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Hernandez Family Episode 4

Hernandez Family Episode 4 Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: So how's your week going? What's happening with that Hernandez family? That's their name, right? You were having some challenges there?

FEMALE SPEAKER: They've missed four of their parenting classes, so far.

FEMALE SPEAKER: So they haven't completed the parenting group?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I have to call the ACS worker and let her know. They're probably going to have to take the classes over again, and that's going to be tough. The father misses overtime to come to the classes, and they really rely on that money to make ends meet.

FEMALE SPEAKER: You have something else on your mind. Say it.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I should have discussed this with you earlier. I don't know why I didn't. But perhaps they weren't the best candidates for this to begin with.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Because of their financial situation?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, and something else. I remember the ACS worker. And when she talked about wanting Elena, she kept calling them Mexicans. It was really derogatory the way she said it.

FEMALE SPEAKER: So you're saying she might have been biased into mandating that they take these classes?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. The more I think about it, she never talked to me about trying to understand the way they're raising their children. And that Mexican remark, it just really wasn't respectful. It's like she had already made up her mind about people from that culture, and now they're paying the price for it.

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