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3-2 Milestone One Submission
Southern New Hampshire University
May 22,2022
The new product is a cybersecurity software that will be specifically designed for Apple
laptops and smartphones. In the digitalized era, when the instances of cybersecurity attacks and
breaches have become extremely common, the software will serve as a safety net for users of
Apple electronic gadgets (Brooks, 2021).
How it fits
There exists a proper alignment between the new product and the overall strategic plan
and mission of Apple Inc. For the last few decades, the Apple Inc. company has been leveraging
digital technologies to create something new in the market that can fulfill the needs of the target
audience. Since the inception of the company, it has committed to the mission of creating
products that enrich the lives of its customers (Environmental Progress Report. Apple, 2021, p.
The new cybersecurity software perfectly fits with the strategic plan and mission of the
firm since it will create value for the target audience by enhancing their safety in the
unpredictable cyber domain. The users of Apple laptops and smartphones will be able to derive
value from the software since they can download and install it to safeguard themselves in the
virtual setting.
There exists a proper alignment between the new cybersecurity software as well as the
core capabilities and strengths of Apple. Apple is a highly innovative business that continuously
strengthens its innovative capability and IT infrastructure. Such an approach has enabled the
company to adapt to the evolving technological landscape and continuously offer something of
value to the target market audience. By leveraging innovation and advanced digital technologies,
it can create an effective cybersecurity software that can offer security to the users of Apple
laptops and smartphones (Apple Inc Report, 2020).
The introduction of the new cybersecurity software can work as an effective standalone
product. At the same time, it can also increase the overall attractiveness of Apple laptops and
smartphones. The table presented below highlights the sales of some of the main products of
Apple, such as the iPhone, Mac, and iPad. The figure shows that there has been an increase in the
net sales of the business. By integrating the cybersecurity software into the electronic
commodities of Apple Inc., it will be possible to increase their overall attractiveness and boost
their sales further. The increase in net sales can lead to improved revenue for the business, based
on the customer acceptance of the new cybersecurity product and its integration with the existing
electronic products of Apple. For instance, the high acceptance by customers can lead to a
revenue gain of 20 % or higher. However, the revenue gain could vary based on actual customer
behavior and purchase trends.
Source: (Apple Inc Report, 2020, p. 24)
Enhancing the mission
The new cybersecurity software that has been identified for Apple can play a key role in
enhancing the overall mission of the organization. The new product would reflect the fact that
the Apple business adopts an integrated and comprehensive approach to creating value for its
customers. The new software can add value for its customers since they would have the option to
purchase and install the software into their Apple laptops and smartphones and get an additional
layer of security against cybercriminals and other malicious actors.
The innovative product projects profitability for the business (Apple Inc Report, 2020).
This is because customers could download the software and help in increasing revenue.
Additionally, the adoption of cybersecurity software in Apple laptops and smartphones could
also contribute to their increase in sales. Thus, the innovative cybersecurity solution that has
been identified can act as one of the major product offerings of the Apple Inc. brand that can
contribute to its profitability and improved financial performance.
Apple Inc Report. (2020). Retrieved May 18, 2022, from
Environmental Progress Report. Apple. (2021). Retrieved May 18, 2022, from
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