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I feel led to become a thought leader in researching the self-help eld.
Over the course of this semester and dierent assignments we completed
I became interested more specically in self-help as an alternative to
counseling in treatment of dierent mental health concerns. Not
necessarily any large changes in where I feel led to become a thought
leader, but I have certainly felt my eyes opened to so many dierent
opportunities for research within self-help. So although I am still
interested in the impact of self-help on young adults/adolescents I am also
interested in self-help more specically in terms of treatment.
I have become more interested in the idea of low-cost or free alternatives
to counseling in mental health treatment. I worked as a counselor, and we
oered very low-cost treatment but for many people it still was not an
aordable or practical expense. Looking into alternatives for counseling or
therapy is not a means of providing a complete substitution; seeking
counseling is certainly the best start to treatment for mental health
concerns (and referral to any other physicians if necessary). But for those
who are experiencing mild symptoms of mental health concerns and
cannot aord or access counseling, having a free/low-cost alternative
could be a great starting point.
I feel that the Lord has opened my eyes to the need for mental health
assistance outside of just traditional counseling. During my master’s in
Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as my time working in the eld,
my eyes were certainly opened to the dierences that can be made
through counseling and the impact that can have. But as I have done
research in this class and thought and prayed over it, my eyes have also
been opened to those who may not be able to go to counseling but are
still seeking help and assistance with mental health struggles. I look
forward to continuing to learn more about this eld.
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