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Cost accounting tortured my brain…but in a positive, “no-
pain, no-gain” way.
This course was one of the most challenging courses I’ve
taken either at the University of Florida, where I earned a
degree in journalism three decades ago, or SNHU now. I was
never under any illusion just how di(cult accounting could
be, so this course served as a reality check showing me just
how di(cult accounting really is. My successful path
through this course resulted from the PowerPoints
accompanying each lesson as well as the “Help me solve
this” option on the homework pages. A $50/hour tutor
provided some well-timed boosts. 0The YouTube videos at
Edspira.com gave me the context I needed to understand
accounting concepts immediately. And at the risk of
sounding like a suck up, I exchanged plenty of emails, as
well as a few calls, with Professor Lori White. After cost
accounting, I imagine my future accounting courses will only
seem easier.0
And oh! There was swearing. Lots of swearing. I forgot what
a potty mouth I could be. I saved a fortune because my wife
didn't place the swear jar (a quarter per F-bomb) next to the
kitchen table where I studied.
As far as my future career, this course gave me a dose of
appreciation for the family tax business I’ll eventually
inherit in Central Florida. Successfully surviving cost
accounting now could only help me deal with di(cult tax
returns and annuity policies later.
So cost accounting or ;nancial accounting? Which would I
pursue as a career?
In a masochistic sort of way, I might enjoy a career in cost
accounting because it’s sort of like a puzzle getting all those
formulas and numbers to sync. (It was enormously
satisfying to get the challenging homework questions right
on the ;rst try.) I could see how getting good at cost
accounting would lead to a rewarding and pro;table career.
This branch of accounting is so di(cult that – and I’m
assuming here – the supply of cost accountants is
signi;cantly smaller than the demand for cost accountants.
So once you make a name for yourself, I would imagine you
would quickly earn a six-digit salary (excluding decimal
But I’ll settle for ;nancial accounting. Understanding
balance sheets, income statements, and cash @ows are
more in line with the language of my future clients. “When
we think about ;nancial, (information) is going to lenders
and shareholders. And if you give imprecise information, or
that has been distorted, then shareholders can then ;le a
lawsuit and sue the ;rm,” Michael McLaughlin said in one of
his Edspira.com YouTube videos. “We need to make sure it’s
precise, so we don’t get sued or have issues with fraud
(“Financial Accounting vs. Managerial Accounting,” 2014).”
0Financial Accounting vs. Managerial Accounting. (2014).
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