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4-1 Discussion: Delineating Global Regions
The place theme of geography best explains how and why North Africa is categorized regionally with
Southwest Asia, separate from sub–Saharan Africa. North Africa is culturally, physiographically, and
linguistically different from sub-Saharan Africa. The extremely harsh climate of the Sahara Desert forms
the effective barrier, interrupted only by the Nile River, which separates North and sub-Saharan regions
of Africa. North Africa and Southwest Asia are both comprised of mostly arid desert land. Populations in
this region must rely on the coasts and rivers to meet their needs for water due to the dry climate. Areas
near the waterways in this region are much higher in population. During the hotter times of the year,
many nomadic cultures of this region follow cooler weather. Common natural disasters occurring in this
region include dust storms and drought. Buildings are taller in this region, allowing heat to rise.
Additionally, light, loose, and long clothing is often worn to protect against the damage of sand and sun.
Although access often leads to great disparities in wealth among the residents of this region, oil and gas
reserves are also prevalent.
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