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John ( Son of
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Introduction to Biographical Study
● The biographical study is based on John, the son
of Zebedee.
● He played a crucial role to strengthen the
concept of church in Christianity.
● A number of crucial aspects of his life have
been captured here (Saint John the Apostle,
● Even though certain elements relating to John’s
life have remained obscure, this study would
shed light on his contribution to Christianity.
Historical facts of John
● John had three brothers and all of them were involved
in the fishing business.
● He moved to Ephesus after Jerusalem was destructed in
70 AD by the Romans.
● In Ephesus, John pastured a church. There he advised
many people who later on became believers of Jesus
Christ (History of John the Disciple of Jesus, 2018).
● Throughout his life, he built numerous churches in Asia
to spread the word of Christ.
Life with Jesus
● He was one of Jesus’ 12 apostles who played a vital
role by accompanying him on the ministry.
● John along with his brother James was given the name
‘Boanerges’ by Jesus. It means the ‘sons of thunder’.
● In the gospels, John has been portrayed to be an
important individual who was regarded to be close to
Jesus Christ (John the Apostle: Profile and Biography,
What did John do?
● As per the gospels, John was an important figure
among the apostles.
● He is said to have been present at Jesus Christ’s
transfiguration and at the ‘Garden of Gethsemane’ prior
to the arrest of Christ.
● Paul has said that John was a ‘pillar’ of the church in
● John’s contribution to Christianity has been immense.
Importance of John
● John is believed to be a vital figure for Christianity.
● This is because he is believed to have written the
‘Fourth Gospel’, 3 cancellation letters and the book of
Revelation (John the Apostle: Profile and Biography,
● John’s stature for the historic Christianity has helped to
strengthen the belief of the current generation.
● John must have had a special bond with the
Lord as his character has been highlighted
numerous times in the Bible.
● The views that have been presented by him
seem to be applicable to the readers of the
current times (Saint John the Apostle, 2018).
● He was aware of the doubts that would arise
in people’s mind and accordingly structured
his work.
● The ‘Epistles’ of John targets a wide range of
Part of Jesus’ ministry
● John went on to be one of the members of
the three disciples of Jesus Christ.
● He was able to witness a number of events
that took place in Jesus Christ’s ministry.
● John is known for his high degree of loyalty
and faith towards Jesus.
● Out of the 12 Apostle, he alone stood with
Jesus at his Cross (John the Apostle, 2018).
● He played a leadership role in the earliest
● The biographical study assesses John’s contribution to
church and the Christianity concept.
● He has been recognized to be a real saint in all the
Christian traditions.
● His life, work and other elements that have shaped the
Christianity concept have been captured here.
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