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While working on the project relating to gun violence in the United States of
America between the years 1992 to 2022, a number of statistical techniques
have been used to get a detailed insight into the collected datasets. One of
the main statistical tools that have been used in the research work is the R
tool (Sanchez et al., 2020). g In the Machine Learning context, R is
considered to be one of the most effective and useful programming
languages that help in computational statistics as well as visualizations. The
R tool has been used for reading the data. One of the main reasons for using
R as a key machine learning technique is the availability of a large library
that can be used in the data handling and analysis process. The application of
different kinds of R codes in the project has helped to clean, simplify and
transform the data.
Apart from the excel library of R, RStudio has been used as a vital technique
in the context of the gun violence project. RStudio can be defined as a series
of integrated tools that are designed for increasing the level of productivity
of R. With the help of the specific function, it has been possible to perform
the statistical computing operations on the gun violence detail that has been
captured for the research purpose.
The role of statistical or machine learning techniques is vital since it has
aided in the data visualization aspect as well. Some of the key visualizations
that have been done in the project context to present the information in a
visual manner include gun violence plot, demography plot, state-wise
demography plot and gun laws plot. Each of these plots has been constructed
with the help of RStudio. Thus, R has been used as the primary statistical
technique while working on the data relating to the project.
Sanchez, C., Jaguan, D., Shaikh, S., McKenney, M., & Elkbuli, A. (2020). A
systematic review of the causes and prevention strategies in reducing gun
violence in the United States. The American Journal of Emergency
Medicine, 38(10), 2169-2178
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