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Becoming A Thought Leader
Starting this course, I had a clear vision of my direction; after spending
time critiquing my interest, I realized my journey is far from clear as I
strive for academic excellence to be a thought leader to God and his
people. I !nd myself questioning my mission and purpose and if my
direction of interest should remain in Social Psychology or another area of
As I read the journey for this week’s reading, there was a statement that
caused me to re'ect on my walk in Christ, it stated, “spiritual formation
may be thought of as the shaping of the inner life, the spirit, or the
spiritual side of the human being. The formation of the heart or will of the
individual, along with the emotions and intellect, is therefore the primary
focus, regardless of what overt practices may or may not be involved.”
(Then I told myself, that my focus had been redirected and was not
focused on God, but on my mission. Oftentimes, I forget the purpose of
my life is not my taking charge of it and deciding my faith, but the entire
purpose of applying to Liberty was to connect the gaps between my faith
and my purpose.
Therefore, the research that appeals to my heart is one that inspires and
provides positive regard to women of color. I work with a community of
majority Hispanic and Latina women, and my most immense joy is
encouraging them to believe in themselves and reach for their goals. As a
woman of color, I know we feel unseen, unrecognized, and unvalued. We
seldom receive direction, motivation, and assistance on our individualistic
journey. I have worked hard for everything and pushed through
barricades to arrive here (Liberty University). The research area of
interest lacks materials to build on cases of my interest. My e4orts will
need to start from scratch to develop the nuances that would support my
vision in the direction of my hypothesis.
I believe God is leading me to STOP and focus on building the skills and
knowledge necessary to truly understand and dedicate myself to the
growth and understanding needed to be successful for myself and others.
I know now that I have to build a case through the eyes of others so they
can understand and see my vision. To achieve this goal, I have a lot of
skill-building and writing focus needed to achieve my goal. There have
been many changes going through this course, and I feel there will be
many more.
Willard, D. (2000). Spiritual formation in Christ: A perspective on what it is
and how it might be done.Journal of Psychology and Theology,28(4), 254.
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