannot achieve goals without having that type
of mindset. It does not matter how many times you try but the fact that you never gave up is
what matters most and well represented in her video. And that is why I also feel that self-care
is the programmatic course that the concepts of grit and personality display the most and
represent the most from. Self-care is so essential in becoming essential. I took a leave from
work this past week because I needed to focus more on my daughter and school. I am
determined that my daughter will never be able to say that I was not there, and I can focus on
her medical treatment as a mother, nurse, and supporter, and I am determined that I will be a
successful therapist and I need to focus on my studies and having the support and my
champion I am blessed to be able to do so now for the remainder of the year.
For my grit scale I scored 35 out of 50. The interpretation for this score says, “People in this
range see themselves as grittier then about 40 percent of American adults see themselves.”
My most dominant personality traits, and the ones that say I scored high on are Extraversion
and Agreeableness. The short definition of Extraversion is, “outgoing, talkative, sociable”.
And I scored 41 out of 50. The short definition for Agreeableness is, “affable, tolerant,
sensitive, trusting, kind”. My score was 43 out of 50. Yes, I do agree with my results. The
definitions of all the traits, not just these two, are how I have thought of myself as. But it is
great to see those definitions as words, and not just abstract ideas in my brain.
The value of knowing what my grit score and personality traits are great. We then can
analyse ourselves and our lifestyle to see if there could be any improvements. It also shows us
what we are resilient in, and how we can succeed in something by maximizing our strengths.
I do agree with Rita Pierson’s position on emotional connections. When there is an
emotional connection there, there is more probability of seeing it through to the end. The
connections and relationships made help to make things important, which helps to see these
things to the end.
c c c c c c c My champion is my mother. I have not known anyone with as much drive, perseverance,
resilience, when faced with hard work and obstacles. She could not finish her studies when she
was young because of financial difficulties, so she did in her thirties. She was a full-time
student, a mother of three, working full time, and a ministry leader. Literally amazing. She
motivates me to push myself. To see the good in difficult situations. To find a different angle.
To focus on my strengths and use them to complete my goals. And lastly, to never give up.
c c c c c c Grit and personality traits really come to play in career connections. A workplace can be
competitive, so having high grit can put you above everyone else. It allows you to be able to
achieve your short and long-term goals. You would have the motivation to work harder, faster,
and not be thrown off by the pressure. And personality comes into play too. Being able to get
along with employers and bosses is a game changer. And knowing in what areas you thrive
helps you to channel those things into your career to be able to get the most out of it.
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