Running head: ANALYTICAL PAPER 1


Analytical Paper

Maritza De Paz

West Coast University

Speech selection

The speech selected is written by Emma Gonzalez. The author of the speech drew motivation from the recent cases of school shootings in the United States. For the last decade, the United States has been facing an issue of security in many schools. The worrying issue is that students expose their fellow students to insecurity (Fox & Fridel, 2018). When it gets to a point where students are no longer safe, it is essential to make sure that the issue affecting the safety of the students is investigated. The speech focuses on gun control, and this is because it is the only remedy for the problem that is affecting the security of students. The reason why the author focuses on the aspect of gun control is that students can only access guns from their parents or other sources that are not considerate of the security of students (Rowhani-Rahbar, & Moe, 2019). When it gets to a point where students can easily access guns, it is evident that the current laws are failing.

The United States has been suffering insecurity because of the lack of strict rules in acquiring guns. According to the speech, getting a gun in the United States is an easy process. As a result, depressed students opt to access the guns with the aim of getting back at their fellow students. School shooting incidences continue to claim life. The speech states that if nothing is done, the issue might escalate (Fox & Fridel, 2018). Most of the cases have been taking place in high schools. If the issue escalates and starts to affect the higher education section, the number of casualties might continue to increase, and affect the lives of citizens of the United States in a negative way. With the increased cases of school shootings, there is an awful need to review the laws of acquiring guns in the United States. The laws will increase security in schools and the United States as a whole.


The speech has maintained focus. The author did not go out of line. The main aim of the speech was to discuss the current issue and the remedy for the issue. The author stayed within the context, and that promoted a better understanding of the audience. Delivering a speech might seem like an easy task, but there is a hard task of making sure that the audience does not get lost in the middle of the speech (Silva & Capellan, 2019). The main reason for the speech is to focus on the problem and the best solution to the problem. The author highlights the problem and goes a step further to provide the most appropriate solution.

A speech should be informative. It is imperative for the person giving the speed to make sure that he or she provides supporting evidence to the issue that he or she is focusing on. The author makes sure to focus on an issue that has a lot of evidence that supports it. In the last few years, school shootings have been on the rise (Fox & Fridel, 2018). Since the issue has been affecting schools, the media continues to cover the issue, and it is, therefore, easy to locate any information that touches on the issue of the school shooting. At the same time, there is evidence that relates to the former president of the United States (Silva & Capellan, 2019). The former president of the United States was working towards establishing laws that could restrict access to guns.

The issue at hand must be solved to make sure that safety in the United States improves. A speech should educate, and in the case of an issue, it should offer a solution. The author makes sure to offer a solution to the problem that is ailing the American society (Silva & Capellan, 2019). The speech does not only suggest the need to take appropriate actions, but it states the best actions to the problem at hand.


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