Assignment 6


Running head: ASSIGNMENT 1


Assignment 1

Linda Dotson

Walden University

Case Management for Persons in Need

Professor Smith

June 3, 2018


According to Woodside, and McClam, (2016), generalist case management model is vital for assisting the clients to recognize their personal needs and their broker resources. Next, Clinical case management, clinical approach is essential in the instance of rehabilitation as it combines the psychotherapy and training on some related skills (Funder et al., 2016).

Strength and weaknesses of generalist model

The generalist approach is very useful in helping people that are prone to abusing substances and rehabilitation, as it helps individuals to adopt better behaviors. Next, the strategy is practical for helping a large number of cases as it has limited follow-up time. There is no ongoing monitoring, which is provided or is instead very brief. Secondly, the approach limits the planning time for case managers before initial contact with the client (Woodside, and McClam, 2016). 

Strengths and weakness of clinical case approach

It recognizes the special needs of individuals that are prone to substance abuse. Secondly, the procedure entails therapeutic relations with the clients as a way of redressing the client’s special needs. Inadequate access to resources which are crucial for supporting the services of case management. Secondly, it becomes difficult in retaining qualified staffs of case management due to high low compensation and the high level of demand (Funder et al., 2016).


Generalist approach is helpful in Jason case as it helps John to recognize that the drug abuse is responsible for his disorientation and results in the schizophrenic attack, Jason will understand and try improving from drug abuse. The clinical approach will apply therapy activities to help Jason overcome the drug abuse, and specialized case manager’s staffs will offer training. In Charlene case, the clinical approach will employ therapeutic techniques which will help Charlene to overcome as she will be trained on the best way of tackling the father’s aggressiveness effectively. Generalist technique will help Charlene to help the father overcome the issues drug abuse (Funder et al., 2016). The generalist approach will be instrumental in helping, Robert, Adam, and Abigail to understand the problems that they are facing. All their issue are related to addiction to drugs by the Victoria which split the entire family. The clinical approach will offer rehabilitation for the existing conditions as case managers will offer advice for the whole family (Woodside, and McClam, 2016). 


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