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Were you surprised by the inclusion of any of Ekvall’s ten dimensions?
I believe the Evkall’s 10 dimensions are necessary in today’s world. The 10
dimensions help an organization see where they stand and how they are doing. This
can aide a firm, by making it realize and spot the pluses and minuses.
Are there any additional dimensions that you think should have been
I think that Evkall’s dimensions are designed so that they can direct and show the
firm a certain path that it needs to take. It is able to plant the seed that will help the
organization based on the analysis of the 10 dimensions.
Which dimension of creative climate was the hardest to evaluate?
Conflict and risk were the two hardest dimensions to evaluate. Everything that can
result in a failure or loss. It is difficult to predict all the turns that could go in a
wrong direction or slightly incorrect way. Risk may come from many different
directions, sometimes at the same time. Conflict was also a bit difficult to evaluate
because it depends on the conflict type, and it severity. When it comes to conflict,
there should be a plan set in place on how to deal with it and how to solve it.
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