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Running Head: TransGlobal Airlines 1
7-2 Report: Performance Improvement Strategies
MBA 620
Feb 20,2022
TransGlobal Airlines 2
TransGlobal Airlines is a reputed business that operates in the aviation sector. While
focusing on its strategic objectives, it is critical for the business to lay emphasis on a few
performance-improvement strategies so that it can meet its sustainable goals. In the report a
few performance-improvement strategies have been recommended for the business entity that
will help it to operate in a more sustainable manner in the market setting.
Strategic goal of TransGlobal Airlines
In the vast aviation sector, operating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly
manner is considered to be of paramount importance for a business entity. In the case of the
TransGlobal Airlines Company, the focus on the sustainable aspects would have a direct and
significant influence on how it operates and offers flying solutions in the market setting. A
strategic goal for the company’s sustainability practices involves the adoption of innovative
technology in its aviation operations so that the safety of its passengers as well as its crew
members could be managed in an effective manner. According to the TransGlobal 2030
vision, the three major areas on which the company would be focusing in order to lead in the
industrial setting are ‘safety,’ ‘excitement,’ and ‘stewardship.’ By ensuring that the strategic
goal revolves around the safety dimension, it would be possible for the business to not only
create value for itself but also for its stakeholders such as the customers and the staff
members. The specific sustainability goal has been selected for the business since its popular
Boeing 737 aircraft had previously been the subject of a considerable level of concerns and
safety issues all across the globe. On the basis of the sustainable objectives and practices of
the airlines, in the next decade the company would be one of the safest and most secure
airlines to travel in, with regard to its sustainability measures.
KPI and corresponding target measure
A suitable key performance indicator (KPI) for the sustainability goal that has been
identified is the satisfaction level of the customers who avail the airline services of the
TransGlobal Airlines 3
company. Since the strategic goal that has been identified relates to the safety aspect of the
customers, the ideal indicator that will help to identify whether the company has been able to
achieve its objective is not can be collected from the customers themselves. The
corresponding target measure that would serve as a metric for the key performance indicator
is that 80 % of the customers of TransGlobal Airlines would showcase their satisfaction
towards the flying services of the business. Their level of satisfaction would reflect whether
they feel safe and secure to fly with TransGlobal Airlines or not (Guide to key performance
indicators - PWC: Audit, 2021).
Performance improvement strategies
A number of performance improvement strategies have been identified that will help
TransGlobal Airlines to achieve its sustainability objectives and create value while carrying
out its business operations. One of the key performance improvement strategies that the
business must focus upon involves the integration of the latest technological solutions into its
airline operations. Such a strategic move would enable the business to strengthen the safety
aspect of its fleet of aircraft including the Boeing 737 aircraft and it could be reintroduced in
the market setting. Currently the specific aircraft of the company has attracted negative
attention owing to controversy and the safety concerns. By focusing on the integration of new
technologies, it would be possible to promote the entire airline and each of its aircraft by
focusing on the solid safety dimension.
Another performance improvement strategy that the TransGlobal Airlines business
must focus upon in order to accomplish its sustainability objectives involves providing
suitable training to each of the staff members so that they would be well-equipped and
possess adequate knowledge on FAA’s Safety Assurance System (SAS). The safety of the
service would be directly related to the efficiency as well as the competency level of the
employees, so it is vital to focus on their training needs and wants. These performance
TransGlobal Airlines 4
improvement strategic initiatives will help the airline business to progress towards its
sustainability goals and carry out the business operations in a responsible manner. The
strategies relating to the integration of new technologies and offering training for improving
the skills of the employees will directly influence the service quality and the safety of the
airline solutions of TransGlobal Airlines (FAA approved aviation training devices (ATD),
TransGlobal Airlines 5
FAA approved aviation training devices (ATD). (2021). Retrieved February 18, 2022, from
Guide to key performance indicators - PWC: Audit. (2021). Retrieved February 18, 2022,
from https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/audit-services/corporate-reporting/assets/pdfs/
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