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Part C: Marketing Plan (Kingz Kidz Inc.)

Paula King

MKT500 Marketing Management Strayer University

Dr. Lisa Amans

September 5, 2021

Introduction (Kingz Kidz)

There was both positive and negative feedback received concerning the effective marketing strategy related to the brand. Based on feedback received on part B of the plan, there was a significant improvement in applying necessary branding strategies. This was characterized by a strong brand name and rationale used in describing the brand. This indicates a possibility of gaining strong brand competence once the business is launched in that people can easily identify with the brand. This can be used in growing brand loyalty across Michigan and other states.

The second positive feedback indicated an appropriate logo that conveys information about the brand to the consumers. The logo was supplemented by the slogan used in marketing the business to the consumers. Also, there is an appropriate brand extension that assists in positioning the brand at a more competitive place in the market. The feedback was also positive on selecting target markets where the segmentation used was found to be most appropriate for maximum efficiency. Positive feedback was also received on the factors used in defining the target audience of the marketing plan based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic characteristics. It also reflected the appropriate creation of a perceptual map as an important input in defining consumer behavior.

The positive feedback received is to guide the management and the organization towards attaining maximum efficiency and competitive advantage. The plan will be achieved by ensuring the marketing plan outlines specifics on how the management will use the outlined elements to enhance the efficiency of operations. The management will improve the areas in which positive feedback was received to enhance the customer experience as a core factor in building a broad customer base. 

However, some negative feedback was received, which will be used as the basis for improvements by the management. The main issue was the relationship between the brand name, slogan, and extension to consumer behavior. Addressing the feedback will start by defining the process and ways in which the elements are interrelated. The consumers' behavior of the target market in the organization provided in the case is based on the quality of education services and affordability. Quality, as interpreted by most of the consumers who are parents to the kids, refers to the education curriculums used, meals, accommodation, and the safety of their kids. The brand name Kingz Kidz Inc. reflects the elements by deriving a brand image of royalty. From the name of the organizations, there are perceptions developed that are supported by the crown on the brand logo. The company will use Appropriate education resources such as stationery. It will use well-designed school uniforms to align the buyers' perceptions of the brand products and services. Aligning the products with the target customers' perceptions will act as a positive factor in influencing buyer decisions.

Kingz Kidz, Inc. is a company focusing on providing childcare services, mainly daycare services. The company's location is in Pontiac, Michigan, in the United States of America. The aim of the company is provision of quality early childhood education services to kids. The company is driven by a passion for improving the well-being and welfare of young children.

This section of the marketing plan aims to determine the pricing strategy where Kingz Kidz Inc. intends to apply the marketing penetration strategy to gain market ground in the area. The distribution strategy to be used in delivering the services to the consumers is direct-to-consumer sales. In creating awareness of the products to the consumers, the company will apply integrated marketing communication in which both the digital and traditional marketing methods are used. Also, the marketing plan outlines the plan to ensure the services are delivered as marketed and a good relationship maintained between the company and the customers. In addition, a competitive analysis based on the current competition levels in the market is done to determine the expected level of competitiveness for the company to match the competition in the market. Lastly, a discussion developed on the corporate social responsibility applied by the company in enhancing the relationship between the company and the community in which the organization is established. 

Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy used by a business organization determines the customer base of the organization. The organization must ensure that the services or the products offered are offered at affordable prices. This involves determining the buying potential of the target market and developing a pricing strategy that matches the purchasing power of the target customers. The organization must also consider the process used in delivering the services to the customers.

Distribution Strategy

Kingz Kidz Inc. plans on using the market penetration pricing strategy, which involves setting prices that are lower than the competitors to attract more customers. There is a need to ensure the prices are affordable to the customers. The target market focused by the company includes single parents, some of whom might have financial constraints raising the kids on their own without their partners. Therefore, there is a need to develop a pricing strategy that can be affordable for most such people. The prices will be charged relatively lower than those of competitors despite the services being of high quality. This will play an important part in influencing the buying decision of the consumers. Based on the consumer behavior outlined in part B of the marketing plan, the target market of the education services delivered by the company aim at getting the services at affordable prices. Therefore, penetrating the market with lower prices would attract more customers and help secure a larger market share. After securing a significant market share, the company will increase the costs in proportion to the services provided. The company must ensure there is a proportional change in the quality of services provided to ensure the company does not incur losses due to the shift of the customers to competitors following the increase in prices. Also, the company will enhance its branding strategy as the prices increases as it develops in the market to reduce possibilities of the already-loyal customers from shifting or developing negative attitudes towards the organization (Soltani-Fesaghandis & Pooya, 2018).

Integrated Marketing Communications

The current development and technological advancement drive the need to develop a communication strategy that incorporates various marketing channels. This includes both the traditional methods such as print media and mass media and modern communication methods such as social media and direct mail. The combined communication strategies must be coordinated to enhance efficiency in creating awareness of the products and services offered by Kingz Kidz, Inc.

Message Strategy

In ensuring successful marketing of the services and products offered by Kingz Kidz, Inc., certain factors must be considered. One of the factors is the unique selling proposition, where the focus will be on highlighting the special features of the products and services. 

