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Teachers have been a significant influence in my life as as far I can remember.
That because teachers act substitute parents well educators. is as as as An
example of excellent teaching behavior I have experienced occurred when I was in
the sixth grade. My parents were going through a divorce, and I was living with
my grandmother. The emotional chaos caused grades drop. So, my to my teacher
pulled me aside one day, inquired about my life, and decided to me give some
extra lessons and homework to catch on, well therapeutic advice that up as as
helped me through those trying times.
An example of poor teaching behavior I experienced occurred while working on
my master’s in social work. I was working on a group assignment two years ago
when one of the group members got COVID and could not contribute the group to
as needed. The professor was notified by the group member and other members
in the group. Although group members helped complete the assignment, the
professor penalized the group for not doing an excellent job. Additionally, the
professor gave the group member a zero for not participating in the group
The first example relates to the Principles of Effective Teaching discussed in
chapter one of Berstein al. (2020), encouraging et student-faculty contact. Student
contact inside and outside of the classroom essential. Educators should try is to
make learning personal and tailor the classroom experience toward existential
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