1-2 Short Answer- Cultural Objects and Their Culture

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1-2 Short Answer: Cultural Objects and Their Culture
Ryan E. Hunt
Southern New Hampshire University
1-2 Short Answer: Cultural Objects and Their Culture
The three subcultures I have chosen that I identify most with would be a feminist, a
Clevelander, and the punk rock subculture. The most important subculture that I identify with to
me would be Feminism. I think especially in recent times it is so important as a woman and a
mom of two girls to continue living and teacher a lifestyle that feminism is prevalent in.
Worldwide there is still such a sexist mindset to women and their place in the world and the
feminist values should be important to everyone. Next would be identifying as a Clevelander. I
was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and it’s a town that is widely misunderstand but that is
so important to me. And lastly, I identify with the punk subculture in that the music, fashion and
values still play such a vital role to me in my everyday life.
The object I’ve chosen that most aligns with The Clevelander subculture in my opinion is
the Giant Free Stamp located in Downtown Cleveland. This is definitely one of the top
attractions for many tourists passing through as it is so large and one of the first things you see,
but many do not know the backstory to it, which I think portrays Cleveland so well. The
sculptors who created it could only use a short word and they chose the word ‘free’, and at that
time that word meant a lot to our history. The main concept of this was the freedom of the slaves
following the Civil War, as it was to be situated in Downtown Cleveland across from the Civil
War memorial that was already there. This is especially important to Cleveland’s history because
most of the downtown Cleveland population is African American and it shows that Cleveland
stands with them and that they are welcome here to be free, whatever that may mean to them.