In developing a unique selling proposition, the company seeks to analyze the competitors in determining what tactics they use. Also, it involves understanding the fixed point of the customers and brainstorming the emotional concepts for the business. Also, the company will focus on the company's market positioning, where the company seeks to position itself based on quality assurance in services provided. The company will focus on using traditional and modern social media sources to reach a more comprehensive customer range based on the target audience. Conventional social media strategies focus on targeting guardians who act as foster mothers and fathers to such kids.

In contrast, modern social media platforms focus on young parents, particularly those who use social media platforms for their daily communications. The third factor to be considered by the company in developing the message strategy is the brand image which is based on a psychological connection with the product. Early childhood services are considered sensitive in that they deal with young children, and parents are most concerned with the quality of child services received by their children. Therefore, a connection is required to ensure the target market connects more with the products offered by the company (Yang, 2018).

Media Strategy

The company intends to use both traditional media and modern or digital media platforms in marketing the products and services offered by the organization. There are two main traditional methods to create awareness of the products and services to the target market. One of the approaches is print media which will involve advertising the company and its effects in weekly journals and magazines. The company will focus more on family magazines, given that early childhood services are considered essential services for families. The second traditional media used is mass media such as television, where adverts on the services and products will be promoted on family shows and during television commercials, particularly after the evening news. 

Public Relations, Sales Promotion, and Personal Selling Plan

There are various activities to be applied in promoting the products and services to the target market. This primary aim is to ensure the target market or audience understands the services and products offered. Also, developing a positive attitude towards the products and services is focused.

Public Relations Plan

There is a need to establish a good relationship between the company and the target customers. The customers' perception of the products is dependent on the interactions held between the company and the customers. Creating a positive image in public plays a vital role in the reputation gained on the target market. For this reason, the company will rely on mass media to communicate important aspects of the products and services, such as compliance and quality standards of the company's products and services (Smith et al., 2020).

Sales Promotion Plan

Kingz Kidz, Inc. will focus on using couponing and loyalty products in promoting the products and services. This will apply in the initial stages of the company's growth, where the company will ensure the first customers receive coupons and vouchers to buy products and enroll their children at reduced charges. This will help in promoting sales and increasing enrollment as part of the market penetration strategy. Offering rewards as loyalties will also be used in advertising sales, particularly in the initial stages of the promotion.

Personal Selling Plan

Kingz Kidz, Inc. will hire a few promoters to market the services offered by the company. This will involve sending some few representatives to corporate offices and business organizations to distribute brochures on early childhood services by Kingz Kidz, Inc. This will be used to reach the target audience comprising parents who operate under very tight work schedules that might not get time to watch television or pass-through social media platforms.

Online and Direct Marketing Plan

Kingz Kidz Inc. will utilize both online and direct marketing to gain customers. Kingz Kidz plan to use online by setting up a website that will allow potential customers to view what the company has to offer their child. As a form of direct marketing the company will offer open house for parents to visit the childcare center, passing out flyers to the community encouraging them to visit the website and the center.


 Kingz Kidz.com will be used as the official company's website in giving necessary information concerning the products and services offered by the company. The company will ensure the website is easy to operate and navigate to enhance the customer experience in accessing the details uploaded concerning the company.


Kingz Kidz Inc. will also use digital media platforms for marketing its products to the target market. The selection of the platforms is based on the characteristics of the target market. One of the characteristics is the strict working schedules of some parents, which necessitate the use of direct personal emails. 

Search Engine Optimization

The company will use popular engines, notably Google, in marketing the products and the brand. One of how this will be attained is by ensuring the website or content relating to the products and services offered by the company are ranked higher on the search list. This will make it easier for internet users to locate the brand easily while searching for child services-related content (Eleboda, 2017).

Social Media

Kingz Kidz will use marketing ads to reach the target audience, particularly parents of low- income families and single working parents in places. The social media platform such as Facebook to promote Kings Kid, Inc., and its services. Facebook have 1.6 billion monthly active users around the world and have a global platform for interpersonal communications, entertainment, obtaining news and information, and social bonding. Also, Firms are choosing to use Facebook as their marking channel to drive consumer engagement and brand awareness. The age group of Facebook user range from age 18 and up, and as wide range target audiences.

Direct Marketing

Kingz Kidz, Inc. will engage in direct marketing interventions with email marketing. The company will send emails to target customers directly to develop a direct engagement with the target customers. The aim of using the direct marketing method is to build relationships with new customers and test the appeal of the services to the customers through feedback sent from the customers (Melamed, 2017).

Social Responsibility Plan

The company contributes to society through environmental conservation and the development of infrastructure. The company will engage in environmental management by conducting regular training sessions through seminars and conferences and engaging community members in tree planting activities. Also, the company will enroll some children from less-privileged backgrounds as part of charity programs. In addition, the company will build a talent development center for the youth and teenagers to offer a platform for the members of the community to advance their talents.


Based on the market plan, Kingz Kidz, Inc. will contribute significantly to value creation. Also, there is a high likelihood that the company will attain market leadership by offering unique and high-end services. The provision of quality services will lead to a better and more productive generation of children and future leaders.


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