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The best-performing companies worry less about performance and more about their
organizational (Bititci, capabilities” 2015).
I agree with what Bititci's statement said: The best-performing companies worry less about
performance and more about their organizational Other large companies have capabilities”.
started this trend and have grown faster than their competitors. An example of this Virgin is
airways. They have credited their success the training of their staff, essence, building to in
from the inside out (Brand Branson: The Virgin Story).
The companies culture affects a lot the capability and performance of a company. An open and
less strict culture allows employees create and experiment, allowing the company to to
innovate products and technology without facing the risk of losing their job because they its
failed. Many tech companies have allowed for this approach and have created many
technological advances since they have the resources keep trying on ideas that currently to
don't make money. Google has open culture for their employees and promotes their an
wellbeing above all. Due this, their engineers have produced successful apps and services to
like google maps, Gmail, and much more (Council Post, 2018).
Comparing Company, and they seem have different cultures. Company A customer- A B to is
focused and willing go a step ahead for their customers and have a higher customer to
retention rate. Company has a hard with that, shown their customer feedback B time as in It is
known for a cheap early and doesn't attract their customer back. Company A leadership is
passionate about their roles and job and willing share all the information, being transparent. to
Company lacks this, and their passion isn't shown through their interview. Companies that B
are transparent with their employees often feel like their opinions are valued and are willing to
stay and ensure the success. company’s
I agree with the statement best-performing companies worry lessabout performance “The and
more about their organizational capabilities This statement proves that having a n inclusive .”
culture that can perform the tasks and meet the mission and vision of the company will
perform the best of their capabilities. The to companies’ standards have a large influence of
how the public views the company. the interviews the companies have a strong relationship in
with their customers which creates return customers to each company.
e e The organizational culture can affect the performance of a company in positive and
negative ways. The use of organizational culture influences the ability of companies to explore
and retain internal and external knowledge. The transfer of knowledge for employees that
have had a long-standing relationship with the company can train new employees and keep the
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