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 A specic area of research that has captured my interest
revolves around thought leaders and how they can help to
spread the message of Jesus Christ. A thought leader is basically
an individual who possesses profound knowledge of a subject
matter. He is recognized as someone who has authority in a
specic domain. In the context of Christianity, a thought leader
can play an in#uential role in spreading the holy message that
has been presented in the Holy book of the Bible. Such a leader
can bring about a positive impact in the lives of individuals who
are unable to establish a connection with the Almighty and Jesus
Christ (Rostampour, 2019). It is vital to investigate how a thought
leader can play a constructive role in society and show people
the righteous path so that they can get closer to Jesus Christ. In
the current times when the distance between people and Jesus is
increasing with each passing day, it is imperative for thought
leaders to play a proactive role and help modern individuals to
follow the of Christianity. By conducting integrated and
comprehensive research on the specic area, it will be possible
to identify the skills that such a leader must possess so that he
can add value to the Christianity landscape.
 From a biblical worldview, the specic research would mainly lay
emphasis on the ideas and beliefs of a thought leader and how
he would use them to spread the message of Christianity. Some
of the key elements that would be critically evaluated to identify
a thought leader are the emotional, intellectual and spiritual
dimensions of the individual. In order to e.ectively demonstrate
his leadership skills and guide and in#uence people towards the
righteous path of Jesus Christ, a thought leader must center his
leadership around Jesus Christ. It would ensure that there is a
strong interlink between the leadership element as well as the
commitment towards Christianity. In order to become an
e.ective leader, it is necessary to lay emphasis on the values
and principles that act as the foundation in Christianity. Diverse
viewpoints can also be taken into consideration; however, they
need to be explored and observed using Christian-centered
beliefs. From the biblical worldview, the research that is
conducted to explore a thought leader in the Christianity context
may focus on the Christian values that are ingrained in the
leader. These elements can in#uence how e.ectively a thought
leader can function and contribute to Christianity (Rostampour,
Rostampour, N. (2019, January 16).5A leader's christ-centered biblical
worldview. LinkedIn. Retrieved March 28, 2022, from
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