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Levy Family Episode 2

Levy Family Episode 2 Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: I want to thank you for getting me this Levy case. I think it's so interesting. Just can't wait to meet with the client.

MALE SPEAKER: What do you find interesting about it?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, he's just 31. Usually the vets I work with are older. If they have PTSD, it's from traumas a long time ago. But Jake, this is all pretty new to him. He just left Iraq a year ago.

You know, I was thinking he'd be perfect for one of those newer treatment options, art therapy, meditation, yoga, something like that.


FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, I've been dying to try one of them. I've read a lot of good things. Why? What are you thinking?

MALE SPEAKER: I'm thinking you should really think about it some more. Think about your priorities. It's a good idea to be open-minded about treatment options, but the needs of the client have to come first, not just some treatment that you or I might be interested in.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I mean, I wasn't saying it like that. I always think of my clients first.

MALE SPEAKER: OK. But you mentioned meditation, yoga, art therapy. Have you seen any research or data that measures how effective they are in treatment?


MALE SPEAKER: Neither have I. There may be good research out there, and maybe one or two of the treatments that you mentioned might be really good ideas. I just want to point out that you should meet your client first, meet Jake before you make any decisions about how to address his issues. Make sense?


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Levy Family Episode 2

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