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PSYC351 / Quiz #8: Therapeuc Approach & Counseling People with Disabilies
Queson 1
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Match the following:
Carolyn Vash.
Disabilityviewed from a spiritual/philosophical perspecve.
F. Shontz.
Reacon to disability considers the environment of the individual.
People with disabilies have been discriminated against.
Julie Smart.
Model in vogue for coping with a disability is Individual Response.
Braddock and Parrish.
The disabled have been vulnerable toinfancide, slavery.
Queson 2
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Match the following:
Sir Francis Galton.
He is a'ributed with coining the term ‘Eugenics.
Karl Pearson.
He believed in the right of reproducon only for the elite.
Charles Darwin.
He established the theory of Organic Evoluon.
Herbert Spencer.
Originator of Social Darwinism.
Abraham Maslow.
Developed list of needs/stresses in having a child with a disability
Queson 3
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Match the following:
Reciprocal Determinism.
Funconing determined by individual/environmental variables.
Dichotomous Thinking
Black and white or all-or-nothing thinking.
Maladapve Beliefs.
Distorted views of self, world, and the future.
Past experiences/reacons guide new percepon of new events.
Emoonal Reasoning.
Common to anxiety disorders and panic.
Queson 4
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All secular counselors 4nd integrang spirituality into therapy anthecal to ethical pracce.
Queson 5
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According to the notes, the four ‘models’ of disability are
Medical, Environmental, Funconal, and Social-Polical.
Moral, Transional, Existenal, Financial.
Humanisc, Paternalisc, Empowering, Dependency.
None of the above.
Queson 6
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Who said O7enmes, normal is de4ned solely as the absence of deviance, illness, or
Helen Keller.
Julie Smith.
C. Evere' Koop.
Emily Chiles.
None of the above.
Queson 7
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In the notes, Transional Issues refers to the transion from school to working life for an
adolescent with a disability. This process is thought of as
Involving a broad array of services.
Varied experiences leading to employment.
All of the above.
None of the above.
Queson 8
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It is easy to address the whole of the disability experience within one human made postulate.
Queson 9
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Philippians 4:8, 9 addresses external behaviorism.
Queson 10
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Assisve Technology helps people with disabilies to maintain, increase or improve their
funconal capabilies. It commonly refers to