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Idenfy the various constructs and concepts involved in the study
Concepts and constructs are used to not only dene but to summarize measures that are aribung to
people that use and experience values. Concept is generally accepted in collecons of meanings
associated with certain events, objects, situaons, or behaviors. Constructs are an abstract idea
specically invented for a given research and or theory building purpose. We build constructs by
combining simpler, more concept concepts, especially when the idea or image we intend to convey is not
subject to direct observaon (Schindler, 2022).
People generally create their own understandings when it comes to concepts and though even with
research it cannot be parcularly based on ones opinion. The various methods used in this parcular
study appear to be the constructs and are measured by the accidents, intersecng roads, tra)c volumes,
injuries, loss, death, denions of terms and severies. Including the need for iniave-taking road
safety studies and human safety. Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of
the kings is to search things out (New Internaonal Version & Version, 2011).
Considerable research is needed in bridging this lack of knowledge and idenfying constructs aribung
to the specic aspects (Aldulaimi,2019).
What hypothesis might drive the research of once of the cies on the top 10 dangerous intersecons
In research, the applicaons of inferenal stascs must be provided in order to answer research related
quesons and concerns. It is what inferenal analysis that researchers than may develop their
hypothesis. Empirically testable hypotheses: a way exists to gather evidence that directly supports/
refutes any hypotheses (Schindler, 2022). State farms determines the scopes of research by eliminang
any limitaons that would render the data and countless studies conducted over the e9ects of a
parcular experiment. Hypotheses used allowed State Farm to address what methods would best ulize
to conduct and choose the sources of primary data and ever- changing census database. Reviews of
melines of data collecons can be of concern as most of this data is older data and may not provide
quality to volumes in the area to date that might contribute to the amount of tra)c at these
intersecons. For instance, nearby to my home there was a chick l a put in a few years back and the
amount of tra)c this backed up on major road was creang standslls and high volumes which I would
bet increased tra)c accidents in the area as well. However, I have driven in this area in the last year and
noced there is now an addional lane of its own in place of those turning vehicles and impacts through
tra)c to be able to ulize the road as before the tra)c volume was so heavy.
We hypothesize that safety of LHT and RHT can be associated with neurophysiology. We summarize
scaered empirical research into plausible links between neurophysiological aspects such as
handedness, eye movement bias, and hemispheric lateralizaon and how safe, in theory, LHT vs. RHT
may be for whom (Lewis, Shaw, Wild, & Erren, 2020).
Because the study focused on road safety engineering, the rst study seemed to have ignored accident
severity and made no aempt to isolate demographic or geographic factors related to the accident. It
also took state farms own internal incident reports, not at any public records involving police incident
reports (Schindler, 2022). This meaning that those incidents that were not reported to insurance in any
given intersecon were not placed into the mix.